Why Doesn’t @ Work On Facebook

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Why Facebook is static website?

Ask: Why Facebook is static website?




Facebook is a website and a web application. … A static site is the most basic kind of website, and the easiest to create. It requires no server-side (also called back-end) processing, only client-side.

why Facebook is harmful?​

Ask: why Facebook is harmful?​

Because according to sources you’re not 100℅ safe in facebook because of personal informations and privacy issues. #ShareYourKnowledge

why Facebook is a dynamic website?

Ask: why Facebook is a dynamic website?

It is considered a dynamic website because it responds to the users actions. For example, when you wanted to search for someone, you would typed in his name and results are being listed down as your search result or outcome. Basically, the results will be based on your input name and keyword. Another, videos can be played and paused, again, depending on the user’s action. If the user triggered the pause button, the video will pause, making the website, responding to the user’s command.

Dynamic websites are type of website the responds to the user command and actions.  

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Why are you using Facebook?

Ask: Why are you using Facebook?


We are using Facebook as an entertainment.

it is the an app which its aim is to make us enertain, make us happy, make us viral and other . Also it can be the source of information about a current situation in a specific place


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Why lucky patcher is doesn't work

Ask: Why lucky patcher is doesn’t work


Try to reset your lucky patcher


Click an application then click menu of patches, then click APK rebuilt for InApp and LVL Emulation then Rebuild the app

Why messenger application doesn't work right now?​

Ask: Why messenger application doesn’t work right now?​


d ko dn alam

d dn gumagana saken


why did the camera on brainly doesn't work ​

Ask: why did the camera on brainly doesn’t work ​


I think your camera has damage because my camera is working in brainly.

why new normal doesn't work?​

Ask: why new normal doesn’t work?​


because as a kid like me I’m in 5th grade I’m stressed out in my modules like some other kids and miss my teachers and classmates and friends

why democracy doesn't work​

Ask: why democracy doesn’t work​

It will never work if the leaders seated on their position are selfish, privileged people who only cares ablut their self-interests and doesn’t care about the welfare of the common people i. e., people from different sectors like the workers, farmers, students etc.

why doesn't the circuit work when the swich is turned

Ask: why doesn’t the circuit work when the swich is turned off​


because the electricity doesn’t flow trough


When the switch is turned off, the circuit breaks and the power flow is interrupted. Circuits consist of a source of power and load. A load is a power-powered device. The function of an electric switch is to regulate the current between the load and source of power.

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