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multistate mumps outbreak originating  asymptomatic transmission

pa sa got po please po

Ask: pa sa got po please po



While the pacesetting leadership style is motivational and helpful in

Ask: While the pacesetting leadership style is motivational and helpful in fastpaced environments where team members need to be energized, it’s not always the best option for team members who need mentorship and feedback.
base dito sa na basa mo ano Ang na intindihan mo dito o na totonan explain po.
pa help po thankyouu.​


kumusta matagumpay Mo bang nagawa Ang iynong markara ngayon Naman ay sagutin Mo mga sumusunod Na tanong isulat Ang iyong sagot sa iyong papel

– stars. The first type is called the Main Sequence

Ask: – stars. The first type is called the Main Sequence which includes the sun. The sun 2. The Hertz sprung – Russel Diagram shows the three very different types typu includeus super giants. Third, smaller stars consequently become white wants shrinking and depleting. 3. Ayessa was a girl of contentment – in what she had and did First, she neves asked her parents to provide her the things and comfort like what her classmates enjoyed. Next, she refrained herself from comparing her family status with her classmates. Most importantly, Ayessa found her studies to bu a venue of challenge where she could concentrate her time and effort in order to excel. 4. In order to make Pininyahang Adobo sa Gata, first combine chicken pork, vgarlic, bay leaf, pininyahang adodo sa gata mix, soy sauce, and marinate it for a least 10 minutes. Then, simmer it for 30 minutes, seasoned it according to taste Finally, transfer into a surving plate, serve and enjoy your delicious Pininyahang Ada sa Gata! 5. Polar bears are excellent hunters who eat lots of seals. First, they use their sense of smell to find seals. Seals hunt underwater but must surface to breathe The polar bears wait for the seal to surface for air. They may wait for hours for this. Pola bears are very patient hunters. Then, when the seal comes up for air, the polar be grabs it! 6. Friends can be classified according to their honesty, loyalty, the type tha you into their schedule, or the type that finds time for you when they need somet 7. Ice cream is made with milk, cream and sugar. All of the ingredients are together. Then, the mixed ingredients are heated up to kill-off any germs. The is then frozen and whipped at the same time. This makes it softer. 8. People looking to lose weight have a few options: exercise, diet, weig losspills, and surgery. 9. As a grade five pupil, Achilles was already self-motivated and self-di many ways. He would assist his grandmother in some household chores and errands. 10. Boiling is perhaps the safest way to purify cloudy water. First, pre cloudy water, then boil it. Next, let the water cool. Meanwhile, make a cotto charcoal filter by crushing the charcoal and putting it in the cotton as trap the boiled water through the cotton trap. II. Directions: Identify the title, characters, setting and the plot of the stor answers on your answer sheet. THE FOX AND THE GOAT A Fox fell into the well , and though it was not very deep, he found not get out again. After he had been in the well for a long time, a thirst The Goat thought the Fox had gone down to drink, and so he asked crafty Fox, “Jump in​


inc in it’s IHS in off IDC oxide it’s



Activity 1 Where in the world is the Philippines? Objective:

Ask: Activity 1

Where in the world is the Philippines?

Objective: After performing this activity, you should be able to describe the location of the
Philippines with respect to the surrounding landmasses and bodies of water.
What to use? : globe or world map ( optional )
What to do? : 1. Refer on the world map below and locate the following landmasses and bodies of water
surrounded our country. Answer letter only. ( Isulat ang sagot sa Answer Sheet )
A. Landmasses B. Bodies of water
1. Philippine archipelago 4. Philippine Sea
2. Asian continent 5. South China Sea
3. Australian continent 6. Indian Ocean
7. Pacific Ocean

