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If you are looking for the answer of when moving where to change address, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 5 FAQ regarding when moving where to change address. Read it below.

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3. Relative referencinga. Copies the original formula exactlyb. Referring to

Ask: 3. Relative referencing
a. Copies the original formula exactly
b. Referring to cells using only their column and row labels
C. Cell addresses will be changed relative to the row and column to where they are
d. E5=C5+D5 will become E6=C6+D6 when copied from cell E5 to E6.​


C. Cell addresses will be changed relative to the row and column to where they are



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I think C is the answer


C. Cell addresses will be changed relative to the tow and column to where they are moved.

Instruction: Read the situation carefully. Apply the Seven Step Reasoning

Ask: Instruction: Read the situation carefully. Apply the Seven Step Reasoning Model

to determine the best ethical choice to make. Write your answer in the space

provided below.

“Please Don’t Tell!”

A twenty-year-old Hispanic male was brought to a hospital emergency

room, having suffered abdominal injuries due to gunshot wounds obtained in

gang violence. He had no medical insurance, and his stay in the hospital was

somewhat shorter than expected due to his good recovery. Physicians

attending to him felt that he could complete his recovery at home just as easily

as in the hospital and he was released after only a few days in the hospital.

During his stay in the hospital, the patient admitted to his primary

physician that he was HIV positive, having contracted the virus that causes

AIDS. This was confirmed by a blood test administered while he was hospitalized.

When he was discharged from the hospital, the physician recommended that

a professional nurse visit him regularly at home in order to change the bandages

on his still substantial wounds and to ensure that an infection did not develop.

Since he had no health insurance, he was dependent on Medicaid, a

government program that pays for necessary medical care for those who

cannot afford it. However, Medicaid refused to pay for home nursing care since

there was someone already in the home who was capable of providing the

necessary care. That person was the patient’s twenty-two-year-old sister, who

was willing to take care of her brother until he was fully recovered. Their mother

had died years ago, and the sister was accustomed to providing care for her

younger siblings.

The patient had no objection to his sister providing this care, but he

insisted that she not be told that he had tested HIV positive. Though he had

always had a good relationship with his sister, she did not know that he was an

active homosexual. His even greater fear was that his father would hear of his

homosexual orientation and lifestyle. Homosexuality is generally looked upon

with extreme disfavor among Hispanics.

The patient’s physician is bound by his code of ethics that places a very high priority on keeping confidentiality. That is, information about someone’s

medical condition that he or she does not want known cannot be divulged by

the physician. Some would argue that the responsibility of confidentiality is even

greater with HIV/AIDS since disclosure of someone’s homosexuality normally

carries devastating personal consequences for the individual who is forced “out

of the closet.”

On the other hand, the patient’s sister is putting herself at risk by providing

nursing care for him. Doesn’t she have a right to know the risks to which she is

subjecting herself, especially since she willingly volunteered to take care of her


If you were the physician, what would you do in this case? Would you

breach the norm of confidentiality to protect the patient’s sister, or would you

keep confidentiality in order to protect the patient from harm that would come

to him from his other family members, especially his father?

Perhaps as good a question as “what would you do” in this situation is the

question, “how would you decide what to do” in this situation? The process of

making a moral decision can be as important as the decision itself, and many

ethical decisions that people encounter are so complex that it is easy to exhaust

oneself talking around the problem without actually making any progress

toward resolving it. The response to many moral dilemmas is “where do I start?’

and the person who is faced with these decisions often needs direction that will

enable him or her to move constructively toward resolution and “see the forest

for the trees.”

In order to adequately address the ethical dilemmas that people

encounter regularly, the following is a model that can be used to ensure that all

the necessary bases are covered. This is not a formula that will automatically

generate the “right” answer to an ethical problem. Rather it is a guideline that is

designed to make sure that all the right questions are being asked in the process

of ethical deliberation.


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[tex]computer[/tex]1. Cell referencea. Address of the cellb. Column letter and


1. Cell reference

a. Address of the cell
b. Column letter and row number of the cell
c. Constant data
d. Example: A8

2. Cell referencing

a. Finds the data you want to use in a formula
b. Means giving cells a label or an address
c. Has three types : relative , absolute and mixed
d. Means computing for formulas in a given cell

3. Relative referencing

a. Copies the original formula exactly
b. Referring to cells using only their column and row labels
C. Cell addresses will be changed relative to the row and column to where they are
d. E5=C5+D5 will become E6=C6+D6 when copied from cell E5 to E6.

4. Absolute referencing

a. Means that the formula will not change even after you copy it to another cell
b. Used when you want to copy a formula to another cell and you want the cell
references to change.
C. Copies the original formulas exactly
d. Uses dollar signs before the column and row of both cells.

5. Mixed Referencing

a. Used when you want to either the row or column to be absolute
b. Uses dollar sign on either a row or column
C. E5=C$5+$D5 will become E7=C$5+$D7 when moved from cell E5 to E7.
d. Does not use dollar sign​







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QUARTER 1 MODULE 2 Directions: Read the passages below and

