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direction:write true if the statement is true and false if

Ask: direction:write true if the statement is true and false if the statement false.

1) a family is a group of people who are related by blood,marriage or adoption and residing together under one roof.

2) all families are exactly alike.

3) families provide their members protection,guidance,love and security.

4) family members have the same roles to play.

5) the family may influence its members personality and goals in life.

6) you learn your first social skills from your school.

7) families are all the same in their structure.

8) each family is unique.

9) sharing responsibility is not needed in building a strong family.

10) spending time together is not necessary in a family.

11) single parenthood is an easy task.

12) filipinos gives highest values to their families.

13) a stepmother/stepfather can become a good parent to a child even if she/he is not the biological parent.

14) a child who comes from an adoptive family cannot become a good friend.

15) we all belong to a family where we are love and care for.​


1 True

2 true

3 true

4 false

5 True

6 true

7 true

8 true

9 true

10 false

11 false

12 true

13 true

14 false

15 true


feel ko Lang Tama ba Yan Pero Kung may wrong paki correct Lang

ARTSDIRECTION Answer TRUE or FALSE 1. Digital technology has indeed


1. Digital technology has indeed made its way into practically every facet of human life-from and entertainment.

2. Printmaking is one of the art forms where an image is transferred from one surface to another.

3. Silkscreen is one of the printing techniques. The process involves using a stencil.

4. One way to print a design on fabric such as t-shirt is Direct-to-Garment (DTG).

5. The creation of the design, using a computer program is not easy.​







6. Which sentence conveys a positive message?a) Man lives in

Ask: 6. Which sentence conveys a positive message?
a) Man lives in a society that is full of problems.
b) Laugh, and be merry, remember better the world with a song.
c) Thold the world but as the world a stage where every man must play a part, and mine a
sad one.”
d) The failure of a society is caused by wrong choices.
7. The following sentences convey positive message EXCEPT
a) I found great happiness in our friendship.
b) If you can only learn to see with your heart, then your life will be complete.
c) Nothing in life is so hard that you can’t make it easier by the way you take it.
d) I cry easily and often because life hasn’t been easy for me.
8. The following sentences convey positive message EXCEPT
a) Understanding others is one best way of showing concern for people.
b) We need each other’s help.
c) Young people are much concerned only about themselves.
d) Being concerned about other people gives a wonderful feeling
9. Which sentence conveys a positive message?
a) I have no home.
b) Today, I work and stay in the fields during the day and listen to birds’ songs and insects’
beneath the stars at night.
c) I tried to hide my pain from him.
d) Don’t be sorry for me​




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1. This is the process in which both cooked and

1. This is the process in which both cooked and raw materials are stored in
appropriate conditions for future use without any entry or multiplication of
a food storage
c. freezing food
b. food refrigeration
d. proper storing
2. This is considered quick and easy to do to keep vegetables fresh and safe
to eat
a. storing vegetables
c. canning vegetables
b. drying vegetables
d. curing vegetables
3. This is the oldest method to preserve or store vegetables
shelf life.
a. canning
c. freezing
b. drying
d. salting
4. The process of preserving food which is fairly labor intensive and time
a. salting
c. curing
b. drying
d. canning
5. One method of preserving food by using pressure cooker where vegetables
are heated to kill microorganisms that can cause spoilage
a drying
c. canning
b. curing
d. salting
6. It is a method of food preservation where the product is allowed to ferment
a freezing
c. curing
b. drying
d. canning
The method that does not improve quality of the vegetables, but is fairly
easy to do if one has access to a freezer.
a. drying
c. curing and salting
b. canning
d. freezing
This is the oldest and convenient method used to preserve most of the
product generated by our ancestors.
a. curing and salting
c. drying
b. canning
d. common storage
in-ground storage which must be well drained and protected from the
a. curing and salting
c. indoor storage
b. in-ground storage
d. pits
nese vegetables may lose their flavor and nutrients when you refrigera
em. They can also develop an undesirable texture.
a. lettuce
C. broccoli
b. eggplant
d. tomatoes​


1. A

2. A

3. B

4. B

5. C

6. C





REFLECTION: (Journal Writing)Drawing conclusions from Graphic and Tabular Data and

Ask: REFLECTION: (Journal Writing)
Drawing conclusions from Graphic and Tabular Data and Measures of
Central Tendency and Variability is quite not easy. It needs careful analysis, because
sometimes being careless leads us to wrong interpretation and conclusion
Have you ever experienced instances in your life where you become careless
and impulsive in making decisions? What was the result? From that experience, what
have you realized? Share your thoughts in 3 to 5 sentences and write these in your


okay po okay po okay po okay po okay po

Step-by-step explanation:

ah ok ah ok ah ok ah pk

The Republic of the Philippines is an archipelago of 1.____

Ask: The Republic of the Philippines is an archipelago of 1.____ tropical islands and islets set in deep blue waters that contain some of the richest 2._____ life systems on earth. It is the 3.______ largest archipelago in the world after indonesia. However, the Philippines is more compact so inter-island travel is easy. Only 4.______ are inhabited, and no more than about 5._____ area larger than 1km^2; 2,500 are not even named. Our country has a strategic position separating the 6._______ and the Pacific Ocean, and the 7._______ sea in the south. Because of its position, the country’s history shows it as a regional trading center, battleground, and cultural meeting point.