guys pasagot po

1 philipine archipelago

Page 2 of 2Math 8 Third Quarter LPA REVIEWER(13) Which

Ask: Page 2 of 2
Math 8 Third Quarter LPA REVIEWER
(13) Which trlangle congruence postulate Is Illustrated by Figure 6?
(13) B. Corresponding side and
angles form an ASA pattern.
(D) none of them
Figure 6
(14) Which triangle congruence postulate is Illustrated by Figure 7?
(D) all of them
(14) D. Corresponding sides and
angles form all possible
(15) B. Corresponding side and
angles form the SAS pattern.
(15) Which triangle congruence postulate Is Illustrated by Figure 8 ?
Figure 7
(D) all of them
(16) Consider the congruent triangles in Figure 8. Which is NOT its statement of congruence?
(16) B. Option B is NOT consistent
when following the markings of
both triangles.
For numbers 17 to 19, AOKD = AYES.
(17) C. Based on the given
O corresponds to Y,
K corresponds to E, and
D corresponds to S.
(17) Which statement of congruence is the same as the given?
(D) none of them
(18) Which statement is NOT true?
(C) KD: YE
(19) Which statement is true?
(A) OK = ES
(B) OK = YE
(C) OD – ES
(D) all of them
(18) C. Side KD corresponds to ES.
(19) B. Side OK corresponds
(D) all of thern
For numbers 20 to 24, use Figure 9 where APET = ADOG.
7 cm
= 180°
(20) C. The sum of vertices or angles of a
triangle is 180°
(20) (Fill in the blank.) in APET, 5W + 22W +
Figure 9
(A) 15°
(B) 30°
(C) 45°
(D) 90°
7 am
(E) none of them
(21) What is the corresponding angle of ZP? A. Bу СРСТС.
(A) ZD
(B) ZO
(C) ZG
(22) Following your answer in either item 20 ar 21, what is the value of w?
(A) 50
(B) 10°
A. 5W + 22W + 45 a 180 = 27w = 180 – 4527w=13-> W=5
(C) 15°
(D) 20°
(23) What is the mZG?
(A) 15°
(C) 45°
(D) 90°
(B) 30°
B.m20 = mLE=mZO = 22w w = 5 (see#22) ► m20 – 110°
(B) 110°
TC) 120°
(24) What is the mo?
(D) 1300°
(A) 100°
for numbers 25 – 30, refer to Figure 10. Add your own markings to the figure according to the given.
Given: PM and QN intersect at R.
R is the midpoint of PM and QN.
Prove: APOR 2 AMNR
1) R is a midpoint.
2) PM and ON intersect at R.
Chalces for its 25 – 30
A. Given
B. Vertical Ls Theorem
C. Definition of Right Angles
D. Definition of a Mid- point
E. SAS Congruence Postulate
F. S5S Congruence Postulate
G. ASA Congruence Postulate
4) RQ – RN
5) RP = RM
Figure 10​


di ko alam

Step-by-step explanation:

sorry talaga sorry



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Assess the credibility of the article below using the checklist.

Ask: Assess the credibility of the article below using the checklist.

DepEd clarifies blended, distance learning modalities for SY 2020-2021

QUEZON CITY, July 3 (PIA) – The Department of Education (DepEd) clarifies blended and distance learning modality to be implemented this school year, as the agency prepares for a “new method of transmitting learning.”

In view of the recent information circulating online, DepEd is quick to clarify that online is not the only delivery modality of teaching and learning the department is devising.

“Ang pag-aaral ngayong school year ay HINDI LAMANG gagawin online. Inihanda ng DepEd ang iba’t ibang paraan ng pag-aaral na aakma sa lahat ng uri ng pamumuhay sa komunidad. Ang self-learning modules (SLM) ay ang pangunahing gagamitin sa pagtuturo,” DepEd statement said.

Although some parents have been worried for the continued education of their children amid pandemic, DepEd assured that different Education Learning Continuity Plan will be implemented depending on learners’ access to technology and the situation they are in.

“Some of the lessons will be transmitted through different platforms and some activities will be done at home,” Education Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones said in a virtual press briefing.

To avoid face-to-face interactions, DepEd offers blended and distance learning modalities by using printed or digital modules, online learning resources, and radio and TV-based instructions.

Distance learning refers to a learning delivery modality where leaming takes place between the teacher and the learners who are geographically remote from each other during instruction.

It has three learning modalities: (1) modular distance learning uses self-learning modules that are printed or in digital format; (2) online distance learning uses the Internet in downloading learning materials and uploading homeworks; and (3) Radio/TV based instructions to those who have no Internet connectivity.