Ask: QUARTER 1 MODULE 2 Directions: Read the passages below and determine how each is mainly structured. On a sheet of paper, answer the questions that follow and put the information from each passage in an appropriate graphic organizer. Feel free to make changes of the graphic organizer if necessary.
Passage 1 Earthquakes happen all over the world in areas called seismic zones. Seismic zones occur where the plates of crust covering the Earth’s surface meet each other. Inside the Earth, the mantle is always moving, which in turn moves the plates. These plates push against each other, building up tension between them. When the tension between plates becomes too great, they grind against each other, causing the Earth’s surface to tremble and shake.
Passage 2 I have noticed that a lot of people are confused about mobile data and Wi-fi. Some people think that they’re the same thing. Both mobile data and Wi-fi allow you to connect to the internet. However, there are some important differences between them. Mobile data is provided by the mobile phone company. Whereas, Wi-fi is comes through cable or phone lines. Mobile data gives you internet access anywhere that your phone can get a signal. But, you can only get Wi-fi access when you are near a router. Customers are usually given a nearly unlimited amount of Wi-fi data, like an all-you-can-eat buffet. On the other hand, mobile data is often sold in limited portions, like an expensive restaurant. It is important to know which you are using so that you aren’t charged additional fees for going over your mobile data plan limits.
Passage 3 In the center of Luna’s Spoliarium painting are fallen gladiators being dragged by Roman soldiers. At the left side, spectators ardently await their chance to strip off the combatants of their metal helmets and other armory. In addition, emotions are featured on the left and the right side presents a sober mood. It can be seen also in the right side; an old man carries a torch perhaps searching for his son while a woman weeps the death of her loved one.
Passage 4 The first step of changing oil in a car is to gather supplies. After you have collected all of the tools and supplies, prepare your vehicle. Start the car and let it run for one to two minutes to warm the oil and the engine. Then, find a flat surface to jack the vehicle from the center under the engine. Next, locate the oil filter and oil drain plug. Put on work gloves to protect your hands and position an oil drain pan under the engine then remove the plug the rest of the way. Passage
5 What is an ice cream headache? It is when a painful sensation resonates in your head after eating something cold (usually ice cream) on a hot day. This pain is produced by the dilation of a nerve in the roof of your mouth. The nerve center is overreacting to the cold by trying to heat your brain. It is an ice cream headache when you feel those sensations which have turned many smiles to frowns.
Passage 6 Some students have poor attendance. The school has tried many ways of addressing this such as teachers have sent letters and/or have talked to parents immediately, school has scheduled parent/ teacher/ guidance counsellor/ school prefect of discipline conferences with students who are habitually absent. Hopefully, this will help more students get to school every day ​

2.the passage number is 1272.288

3.the passage number is 635.11

4.the passage number is 1738.183


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1. Luke wants to include videos in his presentation. He

Ask: 1. Luke wants to include videos in his presentation. He wants to play those videos without going out from
his current presentation. Which of the following could be his best option?
a. Use hyperlink to navigate those videos.
b. Use another computer in playing the videos.
c. Open the presentation and the videos to be played and then use Alt + Tab.
d. Embed those videos as object in your slides.
2. Which of the following statements is NOT true about a linked object?
a. Linked object is stored in the source file.
b. Information in the destination file doesn’t change if you modify the source file.
c. Information in the destination file is updated whenever the source file is modified.
d. The data in the destination file changes whenever the source file is modified.
3. Jethro was tasked to report a topic in one of his subjects. He wants to apply one of the hyperlink
options where he could jump to a specific slide in his presentation. Which of the following hyperlink
options will he use?
a. Create a New Document
b. Existing File or web Page
c. Place in This Document
d. E-mail Address
4. Which of the following shortcut keys will you use if you want to start your presentation from the
beginning of the slides?
a. CTRL + F5 b. SHIFT + F5 c. F5 d. F7
5. The following are benefits of planning a presentation, except
a. improves the quality of presentation
b. saves time and effort
c. makes presentation slightly effective
d. makes presentation more enjoyable
6. To make her presentation more effective, Kiana used different animation styles. Which of the following
is NOT an animation Style?
a. Entrance b. Emphasis c. Motion d. Exit
7. Evelyn would like to put motion effects on each slide in her presentation when she moves from one
slide to the next slide. Which of the following features of MS PowerPoint will she use?
a. Animation
b. Custom Animation
c. Custom Slideshow
d. Transition
8. Which of the following best describes a text hyperlink?
a. color black and underlined
b. color blue and underlined
c. bold and underlined
d. color blue and bold
9. Which of the following statements is true about creating an effective presentation?
a. Use as many slides as you can so that the audience can clearly understand your message.
b. Use dark fonts on dark backgrounds to gain proper contrast.
c. Use bullets to simplify your message.
d. Use serif fonts to make your presentation more attractive.
10. A file which contains readymade styles that can be used for a presentation is _______
a. AutoStyle b. Template c. Wizard d. Pre-formatting
11. The following are the buttons used for switching views, except
a. Normal view b. Slide sorter view c. Slide show view d. Thumbnails view
12. PowerPoint is best described as ________.
a. Presentation software b. Database software c. Drawing software d. Publishing software
13. The following are things to consider in creating an effective presentation, except
a. Clarity b. Simplicity c. Consistency d. Creativity
14. Which of the following is an easy way to navigate slides during your presentation?
a. Use hyperlinks b. Flood your slides with text
c. Use a mouse instead of arrow keys d. Press escape to locate the slides
15. Marco used bullets and short sentences in his presentation. What tip in creating an effective
presentation did he apply?
a. Contrast b. Clarity c. Consistency d. Simplicity


1. A.

2. B.

3. C.

4. C.

5. C.

6. B.

7. D.

8. B.

9. A.

10. B.

11. D.

12. A.

13. B.

14. A.

15. D.


Not only you can get the answer of when moving where to change address, you could also find the answers of QUARTER 1 MODULE, [tex]computer[/tex]1. Cell referencea., 3. Relative referencinga., 1. Luke wants, and Instruction: Read the.