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Task 5. Literal or Figurative? Literal means there is no

Ask: Task 5. Literal or Figurative?
Literal means there is no other meaning while figurative statement means that there
is an underlying meaning.
A. Determine whether each statement below is literal or figurative. Put a V on the blank
before each number if the statement is literal and X if the statement is figurative.
1. Eddie was thirteen when his father first took him hunting.
2. Eddie felt hate heave like a caged, angry beast.
3. Biryuk and Eddie became friends.
4. Eddie’s eyes were wild as scuds.
5. Even as a young boy, Eddie already had the instincts of a hunter.
6. Eddie saw his sister as a thorn on his side something which should he Ducked
7. Eddie once thought that Delia was extending the olive branch to him.
8. The stick of Delia stabbed the eye of Eddie’s dog.
9. In the story, Eddie and Delia were like oil and water.
10. With every word and gesture she hurled at me I caught and fed to my growing
and restless hate.​


  1. V
  2. X
  3. V
  4. X
  5. X
  6. X
  7. X
  8. V
  9. X
  10. X


  1. Has no hidden meaning
  2. His hate is so fierce that we can compare it to a beast
  3. No hidden meaning
  4. It’s his eyes.
  5. Hunter
  6. Thorn on his side
  7. He thought she’s giving him the “signal”
  8. Stabbed the eye
  9. Simile
  10. I caught and fed

Formative test 2# Grade V Week3&4 English I. Read the

Ask: Formative test 2#
Grade V
I. Read the question carefully and choose the correct answer.Write the letter on the space provided for.
1.______I have some more drinks?
A.May B.Can C.Shall D.Will
2. He says l _____ take the day off.
A. May. B.Can. C.Might D. Could
3.He _____walk 30 miles a day.
A.Can B.Must. C.Might D. Would
4.____ you mind opening the door?
A.Can. B.Wil C.Shall. D.Could
5.When she was young,she___swim across the lake.
A.Can B.May C.Could D.Would








makatulong sana







V. ASSESSMENT (Time Frame: 50 minutesLEARNING TASK 4: Fill in

Ask: V. ASSESSMENT (Time Frame: 50 minutes
LEARNING TASK 4: Fill in the blanks with the correct conjunction that will complete the sentence. Choose from the words Inside
the box.
as many as
1. He
listens to his advisers
to the dean.
2. Filipino farmers know what to do with good seedlings
they know how to take care of them, as well.
she was bom in that place.
The young woman can be good to the visitor
He did not only formulate a problem
also solved it.
5. You choose to stay in the city
you have to suffer from the pollution.
6. He did well in the interview:
he failed in the written exam.
The top student prepared the best research paper,
he went on to explain to the class how he did it.
The groups prepared well for the discussion
they received high grades.
9. The girl promises to attend the party.
the rain stops.
the teacher was giving the lecture, the truant students arrived.

plss po pagsagot need ko na:l​










9.as many as



hope it helps

What I Can Do Activity 6 Read and Critique Directions:

Ask: What I Can Do Activity 6 Read and Critique Directions: Read the short story below and write a short critique using the correct format Use separate sheet of paper Assess Activity 7 ASSESS Directions for each 1. Whici A. 1 C. 2. WH title, t A 3. V Love matters more than material items “Some time ago, a man punished his young daughter for wasting a roll of gold wrapping paper. Money was tight and he became angry when the child tried to decorate a box to put under the Christmas tree. Nevertheless, the girl brought the gift to her father on Christmas day and said, ‘This is for you, daddy.’ The man became embarrassed by his overreaction a few days before, but his rage continued when he saw that the box was empty. He yelled at her, ‘Don’t you know, when you give someone a gift, there’s supposed to be something inside?’ The little girl looked up at her dad with tears in her eyes and cried, ‘Oh, daddy, it’s not empty at all. I blew kisses into the box. They’re all for you, daddy. The father was devastated. He put his arms around his daughter, and begged for her forgiveness. A little while later, the girl died in an accident. Her father kept the gold box by his bed for many years and, whenever he was feeling down, he would take out an imaginary kiss and remember the love of the child who had put it there.” dep 4 pr My Critique Work Introduction Summary Personal Reflection Critical Analysis
Patulong Naman guys

I. Directions: Evaluate the theme In the short narratives by choosing the correct thematic statement. Box the correct answer:

Activity 1. Jot It downlDirection: Analyze each situation below and

Ask: Activity 1. Jot It downl
Direction: Analyze each situation below and put a check mark (v) if it is
reasonably within a counselor’s jurisdiction, and put a cross mark (X) if it is not.
Justify your answers using what you learned in this lesson.
_____1. Mocha feels insecure and an outcast in school because she thinks her
classmates talk negatively.
____2. Ren – Ren needs to raise funds for her college tuition fee next year.
_____3. Allen keeps questioning himself if he is in the right job because he seems to
be getting more unmotivated as time goes. His spirit for doing his job well has gone
down these past few months.
_____4. Greg thinks he is addicted to video games and wants to control it to become
more productive with his schoolwork.
_____5. Shane was diagnosed with Obsessive – Compulsive Disorder (OCD) when she
was a teenager. As a young adult now, she wants to be helped again in controlling
her OCD symptoms.
_____6. Benny is overly jealous when it comes to the friends of his girlfriend. He
cannot seem to accept the fact that his girlfriend enjoys very much the company of