Neighboring countries are 8.____ to the north, 9._____ to the southwest, 10.____ to the south, 11._____ to the west, and the 12._____ group to the west. Off the eastern shore lies the 13.______, one of the world’s deepest points, reaching 10,500 m below sea level.

Scientists believe that the triangle formed by the Philippines, Peninsular Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea is where most of the Pacific’s marine organisms evolved before they spread out to colonize other oceans. The Philippines is the home of 14.______ of coral reefs in the world. Many sport divers and underwater photographers come to the Philippines from all over the world to see the beauty and richness of our marine life. 15._____ of these tourists are Japanese.​


1. 7,107

2. Marine

3. Second

4. 2,000

5. 500

6. West

7. China

8. Taiwan

9. Malaysia and Brunei

10. Indonesia

11. Vietnam

12. Palau

13. Philippine trench

14. 34,000

15. 40%

Match the word in Column A to its description in

Ask: Match the word in Column A to its description in Column B. Column A 1. Movie clip 2 Trailer Column B a. a sneak peak of the movie for viewers’ expectation b. aims to influence the decision-making and behavior of the consumers c. features advanced technology and is mostly set in the future 3. Advertisements 4. Online video 5. Film 6. Romance d. popular among digital users for its quick, easy access to a varied source of information across all disciplines 7. News flash 8. Horror 9. Documentary 10. Science fiction e. a commercial break showing a short broadcast of a current event f. a portion or a segment coming from a full- length movie a genre which aims to invoke our fears as viewers h. a genre where characters are tested for their love for each other i a kind of film that shows societal issues j. presents a story utilizing real-life actors or fictional characters set on different locations k involves magic and the supernatural​


1. F

2. A

3. B

4. D

5. J

6. H

7. E

8. G

9. I

10. C


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supply the missing words of the article beliw by choosing

Ask: supply the missing words of the article beliw by choosing from the group of words given

Ecomic crisis
New normal

We are now in a (1)_______.A situation where in the enhanced community quarantine started.It is a (2)________situation especially to the life of a (3)________.Answering of (4)______without discussion of the (5)_______is not easy for them .Only few(6)________give attention to their (7)______.Majority of them are working.We all know that we are facing the (8)_______today.Some students are just only answering the modules by closing their(9)________,taken for (10)________.They are not doing it (11)_______.Only fer are (12)________in answering it.Parents also never care to do their (13)_______towards their children.

Finally not only students who suffered of the ECQ but the entire (14)_________.All(15)________are suffering till today .So we all pray to (16)_________that this (17)__________will end, so that everything will be back to Normal.

1. Pandemic



4 Parents

5. Teacher

6. Student

7. Modules

8. New normal

9. Eyes

10. GrandTEd

11. Seriously

12. Honest

13. Responsibility

14. Nation

15. People

16. God

17. Economic Crisis

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There was once a very wealthy and corious king. He

Ask: There was once a very wealthy and corious king. He place a huge boulder in the middle of the road and hid nearby to see if anyone would move it away from the road.
The first people who passed by were the wealthiest merchants and courtiers. Rather than moving the boulder, they walked around it and even blamed the king for not maintaning the roads.
Then, a peasant came along. He was carrying a load of vegetable. When he got near the boulder, he put down his load and moved the stone to the side of the road. It was just a piece of cake moving it and he succeeded without complaining.
He gathered up his load and when he was set to continue walking, he saw a purse lying on the ground where the boulder was once in place. he opened it and saw the king’s note saying. “Reward for moving the boulder from the road”.
7. What does a piece of cake as used in the selection?
a. easy
b. sweet
c. efforful
d. complicated
8. What can we learn from the king’s action ?
a. we cab be successful
b. a small help from others would mean a lot .
c. we need to be rich to achieve great things in life.
d. every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve our situation
9. we can say that the people who. passed by the boulder
a. helped the king in maintaning the roads.
b. complained instead of doing something.
c. did not notice the stobne and walked around it.
d. moved the boulder as a team
10. the selection is an example of a
a. journal
b. literary text
c. academic write up
d. scientific analysis ​


1. A

2. B

3. B

4. B

5. B



Activity: True or False 1.Civilization typically develop in and around

Ask: Activity: True or False
1.Civilization typically develop in and around mining systems where easy access to water and irrigation system become possible, which allows them to grow crops and move from the hunter gatherer lifestyle to farmers.
2.The famous River Ganges, Indus Valley, the Nile and Amazon Rivers became places where different types of people have developed over time.
3.Clouds symbolize the way people in those days perceived reality.
4.The physical geography of the land determine how and when people would live in certain places due to accessibility, resources, and climate.
5.Civilization typically develop in and around river systems where easy access to water and irrigation system become possible, which allows them to grow crops and move from the hunter gatherer lifestyle to farmers.
6.Some cultures identified themselves by their religion.
7.All common events in cultures like home, farming, relationships, marriage, birth and death are influenced by their spiritual beliefs.
8.Central to the very purpose of religion is the attainment of success in life.
9.Religion often gives codes of behavior for society and culture, such as the Ten Commandments.
10.Christianity is the most prominent religion in Asia with over 1.1 billion followers













all correct I have the ANSWER KEY


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