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22 Used to clean Burnt Pana Abrasive Cleaners b Acid

Ask: 22 Used to clean Burnt Pan
a Abrasive Cleaners b Acid Cleaners
c Detergens d Solvent Cleaners
23. Used to clean Greasy Stove
a Abrasive Cleaners b Acid Cleaners
c. Detergens d Solvent Cleaners
24 Mane is assigned to wash the dishes after meal What cleaning agent should she used?
a Abrasive Cleaners b. Acid Cleaners
c. Detergents d Solvent Cleaners
25. Tom wants to make sure that all tools, equipment and surfaces are clean and free from harmful
microorganisms. What procedure must be done?
a Cleaning
b Disinfecting
c Sanitizing d Sterilizing
26 Lily decided to use chlorine in saniting her tools and equipment How long will be the recommended
contact time to prevent corrosion?
a 5 seconds
b. 7 seconds
c. 15 seconds d 30 seconds
27 There is a build up of grease on top of the stove What is the best cleaning agent to remove it?
a Abrasive Cleaners b. Acid Cleaners
c. Detergents d Solvent Cleaners
28. Which of the following senctences is incorrect?
a Cleaning and sanitizing must be part of the standard operating procedures
b. Heat, Chemicals and Radiation are the most commonly used sanitizing method
c. The best water temperature for chemical sanitizers is between 55°F (130°C) and 120 F (49°C)
d The approved chemical sanitizers are chlorine, iodine and quaternary ammonium compounds
29. It refers to the total cost of production divided by the number of units produced It can also be obtained by
summing the average variable costs and the average fixed costs
A Fixed Cost B. Average Cost C. Total cost D. Variable Cost
30. It takes into account all the costs incurred in the production process or when offering a service
A Fixed Cost B. Average Cost C. Total cost
D. Variable Cost
31. Refers to the total sum of money needed for the production of a particular quantity of output
A. Selling Price B. Unit Cost
C. Total Cost
D. Food Cost percentage
32. Costs are expenses that do not change with the amount of output produced
A Fixed Cost
B. Average Cost C. Total cost
D. Variable cost
33. It is a market value or agreed exchange value that enables a buyer to purchase goods or services
A. Selling Price B. Total Price C. Break even price D. Average price
B34. The following are GOOD cleaning and storing practices EXCEPT
a. Invert the cups, glasses, bowls, and containers when storing,
b. Storing tools without drying is acceptable.
c. Regularly sweep the floor to collect and remove dust and other garbage on the floor.
d. The all-around homemade cleaning solution is good in cleaning and disinfecting kitchen
35. The following are BAD cleaning and storing practices EXCEPT
a. Use dishwashing detergent to clean the accumulation of hard water deposits on the sink and
b. Make an all-around homemade cleaning solution by mixing warm water, white vinegar, and
acid cleaner
c. Put a label on storage boxes to easily find the items needed.
d. Put frequently used items in places where children cannot reach.
36. Cleaning kitchen premises and proper
ol kitchen tools and equipment
contribute to the improvement of the overall kitchen appearance and prevention of
a. Cleaning
b. Sanitation
c. Storage
d. Washing
37. These utensils must be inverted when stored.
c. Cups, glasses, bowls and containers
a. Pans, pots, containers and bowls.
b. Spatula, whisks, spoons and forks. d. Knives, chopping boards and Colander
38. This is the cleaning agent used to remove hard water deposits on sink and faucet.
b. Acid cleaners
a. Abrasive cleaners
c. Dishwashing detergent d. Solvent cleaners
29. Put
used items in easily accessible locations.
b. Occasionaly c. Rarely
d. Seldomly
a. Frequently
40. This should be avoided when storing and stacking tools and utensils on stroage boxes or
a. Drying
b. Inverting c. Labeling d. none of the above

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23. Ann, Joy and Ella receive Php420.00 from their mother.

