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1. Which of the following activities causes respiratory and circulatory

Ask: 1. Which of the following activities causes respiratory and circulatory diseases?

A. eating nutritious food
C. eating cigarette
B. exercising
D. cigarette smoking

2. What activity can help you to prevent diseases in the respiratory and circulatory systems?
A. balanced diet
B. regular exercise
C. Adequate rest
D. all of the given choices

3. What happens to the diaphragm when a person breathes in?
A. The diaphragm contracts.
C. The diaphragm relaxes.
B. The diaphragm goes upward.
D. The diaphragm becomes bigger.

4. In what part of the respiratory system first enters the oxygen during inhalation? A. nose
B. nasal passages
C. trachea
D. esophagus

5. What is the correct equation that will show the function of the oxygen in the body?
A. CO2 + O2 = energy
C. O2 + energy = CO2
B. O2 + nutrients = energy
D. energy + nutrient = O2

6. The energy is stored in the .
A. cell
B. nutrients
C. water
D. oxygen

7. What type of blood circulation is described as the movement of blood through the tissues of the heart?
A. systemic circulation
C. coronary circulation
B. pulmonary circulation
D. none of the given choices

8. What should be the pulse after exercise? It becomes .
A. faster
B. slower
C. stop
D. nothing happens

9. The heart is a hollow muscular organ, about the size of your .
A. hand
B. arms
C. fist
D. tooth

10. How does singing from the diaphragm, instead of throat, help improve the voice quality of a singer?
A. Singing the diaphragm supports proper breathing and avoids voice straining.
B. The vibration of sounds while singing is in the diaphragm already instead of in the throat.
C. Because this was what coach Lea in the ‘The Voice Kids’ told her mentees.
D. None of the above.

11. DNA contains the genetic blueprint for making ___________.
A. proteins
B. atoms
C. energy

12. Which of the following is considered the basic unit of heredity?

13. Which structure in a cell are chromosomes be found?
A. cell membrane

14. What is the relationship among DNA, a gene, and a chromosome?
A. A chromosome contains hundreds of genes, which are composed of DNA. B. A chromosome contains hundreds of genes, which are composed of protein.
C. A gene contains hundreds of chromosomes, which are composed of protein.
D. A gene is composed of DNA, but there is no relationship to a chromosome.

15. Describe the location of genes in chromosomes?
A. The genes on each chromosome are arranged in a particular sequence.
B. Each gene has a particular location on the chromosome called its locus.
C. Many genes are located in the chromosome which is made of DNA.
D. All of the above

16. The location of a particular gene on a chromosome is in the ______?
B. q arm
C. genetic locus
D. nucleus

17. Which of the following theories does NOT explain the chromosomal basis of inheritance?
A. Genes are located in the chromosomes. B. Chromosomes and their related genes undergo segregation during meiosis C. Mendel’s laws of inheritance do not relate to the behavior of chromosomes in meiosis.
D. Chromosomes and their related genes undergo independent assortment in the formation of gametes.

18. A type of chromosome pair that has similar structure and shape and has genes that codes for proteins which expresses the same trait.
A. Heterozygous chromosome C. Homologous chromosome
B. Homozygous genes.
D. Inheritance trait

19. Which sequence of DNA bases would pair with this partial strand: ATG TGA CAG?

20. The part of the nucleotide that contains the “genetic code.”
A. deoxyribose sugar C. phosphate group
D. nitrogenous bases

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1. A



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1. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE about


1. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE about the object moving with constant speed?
A. The object is not accelerating
B. The speed of the object is equal to zero
C. The distance travelled by the object increases uniformly
D. The speed of object remains the same always.

2. When you stretch a rubber-band tight, it makes a high-pitched sound? Why is this so? Stretching produces___________.
A. Higher frequency
B. Lower frequency
C. High & Low Frequency
D. No Frequency
3. What will you do if your teacher asks you to make a Displacement on your home to school roadmap?
A. Draw a straight line from your school to home
B. Draw a zigzag line from your home to school
C. Draw a line connected with the direction of roads
D. Draw a big circle

4. Matthew go to the barber shop. He observed that all scissors are shiny. Why do scissors look shiny?
A. Because they absorb light.
B. Because they reflect light.
C. Because they are clean.
D. Because they are new.

