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pahelp namn Po pagawan Ng plotA bright red explosion sends

Ask: pahelp namn Po pagawan Ng plot

A bright red explosion sends a big impact and damages in the surface towards the city of Mystique. The poor mother Bennett leaves her son Adam behind, because the ground is where Bennett stepping on is lifted onto the sky with the red light and vanished into thin air. Pave the way unto a new beginning a beginning where the son of Bennett’s discoveries started finding his hometown; a beginning of a story where Adam and his friends will experience a journey with conflict and adventure.

The sun was shining very lightly, and the birds chirped along with the alarm clock. And I ‘am done preparing my bag ang books that I borrowed from my Uncle Jisei. While walking down the stoned road I hear my friend Cecilia repeatedly calling my name, “Hey Adam! I’m here” and run towards me and show me a book that says, ‘Red Rubies of Mystique Empire’ I at her with a confused face then she replied, “I found this book at your uncle’s bookshelf do you think it is something sentimental?” then I immediately took the book on her and read it. I open the pages of the book and there is a word that caught my attention, the word is, “The charisma of red rubies gives power to the people living in the city of Mystique, but there are only four humans have this. If you collect all the four red stones, you will have the power of immortality” as soon as I read the line the cold chill ran through my bones because in my pocket, I have one red ruby were this is the last thing my mom gave me after she vanished into thin air but the fact that the red rubies is true, I finally got the courage to discover myself more.
As the excitement gives me shivers, I look up to Cecilia and were both smiling as we make eye contact, Cecilia knows that I love exploring when it comes to searching new things when Mystique Empire is involved. And I start to think of ideas to find and search the lost Mystique Empire. Now I started with a new plan to find this red rubies and search first the map of the empire, I ask Cecilia to come with me and visit Cooper to ask more about this book’s content. As we arrive at Cooper’s house, I saw him at the balcony and waved at us, I and Cecilia wave back. “Good morning! Adam and Cecilia, what is it today? But before that come in”, he spoke using his angel like voice that can instantly put someone to sleep.

“Is something bothering you?”, he asked me with a hint of excitement in his eyes.
“Not that I was bothered, I found something interesting check this out”, I spoke truthfully and handed the book to him.
“Does it have anything to do with how you want to find out about this rubies, well I’m in, so what’s the plan Adam?” Cooper said while smirking. Cecilia chuckled and said, “Don’t forget about me I ‘am
also part of this expedition”.
Cooper also reveals that he made a trade with my uncle Jisei, the deal is that Cooper will give the treasure chest to uncle for a Journal, a book describing the history and path to Mystique Empire.

After the whole planning we are finally ready to take off to a spaceship that we barrowed to uncle Jisei who agree to use it in one condition that bring his spaceship in good shaped. The expedition is headed by me the one and only Adam Holmes. “We are now ready to take off in the count of five, four, three, two, one, launched on!” after the countdown, I launched on the spaceship.

“We are now going to you, my beloved Mystique!” As Cecilia shouted with joy.
While the spaceship is on pilot mode we talk about what route and step will do in the Mystique Empire if we find it. “The path says we should go straight to the bright red stars along our way, can you speed up this spaceship a bit faster Cooper, and Cecilia check both sides of the ship if there is an asteroid laser them.”
“Roger that!” both Cooper and Cecilia said.
And then while they are on their task, I check my ruby and play it in my hand, I remember my mother giving me this as a symbol of being a true blooded mystique, I didn’t know at first that this will give me a power that I can obtain, but for now I need to find the place where I came from and what was really happened to the empire.​


The explosion will be so big that we elevate it from the status of a normal nova to a supernova, the death of a very massive star.


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