What To Do When Blood Sugar Is High

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If you are looking for the answer of what to do when blood sugar is high, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 4 FAQ regarding what to do when blood sugar is high. Read it below.

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1. Jolina's BMI reveals that she is obese. She always

Ask: 1. Jolina’s BMI reveals that she is obese. She always thinks negative thoughts that caused he
to gain more weight. If you were Jolina’s friend, what would you tell her without hurting he

A Stop thinking negative thoughts. You will become fatter,

B. Be positive. Being fat has advantages.

C You must think of the benefits you will reap. You will feel, look, and function better plu
you can enjoy better health and improve the quality of your life.

D. Thinking negative will not help you. You must accept the fact that you are obese

Noel loves eating and it makes him fat. One day, he decided to go to a dietician to hav
consultation. He was told by his dietician to eat slowly and at the table only.
Why do you think this is the advice of Noel’s dietician?

A. Eating at the table encourages people to time out and deters snacking between meals

B. People who don’t eat in the table are served larger portions and eat more.

C. Measure food in portions and keep serving dishes away from the table.

D. You can feel very hungry when you eat in the table.

3. Why is it important to manage your weight?

A. It is important for overall health and can help you develop many diseases and condition:

B. It develops cancer cells and increases the possibility to become cancer free.

C It makes you feel powerful

D. It lowers the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

4. How can you reduce calories in your diet?

A. Substitute water for a daily can of soda.

B. Reach a snack of two in between meals.

C. Use ketchup and mayonnaise to your food.

D. Add white sugar on your drinks, such as tea and coffee.

5. What is the cause of choosing enjoyable activities, places, time, equipment, and friends to your work out?

A. It makes you proud.

B. It makes you motivated,

C. It makes you sociable.

D. It makes you unproductive.​








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Questions:1. What is homeostasis?2-6. To maintain the homeostasis in the

Ask: Questions:

1. What is homeostasis?

2-6. To maintain the homeostasis in the human body, what are the nervous system and endocrine system needs to maintain in the normal range?

5. What will does the lung will do if there is a high concentration of carbon dioxide in the body?

6. What will the excretory system do when there is a low level of water in the blood?

7. If there is a high concentration of sugar in the blood what will endocrine system will do? 8. How do the nervous and endocrine systems respond to an increase in environmental

temperature to achieve homeostasis? 9. Give an example of positive feedback.

10. What might happen to a person who’s nervous and endocrine systems fail to maintain homeostasis?​



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ne padanyos disenyo o ritmong ginamit. Isulat ang titik

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1. How would you evaluate a grade quality of a

Ask: 1. How would you evaluate a grade quality of a yolk?
A. Separate the yolk and see to it that it is unbroken.

B. Observe the transparency of the yolk in the eggshell.

C. Cook the egg and check on the wholeness of the yolk.

D. Checked on the outline shape and height of the yolk.

2. What color is form when white egg has reached its foam peak?

A. bright yellow C. glossy white
B. pale yellow. D. paque

3. Why albumen stretch into a thin film as being beaten?

A. It denatured as albumen is beaten.
B. Albumen rea to pressure of beating. C. Fat reacts to liquid during the beating process.
D. Temperature change in the duration of beating.

4. Because of egg shortage during this pandemic Tata was able to buy egg in plastic pouch this has a powder content and can mixed with pancakes, soup or viand. What market form of egg did he

A. cooked egg C. frozen egg
B. dried egg D. fresh egg

5. What is the characteristic of an albumen in egg if it is graded AA?

A. Firm high and clear.
B. Clear weak and flatten.
C. Slightly weak flatten and clear.
D. Firm and high but with blood stain.

6. If 2 eggs have total weight of 70 grams, what size would it be?
A. extra Large C. medium
B. peewee D. jumbo

7. When do sugar aids in the foaming of an egg?
A. Before the beating starts.
B.When egg starts to bubble.
C.During the mixing process.
D.When foam has started to form.

