What Is Bad For Low Blood Pressure

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If you are looking for the answer of what is bad for low blood pressure, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 1 FAQ regarding what is bad for low blood pressure. Read it below.

foods helps    high blood pressure

c. HIV1. Which of the following is an example of

Ask: c. HIV
1. Which of the following is an example of depressant drug?
a. Cannabis b. codeine
c. Heroin
d. Tranquilizer
2. Heroin can be used as injectable or inhalation. What possible disease will
infect your body?
a. Cancer
b. emphysema
d. Malaria
3. What example of psychoactive substance that are present in coffee?
a. Caffeine b. Cannabis c. Cocaine
d. Codeine
4. What is the term use of a substance incoherent or inconsistent with the
prescribed dosage or frequency of use is drug abuse?
a. Drug Abuse
b. Drug Misuse
c. Drug Addict
d, Drug Tolerance
5. Which factors strongly influence by peers and friends?
a. Lack of parental support
c. Relief from stress
b. Increased physical performance d. Strong peer pressure
6. Drug abuse is one of the leading concerns in the Philippines even up to this
day. Which of the following is not true about drug abuse?
a. It enhance memory
c. It worsen life’s problem and worries
b. It loses weight
d. It reduce attention in going to school
7. Family plays a vital role in developing healthy relationship to one another.
Assume that you are already a parent and the head of the family. How can you
impose a strong parental guidance to your children to avoid substance abuse?
a. No family ties
c. Poor parenting and rearing.
b. Poor family relationship d. Strong family ties and values system
8. Gateway drugs like alcohol and cigarette smoking as use and abuse that
affects the human body. Which of the following choices would be the short-
term effects?
a. Psychological disorder c. Brain not functioning properly
b. Pressure of blood is low d. Numbness of muscles and nerves.
9. Among the choices provided which one that can be used to develop resistance
a. Give confidence in saying No to drugs
b. Be friends with drug users
c. Do not have confidence in saying No to drugs
d. Lack of self confidence
10. The following are healthy alternatives in prevention of drug addiction,
a. Go with friends always
b. Eat, exercise, and sleep in time balon
c. Always think of bad influence friends
d. Skip meals and sleep​




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