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If you are looking for the answer of why when i print there are lines, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 8 FAQ regarding why when i print there are lines. Read it below.

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1. Which is NOT TRUE about layoutsA. I refers to

Ask: 1. Which is NOT TRUE about layouts
A. I refers to as how the things are arranged
B. It is the way component parts, or individual items are arranged.
C. It is a design of printed matter or a page showing design.
D. It refers to the elements and principles of art.
2. What do you call the art of combining text and graphics to communicate an
effective message in the design?
A. Graphic Design
B. Graphic Analyzer
C. Computer Layout
D. Computer Page Design
3. Which of the following is element of graphic design attracts attention and
conveys emotion and mood
A. shape
B. space
C. color
D. texture
4. How can asymmetrical balance be achieved in a design?
A. When elements are placed in a circular pattern.
B. When both sides of a page layout are the same in weight, shape, lines, and other
C. When the two sides of a design are not the same but have similar elements.
D. When only one side of the design is congested with elements.
5. Why is there a need to understand how are elements and principles of
graphic design or layout must be applied in a certain poster or advertisement?
A. It helps you generate effective designs.
B. It guides you in making the lines of poster.
C. It allows you to use the highly sophisticated software.
D. It helps you overcome stress in making advertisement.

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3.C or D



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11. Noting details is one of the advanced skills that

Ask: 11. Noting details is one of the advanced skills that a good reader possesses As a good reader, which
one should you avoid in noting details?
A Read with full understanding
C. Jot down notes or highlight texts
B Internalize the lines printed
D Copy the whole printed texts
12 My family went to the birthday party We saw the funny clowns, watched the magic tricks and ata a
lot of foods and treats. What is the story about?
A eating foods and treats
C furiny clowns
B going to the birthday party
Dmagic tricks
13 What element of the story refers to the geographic location and time of the narrative?
A. Setting
C. Author
B Character
D Moral
14 What imponant element in short stories drives the story as a whole
A Setting
B Title
C Character
D Moral
15 The character who is conflict with the protagonist
A Protagonist B Antagonist
C Flat Character
D Round Character
16 A character who portrays the role of a good guy
A Protagonist B. Anatagonist
C Flat Character
D Static Character
17. The character who opposes the main character
A. Antagonist B. Protagonist C Dynamic Character
D. Static Character
18 What is the setting in a story?
A. The plot
C. stuff that describes the character
B The main idea
D. The place where the story is taken at
19. A main character is LIKE the star of the show. The statement is
A true
B false
C. unpredictable
D. undecided
20. My hamster ran away last night in my bedroom and I can’t find it anywhere in my house. I wonder if
I’ll see her again said Lilly. What is the setting in this passage?
A Lilly’s room B. Lilly’s house
C Lilly’s neigbour
D. Lilly’s garden
21. Which question about the story will the setting answer?
A What is the author’s attitude towards the characters?
B. Who are the people in the story?
C. Why and how did the author write the story?
D. Where and when does the sory take place?
22 Joy never wants to share her toys. When her friends come over, she never gives them a chance
to play with any of them” Which character trait best decribes Joy?
A generous
B smart
D kind
23 Which of the flowing is a negative character trait?
A hardworking
B unpleasant
C kind
D friendly
24 Why is the setting important in the story?
A It tells us the end
Ct tells us about the conflict
B It helps us be part of the story
Its not important
Dory and Martin are
in the movie Finding Nemo
a setting
the plot
moral lesson
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It’s your first week as a CSR for AXN Computers,

Ask: It’s your first week as a CSR for AXN Computers, a company that sells computers and accessories to customers. You answer the first call for your shift when you noticed that you have a frustrated caller on the other line. He says angrily, “I cannot print anything! My computer and printer can’t communicate. I was able to print yesterday, but now I can’t. I need to print my thesis for submission this afternoon or I’ll fail! I only have an hour left

What came to your mind when you read the customer’s concern?

Why did you first think of that?


What came to your mind when you read the customer’s concern?

I think that every action has a problem with solution.

Why did you first think of that?

-i think at first because I believe that by knowing our problems only we can solve it.

I. MULTIPLE CHOICES: Choose the letter of the correct answer._______1.

Ask: I. MULTIPLE CHOICES: Choose the letter of the correct answer.

_______1. These are the devices that aid the draftsman in developing skills and speed in preparing designs.
A. Instruments
B. Tools
C. Equipment
_______2. These are the materials used in drawing, where drawings and designs are printed, or those that become a part of the design.
A. Instruments
B. Tools
C. Equipment
________3. It is a three-sided ruler which typically has two equal sides meeting at a 90-degree angles and the third side 45, 30, including 60-degree angles.
A. Scale
B. Triangle
C. Template
________4. It has different shapes, holes and design.
A. Scale
B. Triangle
C. Template
________5. Its is a drawing instrument used when making horizontal lines.
A. T-square
B. Scale
C. Drawing pencil
________6. It is made of dry wood with a smooth surface and corners at right angles
A. Drawing Board
B. Drawing paper
C. T-square
________7. It is used to project lines or sketch drawings.
A. Drawing paper
B. Drawing Paper
C. Drawing Pencil
________8. It is used to fasten the paper on the drawing board.
A. Parallel Bar
B. Drafting tape
C. T-square
________9. It is used to remove unwanted lines or sketches in a drawing.
A. Eraser Shield
B. Pencil Sharpener
C. Eraser
________10. It is useful tool to protect the rest of the drawing when clearing up smudges.
A. Eraser shield
B. Eraser
C. Template

II. True or False: Write T if the statement is correct and F if the statement is wrong.

_______1. Divider is an Instrument in drawing arcs and circles.
_______2. A semi-circular instrument divided into 180 equal part is called Protractor.
_______3. Parallel bar is attached by cleats and pulleys to a particular drawing surface.
_______4. Soft pencils are used for general purpose work in drawing.
_______5. Hard pencils are used when extreme accuracy is required specially working on graphs, diagrams and charts.

