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Read the story and in your notebook write a reaction

Ask: Read the story and in your notebook write a reaction or response based on what you have read.
The Forgiving Crocodile
By Deshery F. Gabatano
Long time ago near the river bank of Madiangat River, Solano Nueva Vizcaya there lived a family the mother and her two little babies the mother was always busy hunting food for her family whenever she was out of their of their home, she was always worried about her two little babies because nobody was taking care of them one day while she was at the forest near the river busy hunting for food she found an old lady who was pale and sickly picking up fruits to eat. She was about to swallow her but the old lady asked Pitifully from Buwahaya and promise to do anything for Buwahaya in return buwaya for her then she remembered her two little babies who need somebody to take care of them when she’s out so buwaya brought with her Aling Sita the old lady the crocodile ask aling sita to take care of her two little babies and in return she will take care of her and bring her delicious food to eat everyday aling sita sings that song to the two little baby crocodiles and hit them when they won’t sleep when mother crocodile comes home she always bring delicious food and nutritious food for Aling Sita the old lady was so happy and promise to keep an eye for her baby crocodiles and never mistreat the two but in contrast as soon as Buwahaya leaves their home the old lady sit’s all day without looking after the two baby crocodiles when it’s about time for Buwahaya to arrive Aling Sita gets up.She hurriedly feeds and bathes them and cleans up the mess as soon as mother crocodile arrives she check her children
if they are clean,well fed and have enough sleep. Aling Sita always says well your children are well taking good care I work all day to feed them clean them up and let them sleep buwahaya was very grateful to aling sita with a good deed showing to her children as a sign of gratitude mother crocodile daily brings her delicious food to eat. One day Buwahaya was so curious on how the old lady takes good care of her two little babies she secretly hid behind and observed what the old lady does when she was out as usual Aling Sita sits all day and b the babies when they don’t sleep when the babies are about to sleep she isang them a lullaby la la la sleep now ugly crocodiles you are both awful your smell is so unpleasant I hate crocodiles like you la la la hearing Aling Sita song Buwahaya grew in anger she went away and found food for her babies she also gathered food for Aling Sita but instead of delicious food buaya collected all the snakes near the river and place them in the basket for Aling Sita as soon as Buwahaya arrived home she handed the basket to Aling Sita this is for you i got the best food for you today i’m good you always doing for my babies thank you so much Aling Sita answered happily. Aling Sita opened the basket eagerly. Upon opening she was shocked coming out from the basket. that’s your price of being rude to my baby’s I was so kind to you but you treated my baby’s foolishly said Buwahaya angrily please forgive me Buwahaya a handful for the past day for give my foolishness pleaded Aling Sita I promise that i will never do the same again i did the frightened old lady though seemed expected, Buwahaya had forgiven Aling Sita.
From then on Aling Sita change her ways and took good care of the two little babies of Buwahaya.


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Ask: Incorrect Answers = Report
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Test po toh, please help ASAP xx

Pick the best letter that carry the meaning of the boldfaced word in each sentence.

1. Presently, Rodrigo Roa Duterte is the commander-in-chief of the country.

A. Top leader in-charged with the responsibility of defending the country.

B. A president who usually takes six years to serve the country.

C. Elected head of the state/country

D. Highest ranking official who governs and protects the country.

2. Which country is most likely to win in the championship in the Olympic 2021?

A. Designation as champion

B. The winning player or team who emerged as champion in the entire game.

C. Known as a crown of winning in the athlete’s journey.

D. The final event that will declare the one who comes first in a contest.

3. Most of the college students who enrolled in Manila feel
homesick as they board away from their love ones.

A. One who is deeply longing for home and family.

B. Experiencing sadness due to absence from home and family

C. Missing family and home

D. Distress or sorrow felt caused by being away from loved ones

4. They brought out prescribed medicines from donation boxes and dispensed them safely to many people.

A. Someone who managed to give something.

B. handed out

C. Divided and share out according to plan

D. Dealt out in portions as needed by different people

5. With Susan’s skill and talent in public speaking, the result was predetermined hours before the contest by her friends and colleagues.