with explanation po sana pls​


1. ×



4.√ and ×

5.√ or ×

III. Directions: Read the short story. Identify and underline five

Ask: III. Directions: Read the short story. Identify and underline five irregular nouns used in the story. (11-15)
Max’s Good Habit
Max reads more than anyone he knows. He loves to read during his free time. One day, a wise man was reading a
magazine article about volcanoes. He told young men all about volcanoes and what causes them to erupt. The very next
week, his class was assigned a Science project about volcanoes. He chose Taal Volcano for their project
Max ended up being in a group with Liz, Anna and Josh. The children need to study information about Taal Volcano.
They asked an old woman in the library about the article, “How was Taal Volcano formed? How many people has Taal
Volcano killed? When did Taal Volcano last erupt? Where is Taal Volcano located?” Max made bases on how the
eruption happened. He made a data about it so that his project partners could read about them too.
IV. Choose the appropriate CVC word in the parentheses to complete each sentence. Write your answer on the blank.
16. I use a to wipe the dirty table. (jug, mug, rug)
17. We played _ of war yesterday. (tug, lug, mug)
18. Tom is our pet (mat, sat, cat)
19. I love to ride on a (hub, bus, nut)
20. The pigs – their body on the wall. (dub, hug, rub)
V. Complete each sentence by choosing the correctly word in the box Write the letter of the correct answer on the
inim D. van








Activity 1Directions: Underline the independent clause once and the dependent

Ask: Activity 1
Directions: Underline the independent clause once and the dependent clause twice
1. Fidel V. Ramos served his country as long as he could
2. No music will reach my ears sweetheart than your voice which I have lost
3.Yunica burst into tears, upon hearing her husband’s sudden death.
4. Don’t stop dreaming while young.
5. As soon as you reach home, call me immediately.
6. That I will stay at home all day is something I’ve been looking forward to since monday
7. When Jeffrey finally confided to Rhayan, he received the surprise of all surprise
8. Jennifer’s parents will be surprised if she stay home all day today.
9. Zephy has spoken about this with his parents and they have advised him to devotebmore time to discern. 10. this coming lent , i hope no one will call or visit so that i can enjoy privacy. NEED ANSWER..​


1 independent

2 independent

3 dependent

4 independent

5 dependent

6 dependent

7 independent

8 dependent

9 independent

10 dependent


Di ko po sigurado Yung sagot

pamark as Brainlest

II. DIRECTIONS: Match the situations from Column A to the

Ask: II. DIRECTIONS: Match the situations from Column A to the predictions provided in Column B. Write the letter of the correct answers on the space
Column A
Column B
1. She could top the class in Academics this year.
m. He will be scolded by our teacher for not finishing his
She will get sick.
0. She might not tell us her secret
P. She will be a great artist someday
q He will never talk or mingle with us anymore
She might enroll on a course related to teaching
when she get in college.
The teacher will be calling the attention of his mother
to ask about his absences.
t. She might fall
He will cram in finishing his project and pass it on
V. He will have nothing to eat at recess.
11. Carla was soaked in the rain
12. Benjo forgot his lunch at home.
13. Alejandro did not finish his
14. Hannah study well the whole year.
15. Alexander had a lot of unnecessary
16. Carol extends her efforts in
developing her skills in drawing.
17. John did not give attention to his
project until the last minute.
18. Bella dreamt of becoming a teacher
since she was young.
19. We offended Carl when we
laughed at him when he slip in the
wet floor.
20. Sarah is a shy person
it. This is your norformance output
salamat po :)​












V. Read the stories. After reading, write REALITY or FANTASY

V. Read the stories. After reading, write REALITY or FANTASY on the blank.
6. Toto was a barrio boy. He walked a kilometre to school over muddy fields. He supported
himself by running errands. He wanted to become a lawyer someday. It took years for him to finish and
become a lawyer at age twenty-five. The people in the barrio loved him. He became an active leader in
their barrio.
7. In a faraway land, a beautiful princess was born. She had many good fairy godmothers who
wished lifetime luck except for one bad fairy who wished her death when she became eighteen. But
there was still another good fairy who wished that the princess would not die but would only fall into a
long deep sleep
8. A boy was swimming in the sea. He saw a plastic bottle with a label which says, “Drink me”.
The boy drank the liquid in the bottle. Then he grew as big as giant.
9. Ants are like people. They have their own kingdom. The queen does nothing but lay eggs.
There are the member ants that look for food. There are the soldiers that do nothing but guard the
kingdom. There are the nurses that take care of the young ants. They are very busy and when one sees
crawling. they seem to kiss each other and talk to each other.
10. An ugly duckling grew up with her beautiful sister ducklings. Everybody hated her. At
times, she was left alone. Weeks passed, she saw her wings begin to spread beautifully while
swimming. She had a long neck, a beautiful beak and feathers as white as snow. She became the envy
of her sister​









V ASSESSMENT (Time frome, 50 minutesLEARNING TASK 4. F in

Ask: V ASSESSMENT (Time frome, 50 minutes
LEARNING TASK 4. F in the bond with the comedt coniunction that will complete the sentence Chosen to the word in
The A
either or
as many as
1. He
listens to his covisors
to the doon.
2. Filipino fomers know what to do with good seedlings
they know how to see them, ok wo
3. The young woman can be good to the visitor
she was train that perce
4. He did not only formutste o problem
5. You choose to stay in the city
you have to storfrom the poon
6. He did well in the interview,
he fosted in the walionem,
7. The top student prepored the best research paper,
he went on to end to the show he
8. The groups prepared well for the discussion
they received high grades
9. The gin promises to attend the porty
the roinston
the teacher was giving the lecture, the truoni students ontved,​


1. either-or

2. and


4. also

5. but

6. however


Not only you can get the answer of v when he was young, you could also find the answers of III. Directions: Read, Activity 1. Jot, Task 5. Literal, Activity 1Directions: Underline, and What I Can.