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If you are looking for the answer of what to what on apple tv, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 10 FAQ regarding what to what on apple tv. Read it below.

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1. Maricar bought school supplies involume for her variety store.

Ask: 1. Maricar bought school supplies in
volume for her variety store. She
marked-up the items at 20%.
a. How much does she sell a ream of bond
paper which she bought for P162.00?
b. What was the marked price of a box of
folders which she sold for P114.00?
2. A mark-up of 12% was made on a
cabinet that cost P4 800.00. What was
the selling price of the cabinet?
3. A fish vendor buys bangus at 185.00 per
kilo and sells them at P97.75 per kilo.
What is the mark-up rate per kilo?
4. A mark-up of 10% was made on a TV set
that cost P8 500.00. What was the selling
price of a TV set?
5. A fruit vendor buys apples at P8.00 per
piece and sells them at P10.00. What is
the mark-up rate per kilo?



1. P 194.4

P 91.2

2. P 5760

3. -47%

4. P 9350

5. 25%

Step-by-step explanation:

you probably have studied this at school, ask your teacher, it’s better that way. Study well:)

The color of an eggplant/ apple changed when it is

Ask: The color of an eggplant/ apple changed when it is exposed to oxyger in the
There is oxidation that happened when eggplant/ apple was sliced and extra
Joram noticed that when he mopped the floor using wet rugse the mois
5. The eggplant/ apple in the experiment turne
ich statement is NOT TRUE?
The presence of oxygen caused change in its color.
of caused change in
Water is the primary cause of rust because water contains
a. oxygen and hydrogen
c. carbon
b. chloride
d. hydrogen
appeared after few minutes. What is the reason why the floor becamere
a presence of heat
c. presence of wate
b. absence of heat
d. absence of temp
When physical change in materials happened, there is
1. formation of new product or materiał
II. no formation of new product or material
III. formation of new shape
TV. formation of new color
C. III and TV​


that mans ineptness is the cause of his own misfortune thats you whole test paper or book isnt new i can answer

18. It is a systematic way of grouping or ordering

Ask: 18. It is a systematic way of grouping or ordering objects or events based on properties or criteria.

D) observing

A) predicting

B) classifying

C) measuring

19.Which unit would be used to measure the amount of water in the water dispenser?

D) Pound

A) Liter

B) Meter

C) Gram

20. The statements below indicate the First Dimension in Science, except one.

A) Content of Science

D) Basic Concepts

C) Scienüfic Knowieuge

B) Asking questions

21. Using your senses to study objects, event, or people and describe things in the surroundings.

A) Measuring

B) Classifying

C) Predicting

D) Observing

22. A process of thinking a possible answer of a problem in an experiment.

A) Observing

B) Classifying

C) Inferring

D) Predicting

23. Which process skills tell what can possibly happen based on what happened in the past?

A) Communicating

B) Predicting

C) Inferring

D) Observing

24. Which process skills refers to telling others your ideas or conclusions?

A) Communicating

B) Predicting

C) Inferring

D) Observing

25. Which process skills refers to grouping of objects based on color, texture, shape, size or other qualities?

A) Measuring

B) Observing

C) Predicting

D) Classifying

26. Which of the following is not an observation

A) The apples weigh about 38 grams

B) The apple is yellow green in color

C) The apple tastes sour.

D) Apples are üte best fruit

27. You look out of your window and see two men carrying a TV set away from your neighbor’s house. Which is an inference based on this observation?

A) The TV is black and old

B) The television is smaller than yours

C) The owner bought a new set and is trading this on in an

D) The television has no audiol

28. The dog is happy, her family has retumed home.

A) Observing

B) Classifying

C) Inferring

29. The boy played in the rain and get wet, he might catch flu.

D Predicting

A) Observing

B) Classifying

30. Which of the following is a measuring tool?

C) Inferring

A) Yarn

B) Tape measure

C) Book

D)Ballpen ​















35. Your auntie is fifty years old and she is

Ask: 35. Your auntie is fifty years old and she is not concernim about what she ate. She is having an apple-shaped onw physique and you know that this is not good for her age. She needs to be healthy. Which of the Dinora following practices can help your auntie to be once healthy? Oinon 092 0912 Bons. A. taking snacks between meals no on A B. spending more time on social media ZONE Toledo C. attracting to fads and hypes on TV about fitness, health, and nutrition D. eating healthy foods and participating in physical activity that challenges heart rate​


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was sunny but coldWe use "or" to talk about choices.