Meanwhile, blended learning refers to a mix of online distance learning, modular distance learning, and TV/Radio-based Instruction. Homeschooling option is learning in a home-based environment to be facilitated by qualified parents, guardians or tutors who have undergone relevant training.

“We need to prepare not only the schools, learners, administrators, and teaching and non-teaching personnel, but also the parents and guardians of the learners,” Briones said.

These alternative learning methods depend “very heavily on parents and community support to make its Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP) successful.

“Education becomes more and more a shared activity, and we ask the parents and the community and experts and to join us on our effort,” Briones said (MTQ/PIA-IDPD).

Can this article be considered credible? Why or why not?


please guys I need need need your help I’m already done on the other task in my English las I just really don’t know what’s this one by the way it should be 5 sentence.

= I will report useless answer

= guys please help me please​


eat it organize my instruction identify the following statement and

GENERAL INSTRUCTION: Read and analyze the statement carefully and answer

Ask: GENERAL INSTRUCTION: Read and analyze the statement carefully and answer the following questions.

Filipino-American rapper EZ Mil, who has gone viral for his performance of the song Panalo, apologized for the historical inaccuracy in his work, where he said that Lapu-Lapu was beheaded in Cebu. In his interview, he said, “Why I chose the term, pinugutan si Lapu sa Mactan.’ Because in terms of the rhyming pattern, I always go to this dilemma or doubt in my head in closing out a song. Am I gonna close it out with absolute truth or am I gonna make people talk about it? It’s like me weighing off the options. That’s me putting an exaggerated term in a ploy to drive traffic and talk. It’s inaccurate but he still died. He’s dead right now. It’s not overall factual in a way but still like… the thing that is factual is that whenever he did die, people were still saddened,” He added, “That’s why the song is what it is right now. The way I wrote that got people talking. Got people agreeing to it. Got people disagreeing, got people in the in-betweens. The way it is now, people are talking about it. I got to be smart about it.” As a result, LAPU-LAPU CITY, Cebu – Mayor Junard Chan on Monday said he will ask the city council here to declare Fil-Am music artist Ez Mil as “persona non grata” over lyrics about the Cebuano hero Lapu lapu in his now-viral “Panalo” song.

1. Read the story of how Lapu-Lapu died. Discuss it briefly and concisely.
2. What is Persona non Grata? Discuss it briefly and concisely.
3. What is your opinion about EZ Mi song “Panalo” despite the issue?​


Ez mil


II. Choose the letter of the correct answer. Write your

Ask: II. Choose the letter of the correct answer. Write your answer on a separate sheet of paper.
1. He is an award-winning travel photographer and his highly acclaimed work has
been published in five travel books.
A. Brillante Mendoza
B. George Tapan
c. John Chua
D. Manny Librodo
2. He showcase the beauty of the Philippines with his advertising and
commercial photography, with 40 years of experience in the field.
A. Brillante Mendoza
B. George Tapan
D. Manny Librodo
3. He was a full-time teacher at an international school in Bangkok where he discovered his
passion for photography.
A. Brillante Mendoza
C, John Chua
B. George Tapan
D. Manny Librodo
4. He started as a production designer for films, commercials, and music videos, and
started directing films in 2005.
A. Brillante Mendoza
C. Marilou Diaz Abaya
B. Laurice Guillen
D. Maryo J. delos Reyes
5. She captures the attention and repect of the viewing public with powerful films
such as Jose Rizal (1998) and Muro-ami (1991).
A. Brillante Mendoza
C. Marilou Diaz Abaya
B. Laurice Guillen
D. Maryo J. delos Reyes
6. He won the Best Director distinction at the 2003 FAMAS Awards with his
heartwarming drama fim Magnifico.
A. Brillante Mendoza
C. Marilou Diaz Abaya
B. Laurice Guillen
D. Maryo J. delos Reyes
7. It is a nonstock, nonprofit organization that aims to create an identity for the
Philippines within the animation industry.
A. Animation Council of the Philippines
C.APT Entertainment
B. Philippine Animation Studio Inc.
D. Ambient Media
8. He/she supervise and manage the creative aspects of the production.
A. Actors
C. Director
B. Cinematographers
D. Production Designer
9. It is the creation of images you see on screen. This captures the director’s vision of
each scene through camera placement, movement, lighting, and other special
A. Acting
C. Directing
B. Cinematography
D. Editing
10. The art of selecting the precise sections of film, then sequencing and joining them to
achieve the director’s desired visual and emotional effect.
C. Directing
A. Acting
D. Editing
B. Cinematography
11. They identify a design style for sets, locations, graphics, props, lighting, camera
angles and costumes, while working closely with the director and producer
A. Actors
C. Director
B. Cinematographers
D. Production Designer
12. It is the first-ever animated movie to be screened during the Metro Manila Film Festival.
A. Captain Flamingo
C. RPG Metanoia
B. Dayo: Sa Mundo ng Elementalia D. Urduja
13. Which of the following organization works hand in hand with participating college,
univertisites, TESDA, and other government agencies to develop animation as a
promising career option for Filipinos?
A. Animation Council of the Philippines C.APT Entertainment
B. Philippine Animation Studio Inc.
D. Ambient Media
14. Which of the following was created by an all-Filipino group of animators using the
traditional (Hand-drawn) animation process with some 3D effects?
A. Captain Flamingo
C. RPG Metanoia
B. Dayo: Sa Mundo ng Elementalia
D. Urduja​


