Top 10 Places To Visit In India

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6What is formed on top of plate B? (refer to

Ask: 6
What is formed on top of plate B? (refer to the figure)
Rift valleys
b. oceanic ridge
C. volcanoes
d. linear sea
7. If you visit a place in the Pacific known to be along converging plates, which of these should yo
not expect to see?
a. Active volcanoes b. Mountain ranges c. rift valleys
d. volcanic island
8. Seafloor spreading is located at
a. Transform
b. convergent
C. divergent
d. Indian plate
9. The East African rift is an example of
Mid ocean ridge b. convergent
c. divergent
d. transform
10. The Himalayan mountain range of India was formed at the
a. Transform
b. hot spot
c. divergent
d. convergent
11. The is an example of transform fault boundary
a. San Andreas Fault
c. Himalayas
b. Mid-Atlantic Ridge
d. Appalachian Mountains

Answer: letter A.?


8.A. letter A.?



number 10 not sure but I hope it helps

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