5. A man is sitting in a room with a cat. The room has no window and the door is closed. The only source of light is an electric light globe. When the light is switched on: How does the light help the man see the cat?
A. Light from the globe bounces off the cat into the man’s eye.
B. Light rays are needed to form an image in the eye.
C. Lights color is white so the man can easily see the cat.
D. Lights travel faster so the man can easily see the cat.
6. Cassandra bought a flute, she tries to blow harder into a flute, through blowing it hard, it caused to; ______________.
A. increase the frequency
B. decrease the pitch
C. increase the amplitude
D. decrease the volume

7. Using the equation of speed, what is the relationship exists between speed and time?
A. Directly proportional
B. Inversely proportional
C. Power relationship
D. Inverse power relationship

8. Electromagnetic waves are transverse waves that carry energy in a way related to electricity and magnetism. The following are examples of electromagnetic waves EXCEPT:
A. Radio waves
B. Ultraviolet waves
C. Sound waves
D. Gamma rays

9. Given the formula of speed (s) = d/t, how is the distance measured?
A. By multiplying the speed and the distance.
B. By multiplying the speed and the time.
C. By dividing the speed with the distance
D. By dividing the speed with the time

10. What is the difference of sound waves to light waves?
A. Sound waves travel in vacuum while lights do not
B. Sound waves travel in solid, liquid and gas while lights travel in vacuum
C. Sound waves travel in transverse way while light travels in longitudinal way.
D. None of the above.














1.which among the objects will move faster upon the application

Ask: 1.which among the objects will move faster upon the application of force?
B.ping-pong ball
D.beach ball
2.what affects the speed of sound as it travels?
A.the person receiving it
B.the original of the sound
C.the nature of material
D.the loudness of the sound
3.why does sound become weaker or fainter as it moves away from the observer
A.the sound is lowered by the operator
B.the sound spreads to cover a smaller area
C.the sound spreads to cover a larger area
D. the sound is already absorbed by the environment
4.it is the cause that makes the objects move
5.the shape of an object _____ when force is applied on it
D.is still the same
6.the throwing back by a body or surface of light,heat,or sound without absorbing it
A.light path
D.all of these options
7.which material does not reflect light
C.shiny metals
8.the stronger the force exerted the ______ the toy car travels
9.the greater the mass of an object,the greater is the force needed to ______ the object.
10.a marble that is standing still will move when ______.
A.touch by a cat
B.a force is applied on the marble
C.bumped by a cotton
D.there is a strong wind
11.do force affects the movement of an object
D.none of these options
12.when you throw a ball straight down on the smooth surface,it will bounce _______ back at you
A.on the other side
13.the bending of light is called ______.
A.light path
D.all of these options
14.when somebody faces a mirror,his reflection can be seen in a reversed manner
D.all of these options
15.why do you need to use force in moving a ball up a ramp?
A.to add force to the ball
B.to let the ball roll on the ramp
C.to allow the ball to stay on the ramp
D.to move the ball away from the ramp
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1. What step of scientific method is used when a

Ask: 1. What step of scientific method is used when a scientist listens to the sounds that whales make? zania CAT A) Interpreting data C) Making observations vosio B) Drawing conclusions D) Making a hypothesis 2. Which question is categorized as a high level scientific question? A) Who made the first microscope? noun B) How many giraffes live in Africa? fogndisi sen C) How long ago did dinosaurs live on the Earth? D) Does the amount of salt in water affect the temperature at which it boils? ද 908 sa 3. What is the process of obtaining information by using the senses? A) Scientific method C) Observation B) Conclusion D) Inquiry 4. A series of steps designed to help you solve problems and answer questions. vd belootto A) hypothesis winst stilo C) observation B) experiment D) scientific method 5. Which of the following statements would be true of the scientific method? Deonchoqxa moldogitseri A) People structure their lives on the principle of scientific method. B) Scientists report the experimental results, but not the experimental design. olisen Ons C) The scientific method is a continuous process by which people learn about his world.​







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11. It is an energy possess by a moving objects.

Ask: 11. It is an energy possess by a moving objects. a. Potential energy b. kinetic energy c. friction 12. A 10 kg cat resting on a tree has a potential energy of 50 J. Calculate its position (height) relative to the ground. a. The cat is located 5.10 m above the ground. b. The cat is located 500 m above the ground. c. The cat is located 5 m above the ground. d. The cat is located 0.20 m above the ground. 13. The greater the mass of an object, a. The easier the object starts moving c. The more space it takes up b. The greater its inertia d. the more balanced it is 14. A man jumps away from the boat so does the boat move away from him, what law of motion was observed? a. Law of Interaction c. Law of Inertia b. Law of Acceleration d. Law of Conservation of Energy 15. Suppose a cart is being moved by a force. Suppose a load is dumped into the cart so that the cart’s mass becomes double. What happens to the cart’s acceleration? a. It doubles b. It halves c. It quadruples d. It quarters 16. Which medium will sound travels the fastest? a. Solid b. liquid C. gas d. metals 17. An object that does not vibrate cannot produce_ A. Sound b. light c. Heat d. electricity 18. Which of the following is TRUE about the effect of temperature to the rate of how sound travels? A. Temperature increases the speed of sound B. Temperature decreases the speed of sound C. Warmer particles move at slower rate D. Warmer particles move at constant rate. 19. Which of the following factors greatly affects the pitch of a sound? A. The amplitude of sound wave c. the frequency of a sound wave B. The distance of a sound wave d. the loudness of a sound wave 20. What happens to the sound an object makes when the speed of vibrations decreases (slow down)? A. Its volume increase. C. Its pitch becomes lower. B. Its pitch rises d. Its volume decreases.​












Directions: Read the story. Answer the questions that follow. In

Ask: Directions: Read the story. Answer the questions that follow.