Ask: 23. Ann, Joy and Ella receive Php420.00 from their mother. If the money is to be divided in the ratio 1:2:3, how much is the smallest share? A. Php70.00 B. Php75.00 C.Php60.00 D. Php140.00 24. What number is 75% of 24? A. 16 B. 18 C. 19 D. 20 25. What is the number when 14 is 20% of that number? A. 70 B. 80 C. 60 D. 2.8 26. What percent of 35 is 7? A. 20% B. 23% C. 25% D. 27% 27. What is 60% of 150? A. 50 B. 65 C. 70 D. 90 28. Eman sliced a pie into 8 equal parts and gave his friend 2 slices. What percent of the pie did Eman give to his friend? A. 25% B.27% C. 30% D. 35% 29. An umbrella was sold for Php90.00 on sale. This was 80% of the regular price of the umbrella. What was the regular price? A. Php110.50 B. Php112.50 C.Php113.50 D. Php115.50 30. Felipe took a 40-item test and got 36 correct answers. What percent of the test did she answer correctly? A. 75% B. 80% C. 85% D. 90% 31. Jessa invited 60 kids on her son’s birthday. Only 85% of the kids showed up in the party in the party. How many kids came to the party? A. 50 B. 51 C.52 D. 53 32. There were 40 pupils in Grade 6. If 20% were absent, how many were present? A. 32 B. 8 C. 40 D. 20 33. Edna bought an RTW dress for Php575.00 at 20% discount. What was the original price? A.Php581.57 B.Php657.15 C.Php715.78 D.Php718.75 34. Jennifer has a deposit of Php5 000.00 in a savings account for 2 years. If the bank pays simple interest at the rate of 6%, how much interest will she receive? A. Php400.00 B.Php500.00 C. Php600.00 D.Php800.00 35. A salesman sells a car for Php860 000.00. If he receives a commission of 20%, how much will be his commission? A. Php172 000.00 B.Php271 000.00 C. Php372 000.00 D.Php472 000.00 36. Mr. Reyes made a commission of Php48 000.00 on a sale of truck worth Php800 000.00. What was the rate of commission? A. 4% B. 6% C. 8% D. 10% 37. Marie earns an 8% commission for selling appliances. If he sells a washing machine for Php5 435.00 and a TV set for Php7 500.00, how much will he get a commission? A. Php1 034.80 B. Php1 080.34 C. Php2 034.70 D. Php2 034.80 38. A television set costs Php14 000.00 with a sales tax rate of 10%. How much is the total amount of the television set? A. Php14 000.00 B. Php15 000.00 C.Php15 400.00 D. Php15 500.00 39. How will you solve for the total cost? A. First, solve for the sales tax by multiplying the list price and the tax rate, then add the sales tax to the list price. B. First, solve for the sales tax by adding the list price and the tax rate, then add the sales tax to the list price. C. Just simply multiply the list price and the tax rate. D. None of the above. 40. A colored TV marked Php8 400.00 is offered for sale at a 30% discount. How much will the TV cost? A. Php5 880.00 B. Php7 088.00 C.Php8 880.00 D. Php9 080.00​




















1 In a class of 40 students, 15% got a

Ask: 1 In a class of 40 students, 15% got a grade of A How many students got an A?
a 3 students
b 4 students
C.5 students
d 6 students
2 Perform the indicated operation 1.25 – –
a 05
d 15
C 0 75
3. All the statements are true aboul operalions on fractions. EXCEPT
a The denominator sometimes becomes zero
In dividing fractions, gel the reciprocal of the fraction after the division sign then multiply
C Multiply the numeralors to find the numeralor of the product
d Multiply the denominators to find the denominator of the product
4 The enrolment of a certain high school has increased from 5,600 to 8,400 when K – 12 program was
implemented What is the percent increase in the enrolment?
a 25%
b 50%
C 75%
d 35%
5 Enrique spends of his monthly salary, saves of the remainder, and shares the rest equally to his two sisters
and a brother If his monthly salary is PhP60.000 how much does he give to his brother every month?
a PhP24.000
b Php10.000
c PhP8,000
d PhP12.000
6 Gladys got of the questions correct in a field manager examination What percent of the test she answered
a 87.5%
b 125%
C 0875
d 0125
7 The following statements are about proportions Which is TRUE?
a Proportion compares two numbers or measurements
b Proportion is a ralio in which the two lerms are different in units
c Proportion is an equation showing two equal ralios
d Proportion means a whole is divided into unequal parts only
d. 12
8 Perform the indicated quotient3
b 24
9 A television set costs PhP2500 If the store offers a 5% discount what will be the new price?
a PhP2.3250
h PhP2275
c. PhP2.375
d. PhP2450
10 Translate in figure Thirteen thousand six hundred seventy and one hundred lwenty-four thousandths
a Php13.670 240 b Php13,670 1024
c Php13,6701204 d Php13.670124
11. It took Ms Grabriela 30 minutes to construct a Mathematics test for 2 classes How many minutes will it take
to make tests for her 5 classes?
a 40 minutes
b 60 minutes
C 35 minutes
d 75 minutes
12. Which of the following is FALSE?



1. D



4. B

5. A. (its supposed to be 20k so I just choose the closest to it)




9. C

10. D


Step-by-step explanation:

Next time if you want answers make sure you comprehensive questions. Well i hope this helps despite being incomplete

