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What I Know Directions: Read the questions carefully and answer

Ask: What I Know
Directions: Read the questions carefully and answer the following questions. Write your answer in your activity notebook.
1. How many minutes should you render in walking to improve or maintain your overall health?
A. 5 minutes C. 15 minutes
B. 10 minutes D. 30 minutes
2. You can enjoy walking exercise by following the statements below, except: A. listen to music
B. have a goal to reach
C. eat heavy food before you exercise D. walk with a friend or family member 3. The following skills can be improved if you have a regular walking exercise, except:
A. speed C. muscle strength
B. cardiovascular endurance D. agility
4. What is the best reason why you have to take a medical check-up before engaging in any fitness program?
A. because your age matters
B. because you have to take medicine before taking exercise
C. because having an exercise sometimes is not good to our health D. because it might cause a huge implication if you have existing illness 5. What is the best definition of brisk walking?
A. fast paced walking
B. walking like you’re not in a hurry
C. walk in place
D. running fast
6. The following are injuries you can have when running, except:
A. strain C. back injury
B. sprain D. shin pains
7. What should you wear before taking a walk or run?
A. wear comfortable shoes and loose clothing
B. wear flat sandals and loose clothing C. wear tight clothes and shoes
D. use branded shoes and shirts
8. Which of the following is not a benefit of warm-up exercise?
A. It returns the body to its resting level. B. It reduces the risk of muscle and joint injury.
C. It prepares your body to a more demanding activity.
D. It helps the body to deliver oxygen to the exercising muscle group
9. The following are benefits of walking or running, except:
A. It reduces stress.
B. It helps to lose weight.
C. It lowers blood pressure.
D. It builds muscle strength.
10. Joseph had a sprain while running, as a first aider, what should be your action?
A. Ice-compress the injured area.
B. Bring him to the doctor.
C. Get pain reliever medicine.
D. Do not touch him.
11. What is the best reason why we need proper hydration before, during, and after walking exercise?
A. to make you more active
B. to reduce
C. to maintain good posture of the body D. to help address heat-related problems when you do exercise
12. Which of the following distance per hour will you render in walking to be considered as vigorous exercise?
A. 4.8 kilometers C. 8 kilometers
B. 6.4 kilometers D. 3 kilometers
13. The following are the good postures in walking to avoid injury, except
A. walk tall with your head up
B. stomach slightly tight
C. shoulders relaxed
D. face sideways
14. Gina wants to have a walking exercise before going to her work at the 4th floor in their building, but she doesn’t have a lot of time. What can you suggest to her?
A. have a lot of rest
B. do it at her available time
C. take the stairs when going to work
D. have an exercise during weekend only 15. A slow run that helps you recover from a fast-paced run is called ______.
A. Fartlek
B. Tempo Run
C. Recovery Run
D. Progression Run

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Answer:1. D- 30 Minutes

2.C – eat heavy food before you exercise

3. A- speed

4. D

5. A












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Read the following texts. Then, on a space provided before

Ask: Read the following texts. Then, on a space provided before the number, write Nif the paragraph is Narrative, D if Descriptive, E if Expository, and Pif Persuasive, 19. I had the chance to go the beautiful city of Tagaytay. I always wanted to see to its beautiful sceneries and sunset. Its high mountains made my heart excited and ponder with joy. The breathtaking sunset is undeniably heartwarming. Its bright light made my mind calm and peaceful. Indeed, an amazing place to relax. – 20. Human health is vulnerable to climate change. The changing environment is expected to cause more heat stress, an increase in waterborne diseases, poor air quality, and diseases transmitted by Insects and rodents. Extreme weather events can compound many of these health threats. Ecosystems are also affected by climate change. Changes are also occurring to the ocean. The ocean absorbs about 30% of the carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels. 21. First, I always make sure that I clean my hands thoroughly with soap and water. When it becomes dry, I always double check if my face mask and face shield are properly worn, covering my mouth and nose. After a long day, I carefully remove it from behind and discard immediately. 22. We are the Filipinos with a sense of identity. We are the image of our parents and running in our veins are the blood of our ancestors who fearlessly fought for our country. We are the reflection of our culture and tradition. Let us be proud of who we are–for we are the product of the magnificent history of our nation. Let us preserve our customs and ways of life for it is the legacy of our brave people. It is true that change is inevitable. 23. Whenever I try to walk around the nature, it is undeniably impossible not to admire and appreciate the beauty of it. The color brought by the shining sun is definitely adorable. Its reflection towards the lake shines like a diamond. The sounds of the chirping bird is like a song massaging my ears, The fresh winds calmly touches my skin as the leaves from the trees fall down to enrich the soil. The butterflies are gracefully flying as if they are excited to see me. 24. Let us support one another. Through good and bad times, we should stand as one family. Towards the betterment of our community, lets us work hand in hand with God’s grace. Let us be responsible enough in all of our actions, nurture the nature as it nurtures us, and most especially, love each other purely and genuinely. 25. The long wait is over! Finally, we are now going to Bataan for vacation. I am so excited that my my favorite things were packed a week ago. When I woke up, I immediately took a bath and changed into sweater. I ate my meal as fast as I could. After doing so, I instantly secured my seat in the van. This could be the best day of my life!​








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