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3) What is the news Ruth finds out at the

3) What is the news Ruth finds out at the doctor’s office?
A. She is pregnant.
C. She has a chronic fatigue syndrome.
B. She has a severe asthma. D. She is diabetic
4) What does Walter want to do with the insurance money?
A. Start a business
C. Move to a house
B. Buy a car
D. He has no opinion
5) What does Beneatha want to do with her life?
A. Marry a rich man
C. Become an author
B. Become a flight attendant D. Become a doctor
6) In what city do the Youngers live?
A. New York City
C. St Louis
B. Los Angeles
D. Chicago
7) Which among the themes was highlighted when the Younger family refused to accept the
money they were offered by the white?
A. dreams, hopes and plans C. dignity in the midst of suffering
B. family dynamics and love D. rebellion and stubbomness
8) What does “A Raisin in the Sun” symbolize in the play?
A. The dreams of the family C. The conflict in the characters’ decisions
B. The struggles of the characters D. The house where the family lived
9) Which event is included in the rising action of the story?
A. Lema received the insurance money.
B. The Youngers moved out from the house.
C. Conflict arose due to the characters individual dreams.
D. Walter loses the insurance money.
10) If mama had the means (opportunity), her hobby would be…
A. sewing
C. singing in the choir
D. traveling
be channel












yan po sana makatolong hehe

ano ang tagalog ng "Hrothgar is the King of the

Ask: ano ang tagalog ng “Hrothgar is the King of the Danes in southern Denmark. Through success in battle he has become rich and mighty. As a symbol of his power and prosperity he builds a magnificent mead-hall, called Heorot, in which he and his loyal warriors can feast, drink, boast, and listen to the tales of the scops, the Anglo-Saxon bards. But soon after Heorot is finished, the mirth of the men and the music of the scop anger Grendel, a monster descended from Cain. Grendel raids the hall, snatching men and eating them, then returns to his home in the marsh. He repeats his nightly raids until no one dares sleep in the hall. Heorot, once the symbol of the Scyldings’ greatness, is now a place of shame and terror. This continues for twelve years, until Beowulf, a young warrior of the Geats in southern Sweden, hears about Grendel and, determined to fight the monster, sails to Hrothgar’s lands with fifteen companions.

Hrothgar, who knew Beowulf’s father Ecgtheow, accepts Beowulf’s offer to fight Grendel and gives him a feast, though Beowulf and Unferth, a warrior loyal to Hrothgar, exchange insults. That night, the warriors sleep in Heorot, with Beowulf keeping watch. Grendel arrives and consumes one of the warriors, then reaches for Beowulf. Beowulf, famous for his powerful grip, which is as strong as the grip of thirty men, struggles with Grendel, tearing off the monster’s shoulder and arm. Grendel returns to the fens to die. His arm is hung as a trophy under the roof of Heorot.

Hrothgar gives a second feast to celebrate Beowulf’s victory. At the feast, Hrothgar generously rewards Beowulf with treasure. The scop sings again, and Beowulf is praised until nightfall. That night, Grendel’s mother comes to the hall from her home in the bottom of a lake, seeking revenge for the death of her son. She grabs Aeschere, a favorite warrior and adviser of Hrothgar’s, and consumes him, then returns home. In the morning, the warriors follow her tracks to her lake, where they see Aeschere’s head. Beowulf enters the lake, and swims for hours before reaching her cave at the bottom. He fights with Grendel’s mother, but the sword Hrunting, which Unferth lent to Beowulf in a sign of fellowship, fails for the first time. From the treasure hoard in the cave Beowulf seizes a sword forged long ago by giants and kills Grendel’s mother. He sees Grendel’s body, and removes the head, and takes it and the hilt of the giant’s sword (the blade melted on contact with the monster’s blood) back to Hrothgar.

There is another celebration in Heorot with more gifts and promises of friendship. Hrothgar says he feels like Beowulf is his son, and weeps at Beowulf’s departure. Beowulf and his men return to the land of the Geats, where his uncle the king, Hygelac, and Hygelac’s queen Hygd, greet Beowulf, accepting the treasure Beowulf gives them, and in turn rewarding Beowulf with a sword, praise, and land. Hygelac is eventually killed by the Swedes; his son Heardred, though young, takes the throne with Beowulf’s support. At Heardred’s death, Beowulf takes the throne of the Geats, and rules in great prosperity and fame for fifty years.

In Beowulf’s old age, a thief finds a passageway into an old barrow. Inside, a dragon guards a treasure trove left there long ago by the last survivor of an extinct people. The thief steals a cup, but the dragon discovers the theft and burns the land, including Beowulf’s mead-hall. Beowulf, knowing his death is near, decides to fight the dragon. Accompanied by his kinsman Wiglaf, ten warriors, and the thief, Beowulf sets out to confront the dragon. But when Beowulf and the dragon fight, all of Beowulf’s men flee except Wiglaf. With Wiglaf’s help Beowulf kills the dragon, but not before he himself is terribly wounded.
Before he dies, Beowulf tells Wiglaf to rule after him, and to build him a funeral barrow that overlooks the sea. Wiglaf chastises the men for abandoning their lord. A messenger sent to tell the Geats of Beowulf’s death also warns of hard times for the Geats, now that Beowulf is dead. The Geats build a pyre and cremate Beowulf, then construct a barrow overlooking the sea, burying the dragon’s cursed treasure with him.”