8.What is commonly used as sanitizer for kitchen utensils and aquipment?
A.Heat C.Pressure air
B.Hot water. D.Disinfectant spray










21. Americans can be divided into three groups—smokers, nonsmokers and

Ask: 21. Americans can be divided into three groups—smokers, nonsmokers and that expanding pack of us who have quit. Those who have never smoked don’t know what they’re missing, but former smokers, ex-smokers, reformed smokers can never forget. We are veterans of a personal war, linked by that watershed experience of ceasing to smoke and by the temptation to have just one more cigarette. *
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22. Digestion is the breakdown of large insoluble food molecules into small water-soluble food molecules so that they can be absorbed into the watery blood plasma. In certain organisms, these smaller substances are absorbed through the small intestine into the blood stream. *
1 point
23. Environmental pollution Any abnormal change in chemical‚ physical and biological features of environment is called pollution. It means adding impurity to environment. Environmental pollution is the greatest curse of modern world. Our world is now badly affected by air‚ water‚ land and sound pollutions. *
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24. Ice cream is made with milk, cream and sugar. All of the ingredients are mixed together. Then, the mixed ingredients are heated up to kill off any germs. Flavours and colours are added next, strawberry flavoured ice cream is usually pink. The mixture is then frozen and whipped at the same time. This makes it softer.” *
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25. Loving the sea I love seeing the blue sea. I love hearing its wave brushing the shore. I like touching the roughness of the sand under my feet. It makes me want to get soak in the salty water even more. I love how it washes away the uncertainties I kept in me. Oh how I love the sea.
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III. Below are examples of explanation type of texts. Identify what is being explained in each given text.
26. The Philippines experiences an average of 20 typhoons a year. Being surrounded by bodies of water makes us prone to experience some weather disturbances. The biggest contributor of the weather disturbances in our country is the Pacific Ocean which lies on the eastern side of our country. The vast and warm waters of the ocean can generate many weather disturbances. *
1 point
How Philippines is affected by typhoons.
Oceans can generate weather disturbances.
Why Philippines experiences so many typhoons a year.
What happen to Philippines during typhoon.
27. When the cold air sinks, it results to a high-pressure area. Since most of the air is pressing down, the air on the surface becomes dry. Formation of a high pressure area indicates fair weather; fewer clouds are found on the sky. As the air continuously rises, it will eventually cool, condense and form clouds. The formation of a low-pressure area indicates the possibility of rain. There is a higher chance of rain when more clouds are formed. An LPA can result to weather disturbances. Rains and strong winds are brought about by low pressure system *
1 point
Formation of high and low-pressure area.
Causes of weather disturbances.
Sinking of air.
Rising of air.
28. Weather disturbances are devastating. They can cause damage to our life and properties. Heavy winds can destroy power and communication lines. Roads and bridges are also damaged due to heavy rainfall and flooding. Weather disturbances can also destroy our means of livelihood. Heavy rain and strong winds can uproot trees and destroy crops that provide us with food. Therefore, there is always food shortage when there is a typhoon. (Source: Science Beyond Borders) *
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Food shortage.
Destruction of crops.
Lost of power and communication lines.
Devastating effects of weather disturbances.
29. Most animal extinctions are brought about by people. As population increased, people needed more food, more shelters, and more comforts. Forest lands had to give way to agriculture. More trees had to be cut down for housing and furniture. As their natural habitat diminished, so did the population of the tamaraws, eagles and other animals. *
1 point
Animal extinctions and its effect to human beings.
How people contribute to animal extinction.
Diminishing population of animals.
Preventing animal extinction.
30. Elephants are extremely intelligent animals. They have long memories. This memory serves the mother well during dry seasons when they need to guide their herds to even distant watering holes that they remember from the past. They also display signs of grief, joy, anger, and play. (Source: Joy in Learning English 5) *
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How elephants show emotions.
What elephants can do.
Why elephants are dangerous.
How intelligent animals elephants are.


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