III. Essay.
1. Why is it important to maintain hand tools, Drawing instruments, equipment and paraphernalia?​


















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2. A, e, i, o, u?by CodeChum AdminWe've had enough

Ask: 2. A, e, i, o, u?

by CodeChum Admin

We’ve had enough about numbers, so why don’t we try evaluating characters now?
If you know how to identify what the vowel letters are, and you know how to count up to 5, then you’re good to go!


Using a do…while() loop, continuously scan for characters (one per line) and print it out afterwards. Remember to place a space before the character’s placeholder when scanning so that the newline characters will be ignored and the correct values will be scanned.

The loop shall terminate due to either of the following reasons:

The inputted character is a vowel

The number of inputted characters has already reached 5.

For all of the test cases, it is guaranteed that if the number of inputted characters is less than 5, then there must be a vowel from among the inputted characters. Also, it is guaranteed that all the characters are in lowercase.


Once your students submit their work, it is automatically checked and scored by our system, letting you save a lot of time. See for yourself!






III. AssessmentDirection: Encircle the letter of the correct answer.1. In

Ask: III. Assessment
Direction: Encircle the letter of the correct answer.
1. In which given materials does light travel in a straight line?
A. card board C. tinted glass
B. transparent glass
D. wax paper
2. What happens to the light rays in refraction?
A. Absorbed
C. bent
B. reflected
D. transmitted
3. Why is the image formed by a mirror?
A. The mirror absorbs light
B. The mirror reflects light
C. The mirror is rough
D. The mirror is made up of glass
4. What is the reason why the letters of the word AMBULANCE are
printed backwards and are reversed in sequence?
So that they appear readable when seen in a rear-view mirror
So that the vehicle ahead of the ambulance can read the word
easily in which the letters are in correct order.
So that accidents will be lessen
To avoid hit and run
5. How is rainbow formed?
A. It is formed when the light from the sun passes through
B. It is formed when there is a rain in the day time.
C. It is formed when there is condensation process.
D. It is formed when there is a typhoon.​










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I. State whether each of the following is TRUE OR

Ask: I. State whether each of the following is TRUE OR FALSE. If False, explain why.
1. A comment’s text is printed on the form as the comment is executed
2. The Rem statement stores a string in the Visual Basic variable remark
3. Option Explicit force explicit variable declaration
4. All variables, when declared explicitly, must be given a data type either by using the as keyword or by using a type – declaration character (if the data type has one).
5. The variables number and NuMbEr are identical
6. Declarations can appear almost anywhere in the body of an event procedure
7. The modules operator, Mod, can be used only with Integer operands. Attempts to use floating – point numbers.
8. The arithmetic operators *,/ abd all have the same level of precedence
9. Visual basic syntax always requires arithmetic expressions to be enclosed in parentheses – otherwise, syntax errors occur.
10. Arithmetic expressions must be written in zigzag – line form













iba Tama iba Mali paki ulit nalng ulit Yung sagot

a. linear b. nonlinear 2. It is the process of

Ask: a. linear b. nonlinear 2. It is the process of transmitting information through graphs, charts, or pictures. c. scanning d, skimming a. linear b. nonlinear 3. The following are examples of non-linear visuals except: c. scanning d. skimming a. chart b. diagram c. picture . 4. Do you agree that any text that is not read from beginning to the end falls into the category of nonlinear text? a. Yes b. No c. Maybe d. Does not say 5. What does it mean when a driver sees this road sign a. be prepared for a wild ride b. be cautious of a very narrow road c. be cautious of a road that is slippery when wet d. follow curvy lines exactly as printed on road 6. How will you inform the students that mobile phones are disallowed during classes using a symbol? a. b. C. d. Q -7. Which of the following items is an example of linear visuals? a. diagram b. graph c. novel d. table 8. It is a chart that displays information as a series of data points connected by line segments to show trends. a. Bar graph b. Line graph c. Pie chart d. Venn Diagram 9. Why do we use visual aids in the classroom? a. to make classroom more colorful b. they are used as accessories in teaching c. because most tutors are girls and we like pictures d. they are a great tool for seeing and understanding 10. It is a type of diagram that represents a workflow or process. a. Bar graph b. Flowchart c. Pie chart d. Venn Diagram 11. What the best title for this poem? “I’m going down to do my turn,” Once said a drop of rain; “I hear a sigh, athirst sigh, From little flowers in pain,” “I’ll go with you! Me, too! Me, too!” Cried all the raindrops near; So down they fell, in merry mood, The whole wide field to cheer. b. The Flowers c. The Rain d. The Speaker 12. Who are talking in the poem? b. the flowers c. the raindrops d. the speaker a. The Field a. the field 13. Which sentence tells about the rain? a. It makes people in a bad mood. b. It waters plants to make them grow. c. It causes floods which destroy crops. d. It prevents children from going to school.

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Not only you can get the answer of why when i print there are lines, you could also find the answers of 11. Noting details, I. MULTIPLE CHOICES:, 1. Which is, I. State whether, and III. AssessmentDirection: Encircle.