In Mr. Looney’s zoo, most of the animals are farm animals. These animals make sound together. When the dogs begin to bark, the cats purr, Donkeys raise their hoofs and bray. Ducks and the geese quack. The sheep, goats, and calves’ bleat. The cow’s moo and the roosters in the coop crow. They stop when Mr. Looney gives them good food. He let’s them drink from the cool brook. He likes to watch them. He loves them and they love him too.
1. Which animals moo?
2. Which animals hoot
3. Which animals crow?
4. What does Mr. Looney give his animals?
5. What lesson did you learn from the story?
6. Where did the story happen?
7. What does the story say about the animals?



1. Cow 2. Donkeys 3. roosters 4. foods and drinks 5. about animals and foods 6. Mr.Looneys zoo


1. Cows

2. Donkey or Birds

3. Roosters

4. Food, Water, and Love

5. Love the things you have and they will love you back

6. In Mr. Looneys Zoo

7. What sounds animals make and how Mr.Looney treats them

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Below are statements about sound devices and figurative language. If

Ask: Below are statements about sound devices and figurative language. If it states a fact, write F. But if. does not, write X

16. Irony is the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite.

17. Simile is a comparison bet unlike objects that have something in common. It uses the words as and like in comparing

18. Metaphor is the shortened form of metamorphosis.

19. Alliteration is the repetition of the initial consonant sound in two or more neighboring words or syllables.

Choose the word or phrase that does not belong to the category given.

20. Elements of a story:
A. character B. plot C. personification D. setting

21. Idiomatic Expressions
A. apple of the eye B. spilled the beans C. raining cats and dogs D. My country, Philippines

22. Convention of film
A. idioms B. acting C. directing D. characterization

23. Dialog
A. exchange of words B. written conversation B. singing D. spoken conversation

24. Focus in analyzing characters in print and non-print texts
A. age and gender B. nationality C. attire and make-up C. attitude and behaviour

25. Verbs in past tense
A. walked B.joined. C. teached D. taught

Choose the statement that best applies the concept presented:

26. Rhyme:
A. I wonder why the moon is bright: I wonder where it gets its light. B. The moon smiles at me. C. Tonight will be the full moon. D. the moon and the stars are shining up in the sky

27. Onomatopoeia:
A. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper. B. The chirp, chirp, chirp of the wounded bird broke the silence. C. May lays near the bay and stays awake. D. Her lips are as red as blood.

28. Setting:
A. Nena, the second child of Mang Tomas went to the town to meet her cousin, Julia B. She met five fierce-looking men. She wanted to shout for help but she became tongue because of fear. C. It was a clear, moonless night. The place was so quiet. Not a sound can be heard aside from the splash of waves. D. She shouted so loud as the men went near her. She became helpless until she heard the siren of the police car.

29. Using context clues to tell the meaning of Idiomatic expressions:
A. My best friend is so chicken B. Don’t be so chicken. There’s nothing to be afraid of C. His mother said he is so chicken. D. He and his brother are both so chicken

30. Stages of blocking scenes:
A. determine where the actors will be B. Start the dialog at once when the C. Cameras are always ready, Ne D. Actors may rest after maki

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16. F

17. X

18. F

19. F

20. A

21. D

22. A

23. B

24. C

25. D

26. A

27. C

28. A

29. B

30. C


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1. Choose the key sentence of the paragraph.A. It seems

Ask: 1. Choose the key sentence of the paragraph.
A. It seems that she is dreaming.
B. No one knows about a dog’s dream.
C. Perhaps she saw another dog or cat and wants to chase it.
D. Maybe she is eating a meaty big bone and does not want to
share it to other dogs.
2. What is the main idea of the paragraph?
A. Dogs always sleep.
B. Dogs always eat meaty bones.
C. Dogs dream, too, when they sleep.
D. Dogs always chase other dogs and cats.
3. Identify and check all the supporting details that tell all about
the key sentence and the main idea.
a. My pet dog always ps.
b. Dogs bark at strangers.
c. Sometimes she makes funny sounds and movements.
d. It seems that she is dreaming.
e. Perhaps she saw another dog or cat and wants to chase
f. Dogs are man’s best friend.
g. Maybe she is eating a meaty big bone and does not
want to share it to other dogs.​

1. B. No one knows about a dog’s dream.

2. D. Dogs always chase other dogs and cats.

3. e. Perhaps she saw another dog or cat and wants to chase


(actually not sure about everything since you didn’t include the given paragraph)

Not only you can get the answer of when does cat make sound, you could also find the answers of 1. Choose the, 1. What step, Below are statements, 1. Which of, and 11. It is.