1. B

2.C (john chua)


4. A











a a The Civil Service Commission created memorandum which shows

Ask: a
The Civil Service Commission created
memorandum which shows how
businesses can still operate if the city is
under the General Community Quarantine
(GCQ). One of the option is the Skeleton
(Skeletal) Workforce which pertains to a
arrangement where
number of employees is required to man the
office to render service when full staffing is
not possible.
Is the head of your family affected with
this kind of work arrangement? What can you
say about it? Share the positive and
rap-buhay negative side of this work arrangement.


Yes, the head of our family is affected by the memorandum about having  Skeleton  (Skeletal) Workforce because he is working as a government employee.

Step-by-step explanation:

The work-from-home arrangement may be adopted in areas placed  under General Community Quarantine (GCQ) where public  transportation shall operate at a reduced capacity and physical/social  distancing is required in the workplace. Employees  under work-from-home shall make themselves available during the work hours that they are at home.

The advantage of this work arrangement is that there are more family time. We often see each other and have more time to talk. Unfortunately, because most communication and work are online, they are having more screen time that sometimes causes sickness.


sa pagtatag ng isang bansa". Teat Read the statements or

Ask: sa pagtatag ng isang bansa”. Teat Read the statements or questions below. Fm in the blankes or answer the questions by your answer from the options that follow. 3. What is the type of literary text that entertains, informs, or instructs by telling a story? a, Narrative text c. comparative text bentertainment text d. instructional text 2.Characters, setting, mood, plot, theme, conflict are the of literary text. a. Order c. members D). Element d. steps 3. Characters refer to the people, animals, or creature that take part in the action of the story. Which among the choices below is an example of character? At the garden c. they live happily ever after D. Jack and Barbie d. in the afternoon 4. What is the part of the story that contains the most important detail? a. Sentences c. pages b. Title d. plot 5. Which among the examples could be considered as climax? a. Martha, Mary, John b. And then she turned the lights on and saw someone hiding behind the curtain floating in the air. She was so afraid but she can’t shout. c. They went to the plaza and had picnic together. d. It was rainy that Sunday morning. 6.In the ending part of the story, the story a.Draws to a close b.Begins the story c. Has the climax d. Introduces the characters 7. This is the text type that usually includes series of events explaining how and why a certain event occurs. a. Story c. question b. Telling d. explanation 8.In what tense should we write an explanation text type? a. Past participle tense c. present tense b. Future tense d. past tense 9. Which among the sentences below is an example of explanation? a.I like water. b.She is a good pupil because she answers her assignments independently and submits them on time. c. Why are you mad at me? d. Leo went to school. 10. When we write a summary, we should be able to answer the WHs and how questions. These arc and a. Who, how, why, while c. While,why, where when b. Who, when, what, how d. When,why,while, how 11. When writing a we should provide a clean, objective, accurate account of the most important information and ideas. a. Summary c. story b. Explanation d. conflict​












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