Ask: was sunny but cold
We use “or” to talk about choices. The word “oris often used with “not” and other negative
Examples: Is your sister older or younger than you?
She does not like apple juice or orange juice.
A. This time, you will embark on higher level of activity. Let us see how far you have gone
in understanding conjunction. Identify what the conjunction in the following sentences
joined, is it words, phrases, or clauses. Write your answer on the blank after each
1. We like going shopping and visiting museums.
2. I tell my parents and my best friend all my secrets.
3. We want a vacation that’s interesting but relaxing.
4. The car is very old but still very reliable.
5. I switched on the TV, but there were no interesting programs
6. I’m older than Anna but younger than Jack.
7. Sam is playing chess and Eric is reading a book.
8. Mom is working in the garden and Dad is busy in the kitchen
9. She couldn’t decide whether to stay in bed or get up and take a shower.
10. I haven’t eaten breakfast, lunch or dinner.​


sorry so dami po hindi ko ma understand

1. A___________________is an electronic device that manipulates information, or data.2._____________________is

Ask: 1. A___________________
is an electronic device that manipulates information, or data.
is any part of your computer that has a physical structure,
such as the keyboard or mouse.
is any set of instructions that tells the hardware what to do
and how to do it.
4. The four main types of computers are:________
computer, and________
5. Other types of computers are: smartphones,_______,______
6. PC is the most common type of personal computer, and it typically
includes the_________
operating system.
7. The Macintosh or Mac computer is made by Apple company, and it almost
always use the_________
operating system.​


1. Computer

2. Hardware

3. Program or Software Program

4. -Supercomputer

-Mainframe Computer



5. Laptop Computers, Tablets

6. Microsoft Windows

7. Mac OS X

1. The purpose of research proposal is_____ B. To present

Ask: 1. The purpose of research proposal is_____

B. To present management question to be research

A. To generate monetary source for the organization

D. None of the above.

C. To discuss the efforts of others who have worked.

2 The main concept behind doing research is to
B. Start with pre-defined and clear objective.

A. Study and explore knowledge

D. Define clear objectives.

C. Get new idea

3. The statement of purpose in research study should:

B. Identity the intent or objectives of the study

A.dents, the design of the sady

D. Describe the study.

C. Specify the type of people to be used in the study.

4. The research participants are described in detail in which section of the research plan?

D. Discussion

C. Data Analysis

B. Method

A. Introduction chapter?

5. The chapter that details the way in which research was conducted is the

B. Introduction

C. Research Methodolog

D. Data Analysis

A. Literature Review

6. Every research proposal, regardless of length should have two basic sections. These are:

A. Research question and methodology

B. Research proposal and bibliography

C. Research method and schedule

D. Research question and bibliography

7. It is the statement of research question

A. Research Design

B. Rationale

C. Objective

D. Summary

8. What must be observed in the data management and analysis?

A. Statistical method should be clearly outined

B. Data must be encoded property.

C. hformation should be readily available.

D. All of the above

9. A well-written protocol must possess these criteria, except one:

A. Adequate to answer question.

B. Feasible in the particular set-up

C. Uses smaller size population

D. Provide enough detail that can allow other investigator to do the study

10. It applies to all types of health research.

A. Ethical considerations.

B. Interventions

C. Sample size

D. Research participants

11. The act of transmitting and/or receiving information is

A) Communicating

B) Pedicting

C) Inferring

D) Observing

12. If you want to measure the temperature of a sample, what laboratory instrument will you use?

A]pulley with hook

B) Ammeter

C) Thermometer

D) Spring balance

13. Which of the following is not an observation?

A) The apple is light green in color.