31. This component focuses on the ability to perform a

Ask: 31. This component focuses on the ability to perform a physical task efficiently which is related to sports. *
1 point
Health related
Physical related
Skill related
Emotional related
32. Engaging yourself in moderate to vigorous physical activity prepares you to lead physically active lives and can improve _______ and academic outcomes. *
1 point
33. When you play sports, your body releases chemicals called: *
1 point
34. The Body Mass Index is defined as the body mass divided by the square of the body height. Which of the following formula is correct? *
1 point
BMI = kg/m²
BMI = kg²/m
BMI = kg²/m²
BMI = kg/m
35. Ligaments are pieces of tissue that connect two bones to one another in a joint. When ligaments are overstretched or teared, the result is: *
1 point
36. These are activities carried on within leisure time. *
1 point
listening to music
37. It is the ability of the joints to move beyond their normal range of motion. *
1 point
38. The following are skill related components, except: *
1 point
Reaction time
39. The Consumer Act of the Philippines, is the law that preserves and protects consumers in the country. Which of the following R.A. states this law? *
1 point
R.A. 8750
R.A. 9165
R.A. 7394
R.A. 10354
40. It aims to develop a person’s ability to evaluate and utilize health information, products, and services wisely and effectively. *
1 point
Consumer health
Health information
Health products
Health services
41. One of the criteria’s in evaluating health information, health products & health services, which tells about the source & recency of the information. *
1 point
42. These are individuals who are licensed to practice medicine and other allied health programs. *
1 point
Health Insurance
Health Consumer
Health Professionals
Healthcare Facilities
43. It is an insurance that offers payment for long-term or chronic diseases such as AIDS or cancer. *
1 point
Medical insurance
Disability insurance
Major medical insurance
Surgical insurance
44. A form of quackery which includes cure, treatment & remedies of various health condition that are drugless or bloodless. *
1 point
45. These are forms of non-allopathic, occasionally non-indigenous or imported healing methods, though not necessarily practiced for centuries nor handed down from one generation to another. *
1 point
Device quackery
Alternative health care modalities
Medicine act
Herbal medicine
46. It is a form of energy medicine where long thin needles are inserted to specific parts of the body to affect the energy flow. *
1 point
47. Similar to acupuncture, reflexology focuses on treating specific disorders through massaging of the soles of the feet. *
1 point
48. This right guarantee survival, adequate food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, & sanitation. *
1 point
Right to Safety
Right to Basic Needs
Right to Information
Right to Choose
49. This is the right to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be an informed customer. *
1 point
Right to Safety
Right to Choose
Right to Consumer Education
Right to Redress
50. An approved herbal plant which can be used for blood pressure control & lowering cholesterol. *
1 point


40. Credibility

41. Consumer

42. Health Professional

43. Health Insurance

44. Quack

45. Alternative health care modalities

46. Acupuncture

47. Feflexology

48. Right to safety

49. Right to Consumer Educatiom

50. Bawang

TRUE OR FALSE Direction: Tell whether the statement is true

Ask: TRUE OR FALSE Direction: Tell whether the statement is true or false; write T if the statement is true and F if the statement is false. ANSWER ONLY. Write it on a yellow pad paper. 1. Scientific method is the organized step-by-step procedures used in acquiring knowledge, getting results of scientific processes in science. 2. The scientific method starts when you ask a question about something that you solve. 3. Entomology is the study of insects and their contributions to environment 4. Ichthyology is the study of amphibians. 5. A hypothesis is an educated guess about how things work 6. It is not important for your experiment to be a fair test. 7. You should also repeat your experiments several times to make sure that the first results weren’t just an accident. 8. Taxonomy is the study of animal and human classifications and scientific names 9. Anatomy is the study of body structure 10. Morphologist is the study of body systems, organs and their structures and functions 11. Genetics is the study of heredity and variation among animals, plants and human beings 12. Chemistry is the study of the biological or life structures of the earth. 13. The energy that the body uses is dealt with the study of physics. 14. Ornithology is the study of orchids 15. Bacteriology is the study of bacteria 16. The study of rocks, with specialization on earth’s structures is a concentration of science in geometry. 17. The study of the outer space is astronomy. 18. In ecology and environmental sciences, the ecosystem is not much given emphasis. 19. The general idea of the processes of thinking falls on the study of psychology. 20. Physiology is the science that deals with how people act, react, and relate to one another. 21. Economics and politics pertain to the scientific and organized knowledge on how the people in the country live, lead, and socialize. 22. ICT is the least common of the advanced technologies that science can offer 23. The science of physics, mathematics and modern biology are fused to create a science of engineering. 24. The advancement on health related and health instituted sciences are produced through the study of Engineering. 25. Botany is the study of plant structures and functions of each part of the plant 26. Zoology is the study of plants and their bodily functions 27. Physiology is the study of bodily functions 28. Celltology is the study of cell structures of plants and animals, its functions and reproduction 29. Histology is the study of body tissues and their functions 30. Paleontology is the study of fossils and their relevance to the past life 31. Parasitology is the study of parasites 32. Physical sciences are the areas of science that deal with the explanation of the world, existence of life and earthly processes, and the addressing the questions that were created on why, and how the world is. 33. Social sciences are areas of science that is organized to explain the intangible science of people. 34. Natural sciences deals with technology and other modern facts applied to current situation of the world. 35. Biology is the organized science that deals with the life. 36. Herpetology is the study of mammals. 37. The study of the unique culture of the people and the way of life of the people in a specific community is given importance in the study of anthropology. 38. Agriculture is the study of flowers and garden management 39. Mycology is the study of fungi 40. Communology is the study of immunity among animals and plants. 41. Constellations are a group of stars strategically formed to represent a thing, animal, or any mythical character. 42. Natural Aeronautics and Space Administration is an agency in authority to study the outer space. 43. Virology is the study of viruses 44. Light year is the measure of distance within the galaxies and in between stars. It is measured according to length of light as it travels on the space. 45. The only force present in the outer space is gravity​

all the answers are True


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Not only you can get the answer of part 36 offer when, you could also find the answers of 1 In a, 23. Ann, Joy, TRUE OR FALSE, 22 Used to, and 31. This component.