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1. Read the following passages for ten (10) minutes.a) Quotation

Ask: 1. Read the following passages for ten (10) minutes.

a) Quotation from Plato’s Apology (38a): “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

b) Excerpt from Sapagkat ang Pilosopiya ay Ginagawa ni Roque Ferriols, S.J.

“May mga taong gusto raw matutong lumangoy. Nakasuot-panlangoy na sila at sama-sama silang nakatayo sa tabi ng swimingpul. May notbuk at bolpen ang bawat isa.

Nagsalita ang guro. “Una sa lahat,” aniya, “magsanay ka munang magtampisaw sa tubig, Tapos huwag huminga pero idilat ang mga mata at magpasailalaim sa tubig. Tapos basta’t dumapa. Huwag matakot. Lulutang ka. Tapos, matutong gumalaw ng paa, matutong gumalaw ng kamay. Matutong huminga. At paulit-ulit na pagsikapan at pagtiyagaan ang praksis.” Habang siyay nagsasalita, masipag nilang sinusulat ang lahat ng sinabi niya.

“At ngayon,” patuloy niya, “eto ang swimingpul. Oras nang magsimula. Lundagin mo beybe!” Walang lumundag, pero sulat nang sulat pa rin sila. “Hoy, sa tubig na kayo! Walang kabuluhan ang sulat-sulat niyo kung hindi ninyo ginagawa.” Wala pa rin lumulundag. Sulat pa rin sila nang sulat.”

2. Did you enjoy reading the quotations? If so, you might consider answering the following questions:

a. What does Plato mean when he says “unexamined life”?

b. Based on the Ferriols’ text, what do you think the students are thinking when they are diligently copying the instructions given by the teacher instead of diving into the pool?

c. Why is the teacher so keen on making the learners jump in the swimming pool instead of just taking down notes on how to swim?

3. Write the following terms on your paper: a) day-to-day life, b) reflection, and c) application

4. In reference to question # 3, do the following:

a. Define what each term refers to.

b. Share a belief narrative where they encountered the three moments in their own life.

c. Give insights as to the importance of reflection and application in one’s day-to-day life.


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