A. known in advance

B. A result calculated earlier.

C. being sure of the outcome or decision

D. having a strong feeling of what is likely to happen in the end

6. During face to face, most teachers have their brunch since they can’t eat breakfast and lunch on time due to their class schedules.
A. A late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch

B. A word blend for lunch and breakfast

C. A word formed from combining two words and mean as one.

D. A meal eaten mostly by busy people who missed to have breakfast and gets hungry early before lunch time.

7. We had a nice feeling of getting away with traffic and smog after months of the first ECQ.

A. A short term for smoke and fog that causes harm to people’s health.

B. A heavy fog caused by smoke and chemical fumes from factories

C. Combination of smoke and fog

D. It is caused by the movement of heavy fog and darker smoke especially that of the factories and cars.

8. They sent email to teachers and parents through electronic computer.

A. An electronic mail

B. An electronic medium that uses computer to send messages and mail.

C. Messages encoded thru telecommunication

D. Exchanged online messages between people

9. The owner of the biggest dormitory along UST, Manila complained about the sanitation of the new dorm across.

A. A boarding house for students who want to live near the school.

B. A room for board and lodging

C. A temporary place rented by college or university students living far from colleges or universities.

D. A room house where students live, often with room mates

10. Mom always asks me to gently close the fridge which reminds me of how costly refrigerators are nowadays.

A. Originally short word for Frigidaire that most people refer to.
B. An appliance for cooling and storing fresh food

C. A clipped word for refrigerator

D. It is a cooling apparatus that keep the food stay fresh a little longer​

  1. A
  2. D
  3. C
  4. B
  5. B
  6. D
  7. A
  8. D
  9. A
  10. A

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With the rise and prominence of the Shri-Visayan Empire in

Ask: With the rise and prominence of the Shri-Visayan Empire in the 6th to the 13th centuries, political dominance by conquests and wars took place. By the series of wars , the men population was depleted. In the course of time, the women folks by necessity in the scarcity of available men, had to take the place of the men in the battlefield so that they came to develop the high art of warfare to preserve their political state.

About seven hundred years ago, when Pangasinan was a kingdom, there lived a famous woman ruler in that dominion. Young, beautiful and well-educated, Princess Urduja was reputed to be a good warrior who had personally led her soldiers to the battlefields. Her retinue consisted of women skilled in arms, in riding horses and with well-built and well-developed bodies, prodigious strengh and masculine physique dubbed as Kinalakian or Kalakian or Amazon.

To the Pangasinan court many a suitor came, seeking for the hand of fair Urduja. The Princess said to them, “I will marry only the man who can defeat me. My husband must be braver , stronger, and wiser than myself.” As no one qualified to her demands, she remained unmarried all her life. For no one wished to be beaten by a woman. When her mother died, she became the ruler of Pangasinan region. Her bravery and skill were known far and near. She ruled her people well and wisely. Like the famous Amazons of old, Princess Urduja was not only intelligent, beautiful, and dominant, but also the very personification of kindness and virtue. One of her policies was to introduce the best of other countries adapted to her own. She was a woman who was interested in foreign affairs for the good of her own kingdom. She liked to hear the tales about India, the Pepper Country.An Arab traveller, Ibn Batuta, on his way to china, stopped at her kingdom. According to her custom, she invited the ship’s crew to a banquet. The Arab refused to go because he could not eat their food since they were “infidels”. The princess was offended and summoned him. He was surprised at what his eyes witnessed and his ears heard. For the Princess was robed in her richest and best, decked with precious stones and surrounded by brave and loyal men and women. She talked to the visitor in Arabian. This alone proved that she was a Moslem, knew her Koran, and therefore knew Arabic, she told him: “You, Priest, I have had you brought here by my guards because, of all of your ship’s company, you alone scorned my invitation. You told your Captain that we, people of Northern Luzon are infidels, and that it would be against the prophets law for you, a holy man, to eat our food.”

“You behold about me, seated around my throne, the elderly ladies who are my counselors. Do their chairs of sandal-wood, does my silk canopied and gold plated throne, suggest the court of a barbarous people?”

“I greeted you with the usual salutations of courtesy in the Turkish tongue, and had one of my attendants fetch ink and paper so I could write for you in Arabic characters that you recognized as the name of the merciful and compassionate God. Are such tokens of culture common among barbarians?”

When my father Dalisay, the aged king by whose name you call his kingdom, was a much younger man, there visited here a priest of another faith from far distant Europe. But he did not shun novelty in food as you do. The sago trees that produce flour, interest him, he admired the sugar-giving buri palms, and liked our coconut wine. And I hope you will appreciate the cordial pickles and preserves which, with some other gifts for your acceptance in remembrance of the land of Dalisay, I have had sent to your ship.”






problem: i

Cause: don’t

effect: know

conclusion: sorrry hahwhhs


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