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If you are looking for the answer of problem when starting a car, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 10 FAQ regarding problem when starting a car. Read it below.

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Change the following direct speech to reported speech.1.) Andrew said,

Ask: Change the following direct speech to reported speech.

1.) Andrew said, “There are a lot of problems in the world.”

2.) He said to Irene, “You have to find solutions for world problems.”

3.) Christine said, “I am so worried about pollution.”

3.) Allen said, “The game had already started when he arrived.”

5.) Marc said, “I must have a new car for my new business.”

Change the following direct speech to reported speech.

6.) Princess asked if it was necessary to recycle things.

7.) Sheila said that many people had to live on the streets.

8.) She asked if she might open a new browser.

9.) MJ told me that I had to finish my speech.

10.) Jane said that she can do an impromptu speech.​


  1. There are a lot of problems
  2. Find solution
  3. I am so worried
  4. The game started
  5. I must have a new car


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What I Can DoA. Solve the problem belowPedro lives in

Ask: What I Can Do

A. Solve the problem below

Pedro lives in far flung barangay of Calbayog City. Sometimes he went to

1)school early with an empty stomach. Upon arriving at school, that’s the
time that he will look for something to eat before the classes start. Today,
he spent ₱120.50 for his food in the morning and ₱150.25 during
lunchtime. How much did Pedro spend in total for his food?

Step 1: What is asked?

Step 2: What are given?



Step 3: What is the hidden question, if there is any?__________

Step 4: What operation is needed to solve the problem?________

Step 5: What is the mathematical sentence that will be used to solve

the problem?____________

Step 6: Solution of the problem.__________

2)Joanna’s Car Wash Shop operates daily before the
Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) took place.
But during the quarantine period the owners closed the
shop as part of the protocol for small establishments
and businesses. But when they received the electric bill
last month, it declared an amount of₱5,391.50. This
month’s electric bill is ₱3,150.25. How much more did
they pay last month than this month’s electric bill?


1. ₱270.75

2. ₱2,241.25

Step-by-step explanation:

1. asked:How much in total did Pedro spent on his food?

given: ₱120.50


operation: Addition

number sentence: ₱120.50 + ₱150.25 = N

solution: ₱120.50




2. asked: How much more did they pay last month than this month’s electricity bill?

given: ₱5,391.50


operation: Subtraction

Number sentence: ₱5,391.50 + ₱3,150.25 = N

solution: ₱5,391.50




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1.The interest rate for savings in a bank is 1%

Ask: 1.The interest rate for savings in a bank is 1% per year. When Anton deposited P1, 000 in the bank, his money earned an interest of P10 in one year. Which is the base?
a.1% c. 100%
b.P10 d. P1,000

2.Joan bought a toy car with 15% discount or P150. The toy car must have a tag price of P1,000.00. Which is the percentage in the given problem?
a.15% c. 150
b.P1,000.00 d. 100

3.In a basketball game, Sally is the top scorer with 45% of the team’s points. If the team scored 120 points in total, how many points did the rest of the team score.

4.Sarah meeting started at 2:45 p.m. and ended at 5:25 p.m. How long did the meeting last?
A. 5:00 a.m. B. 5: 15 p.m. C. 5:10 p.m.

5.Children had to pick their favorite sport from basketball, football and hockey. 35% chose basketball and 23% chose hockey. What percentage chose football?


  1. b
  2. a
  3. 54
  4. b
  5. i dont know


sorry im bad at math but hope it helps

1. B
3. They scored 66 points
5. 42%
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DIRECTIONS: Fill in the correct form of the Past Perfect

Ask: DIRECTIONS: Fill in the correct form of the Past Perfect Progressive or Past Simple as in the examples.
Example: I had been trying to sell my car for six months before I found a buyer (try/find)
1. Wesley So______ chess for several years before he _______ his first tournament
2. Before I _______ to work here, who ______ the client’s account? (start/ manage)
3. Although they _______ the house for two years, it still _____ ready. (build/not be)
4. Aizen _______ well before the exam. (not feel)
5. At last we ______ the movie that everyone _______ about. (see/talk)
6. The students _____ math problems when one of them fainted. (solve)
7. How long _____ he _____ before the accident ______? (drive/occur)
8. Tom and Jerry ______ tennis when it _____ to rain. (play/begin)
9. ______ you _______ a long time when you ______? (jog / faint)
10. Our forces _______ in that area until two weeks before then. (not fight)


1. Studied and Entered

2. Started and Managed

3. Built and Not

4. Didn’t feel

5. Saw and Talking

6. Solving

7. Did and drive and occurred

8. was playing tennis when it begun to rain

9.  Were and jogging and fainted

10. Didn’t fight


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explain the purpose of this text Requiring More Fuel-Efficient Cars,

