What Do I Need When I Open A Bank Account

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If you are looking for the answer of what do i need when i open a bank account, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 1 FAQ regarding what do i need when i open a bank account. Read it below.

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What I KnowPrivacy, security, and good netizenship are essential words

Ask: What I Know

Privacy, security, and good netizenship are essential words that you have to remember when you are on the Internet.

Do you know your limitations in social media? Do you feel responsible for what you are posting? Do you think first before

you click? Let us find out!

Answer Yes, if you agree with the statement, and No, if you disagree. Write your answer on the blank before each


1. My computer has an antivirus, so it is okay to open most email attachments like e-cards and video files.

2. Your friend told you that his college application was rejected because you posted a video of him doing crazy stuff at

a party. You posted the video several years ago but later took it down to protect your friend’s reputation. Is it possible

that the college found the video?

3. You and your best friend play a lot of video games. One time, she asks you for your password so she can help you level

up and get in-game money. She promises to keep your password a secret. Is it okay to give away your password?

4. You received an email stating that your mother’s bank account is going to be forfeited if you do not respond to the

email. Is it safe to reply?

5. You forgot that your essay for English class is due tomorrow. While doing your research, you found a website offering

free essays.

6. There is a danger in posting information about a future vacation.

7. Letting people know your birthday is probably a must if you want to get as many gifts as possible. But having it in your

profile makes you vulnerable to identity theft.

8. If there is no copyright notice, it’s okay to copy a Web page.

9. Lurking is sometimes considered impolite. It is the practice of reading discussions without contributing to them

10. Your cousin asked for your fabulous zucchini cake recipe at the last family function. While you’re sending it to him,

you decide to e-mail it to all 500 people in your address book as well. It is an example of email spam.

11. If someone insults and uses offensive language towards you online, you should reply in the same manner.

12. If someone uses offensive language online, always respond and not worry as no one knows who you are online.

13. It is ok to constantly give our friends e-mail or items online which they do not need.

14. Remember your audience. If you are putting something on a web page remember that everyone in the world will

have access to it.

15. You are responsible for your actions on the internet.









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