B) The apple tastes sweet

C) The apple weighs 38 grams.

D) Apples are the best fruit

14. Which statement is an example of quantitative observation?

A) The leaves are way and shoot.

B) it has Sweet odor.

C) It dries up due to hot weather.

D) The mass of one leaf is 5 grams,

15. The international units of measurement used around the world is called

A) metric syste

B) pound and ounce

C) English unit

16. Which of the following is an inference about the coin?

D) customary system

A) Perhaps the coin sat in water and became corroded

C) The coin has the color of copper.

B) The coin has the date marked on it

17. You look out of your window and you see two men carrying the TV set from your neighbor’s house

D) The coin has green substance on the other side Which is an inference based on your observation?

A) You don’t like their tv set anyway.

C) The TV set is blac

B) The TV set is bigger than yours

D) The owner has a new tv set and trading this in​


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ValuesGood and bad influences don't just reach your heart through

Ask: Values
Good and bad influences don’t just reach your heart through what you with your eyes. Decide if the children below are influenced to do good or bad things. Explain and share your answers.

1. Roel loves to watch action movies. He imagines he’s the hero and EJ, his enemy at school, is the villain. So every time the hero and the villain meet in the film, Roel shouts, “Shoot him!”

2. Jennilyn’s favorite show on TV is the art workshop broadcast on Saturdays. She is amazed at how ordinary materials are used in creating exciting and useful thing. She listens well to what it teaches so she can easily remember them. Once the program is over, she gathers art materials and makes her own toys and decorations.

3. Apple and her friends love having the same shoes, types of bags and even the same pair of pants. However, the brand her friends want is too expensive and Apple doesn’t know where to get the money. She had already spent her lunch money for the week when the group bought the same pair of sandals.

4. Jojo like reading books about Filipino heroes. According to him, these books make him proud to be a Filipino and it teaches him a lot of things about our history. Juan Luna is his favorite hero . Just like the great painter and artist, Jojo dreams that through his illustrations, he will represent the country in world-class competitions.
5. Basketball is Edwin’s favorite sport. In a school game, he became friends with two other players, and they became part of his barkada. Both Edwin’s new friends are on the list of students with academic honors. They don’t play when there is an exam, even for just a short round. Edwin was motivated to imitate his new friends’ perseverance in studying. Edwin’s mother was astonished when her son’s grades began to rise.​


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what is the difference between the earth and moon sign

Ask: what is the difference between the earth and moon sign compatibility test and then I got the apple watch band for apple tv have Bluetooth glass and mirror to the hospital and centrioles the same thing about the election results​


What’s the difference between the Earth and the Moon?

Moon does not support life. • Earth rotates on its own axis and goes around the sun. Moon rotates on its own axis and goes around the earth. • The rotation of the earth takes 24 hours. The revolution of the earth takes 365 days. Both the rotation and revolution of the moon take about 28 days.


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#pa brainlest if correct

1. When we ________ two things, we tell how they

Ask: 1. When we ________ two things, we tell how they are alike. *

a. common

b. contrast

c. associate

d. compare

2. When we ________ two things, we tell how they are different. *

a. common

b. contrast

c. differentiate

d. associate

3. Which term refers to the origin from which something is obtained? *

a. compare

b. contrast

c. source

d. key word


This is a required question

4. A material you find online. *

a. print source

b. online source

c. broadcast

d. TV news

5. ‘Apples and oranges are both fruits.’ In this sentence, what is the signal word showed to compare? *

a. apples

b. oranges

c. both

d. fruits

6. In contrast tool kit, which of the following is NOT included? *

a. different

b. similar

c. but

d. unlike

7. A material that has been printed and can be produced in a hard copy *

a. print source

b. online source

c. broadast

d. TV News











1.c. associate



4.b.online source



7.a.print source

Not only you can get the answer of what to what on apple tv, you could also find the answers of The color of, 1. Maricar bought, 1. The purpose, 1. When we, and 18. It is.