Ask: explain the purpose of this text

Requiring More Fuel-Efficient Cars, we live in tough times. Gas prices continue to increase, the economy is falling apart, and some believe that the environment is changing for the worst. All of these problems can be related to two things, the cost of fuel and the inefficient vehicles we drive. Both of these problems can be solved with one solution. This solution could not only help the environment, it could help the economy, and advance technology. We should require that the automobile manufacturers should produce more fuel – efficient vehicles.  To start with, this solution could do a variety of things including helping the environment. Some believe that all the pollutants we put into the atmosphere are causing global warming, now this may or may not be true, but what is true is that these pollutants cause a number of unsightly and harmful things. These pollutants cause a haze to appear over large cities that not only looks terrible, but can cause damage. When it rains this haze collects in the rain droplets and creates a form of rain called acid rain. Acid rain not only eats away at buildings and cars, but also makes the soil at farms very high in acid levels, which can lead to the death of crops. This haze can naturally go away, but when we use inefficient vehicles which add more and more pollutants to the haze, it will never leave, it will only grow. If we were to use more fuel – efficient cars though, the haze would start to lessen and go away. The pollutants from vehicles aren’t the only thing destroying the environment, we are too. With the raise in demand for crude oil the state of Utah has allowed oil companies to drill in national parks. These huge oil drillers are now going to be allowed in the national parks. Unless we start to drive more fuel – efficient cars, and lower the demand for crude oil, these metal monsters will be able to destroy the natural beauty of our national parks.  All in all, building more fuel – efficient cars would be a good thing; it would help​




is the introduction of harmful materials into the environment. These harmful materials are called pollutants. Pollutants can be natural, such as volcanic ash. They can also be created by human activity, such as trash or runoff produced by factories. Pollutants damage the quality of air, water, and land.

make 3 problems when your car won't start​

Ask: make 3 problems when your car won’t start​


1. cry because your car is not starting

2. break your cellphone

3. call 911

there’s your 3 problems

19. Edmond wanted to buy a car worth Php550 000

Ask: 19. Edmond wanted to buy a car worth Php550 000 so he started saving some money when he got into his first job. He was able to save Php40 000 during his first year, Php42 000 during his second year, and Php44 000 during his third year. How much did he save during his fifth year on the job? a. Php46 000 b. Php48 000 c. Php50 000 d. Php52 000 20. Refer on problem #19. Would he have enough money to buy the car after 10 years? a. yes b. no​


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Step-by-step explanation:


Part IV. True or False Select true if the statement

Ask: Part IV. True or False
Select true if the statement is correct and false if the statement is wrong.

10. Angle formed by the incident ray with the normal is called the angle of incidence. *
A. True
B. False

11. When the sound waves are transmitted in the eardrum it will cause the cochlea to move, *
A. True
B. False

Part V. Problem Solving
Solve for the following items.

Note: small letter only
12 and 13. A man walks 30 km in 5 hours. Find his speed. *

14. and 15. A car traveling at 20 m/s starts to decelerate steadily. It comes to a complete stop in 10 seconds. What is it’s acceleration? *


11-15 TRUE


dahil true lang

A.Activity: Let's Move ItProblem: Describe the motion of an objectMaterials:

Ask: A.
Activity: Let’s Move It
Problem: Describe the motion of an object
Materials: Stop watch, bag, Toy car, book
1. From the starting point, push the toy car so that it
travels certain distance.
2. Measure and record the distance it travels.
3. From the reference position, push your bag to the right
Record the distance it travelled for 10 seconds.
4. Drop the books for at least one meter. Record the time
it reaches the floor
5. Pull your chair sideward. Observe what happens?
Data and Observation Questions:
1. What happened to the toy car? bag?
2. How long does it take the book to reach the floor?
3. What is the distance travelled by the bag for
10 seconds?
4. What did you apply to make the objects move?
5. When do we say that the object is moving?​


You need to that on actual and you have to solve what has been given

Explanation: There’s a box underneath you need to answer it if what did you blow, pushed, and placed on a ramp

(Ball-placing on a ramp✓

toy car-pushing✓

Notebook-placing on a ramp✓

Answer in question:

1.Force and motion

2.Force affect how object move.

3.the greater the weight of an object,the more inertia it has a heavy object

4.Static friction(the friction which keeps the object at rest)is slightly more than sliding friction

5.An object is in motion if it’s distance relative to other object is changing.


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Solve each of the following word problems. 1) Mr. Del

Ask: Solve each of the following word problems.

1) Mr. Del Rosario was born on January 20, 1976. How old is he if today is March 14, 2001?

2) Martha started washing clothes at 8:45 a.m. and finished after 4:75 hours. What time did she finish washing clothes?

3) Father left home and drove his car at 6:15 a.m. If he reached his office after 3.5 hours, at what time did he reach his office?

4) Tomorrow will be July 4, 2015 and I will be 15 years, 3 months and 2 days. What year, month and day I was born?

5) My elder brother works abroad. His contract in working abroad is 4 years and 5 months. If he started working last February 2, 2011, when did he finish his contract? ​


1. 34 years old

Step-by-step explanation:

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Not only you can get the answer of problem when starting a car, you could also find the answers of make 3 problems, explain the purpose, Part IV. True, Change the following, and 19. Edmond wanted.