Explanation:”Si Hrothgar ang Hari ng mga Danes sa timog ng Denmark. Sa pamamagitan ng tagumpay sa labanan, siya ay naging mayaman at makapangyarihan. Bilang simbolo ng kanyang kapangyarihan at kasaganaan, siya ay nagtatayo ng isang kahanga-hangang mead-hall, na tinatawag na Heorot, kung saan siya at ang kanyang mga tapat na mandirigma Pansin, uminom, ipagmalaki, at pakinggan ang mga tale ng scops, Anglo-Saxon bards. Ngunit sa lalong madaling panahon matapos ang Heorot ay natapos, ang kagalakan ng mga tao at ang musika ng scop ng galit Grendel, isang halimaw ay nagmula mula kay Cain. ang bulwagan, kinuha ang mga lalaki at kumain sa kanila, at pagkatapos ay bumalik sa kanyang bahay sa bana. Inuulit niya ang kanyang mga gabiing pagsalakay hanggang sa walang sinuman ang makatutulog sa bulwagan. Si Heorot, minsan ang simbolo ng kalaking Scyldings, ay isang lugar ng kahihiyan at ito ay nagpapatuloy sa loob ng labindalawang taon, hanggang sa si Beowulf, isang batang mandirigma ng Geats sa timog Sweden, ay nakakarinig tungkol kay Grendel at, determinadong labanan ang halimaw, maglayag sa mga lupain ng Hrothgar na may labinlimang kasama.

Si Hrothgar, na nakakaalam ng ama ni Beowulf na Ecgtheow, ay tumatanggap ng alok ni Beowulf upang labanan si Grendel at binigyan siya ng isang kapistahan, bagama’t si Beowulf at Unferth, isang matapat na mandirigma kay Hrothgar, nagbago ng mga insulto. Nang gabing iyon, ang mga mandirigma ay nakatulog sa Heorot, kasama ang Beowulf na nagbabantay. Si Grendel ay dumating at kumakain ng isa sa mga mandirigma, at pagkatapos ay umaabot sa Beowulf. Beowulf, sikat dahil sa kanyang malakas na mahigpit na pagkakahawak, na kasing lakas ng mahigpit na pagkakahawak ng tatlumpung lalaki, nakikipagpunyagi kay Grendel, lumubog sa balikat at braso ng halimaw. Nagbalik si Grendel sa fens upang mamatay. Ang kanyang bisig ay nakabitin bilang tropeo sa ilalim ng bubong ng Heorot.

Si Hrothgar ay nagbibigay ng pangalawang kapistahan upang ipagdiwang ang tagumpay ni Beowulf. Sa kapistahan, binigyan ni Hrothgar ng gantimpala ang Beowulf ng kayamanan. Ang scoping sings muli, at Beowulf ay praised hanggang sa takipsilim. Nang gabing iyon, ang ina ni Grendel ay dumating sa bulwagan mula sa kanyang bahay sa ilalim ng isang lawa, naghahangad ng paghihiganti para sa pagkamatay ng kanyang anak. Kinuha niya ang Aeschere, isang paboritong mandirigma at tagapayo ni Hrothgar, at kumakain sa kanya, pagkatapos ay bumalik sa bahay. Sa umaga, sinundan ng mga mandirigma ang kanyang mga track sa kanyang lawa, kung saan nakikita nila ang ulo ni Aeschere. Ang Beowulf ay pumasok sa lawa, at lumalangoy nang ilang oras bago maabot ang kanyang yungib sa ibaba. Siya ay nakikipaglaban sa ina ni Grendel, ngunit ang tabak na Hrunting, na Unferth lent sa Beowulf sa isang tanda ng pagsasama, ay nabigo sa unang pagkakataon. Mula sa hoard ng kayamanan sa yungib Beowulf ay sinamsam ang isang tabak na pinanghawakan ng mga higante at pinatay ang ina ni Grendel. Nakikita niya ang katawan ni Grendel, at inaalis ang ulo, at kinuha ito at ang sibat ng higanteng tabak (ang talim na natunaw sa pakikipag-ugnay sa dugo ng halimaw) pabalik sa Hrothgar.

How did Juan achieve the comforts in life? Do you

Ask: How did Juan achieve the comforts in life? Do you think
he would still have experienced the same comforts had he
not encountered the magic tree? Explain your answer.

The story:

The Adventures of Juan
Juan was always getting into trouble. He was a lazy boy, and more than that, he did not have good sense. When he tried to do things, he made such dreadful mistakes that he might better not have tried.

His family grew very impatient with him, scolding and beating him whenever he did anything wrong. One day his mother, who was almost discouraged with him, gave him a bolo[1] and sent him to the forest, for she thought he could at least cut firewood. Juan walked leisurely along, contemplating some means of escape. At last he came to a tree that seemed easy to cut, and then he drew his long knife and prepared to work.

Now it happened that this was a magic tree and it said to Juan:

“If you do not cut me I will give you a goat that shakes silver from its whiskers.”

This pleased Juan wonderfully, both because he was curious to see the goat, and because he would not have to chop the wood. He agreed at once to spare the tree, whereupon the bark separated and a goat stepped out. Juan commanded it to shake its whiskers, and when the money began to drop he was so delighted that he took the animal and started home to show his treasure to his mother.

On the way he met a friend who was more cunning than Juan, and when he heard of the boy’s rich goat he decided to rob him. Knowing Juan’s fondness for tuba[2] he persuaded him to drink, and while he was drunk, the friend substituted another goat for the magic one. As soon as he was sober again, Juan hastened home with the goat and told his people of the wonderful tree, but when he commanded the animal to shake its whiskers, no money fell out. The family, believing it to be another of Juan’s tricks, beat and scolded the poor boy.

The went back to the tree and threatened to cut it down for lying to him, but the tree said :

“No, do not cut me down and I will give you a not which you may cast on dry ground, or even in the tree tops, and it will return full of fish.”

So Juan spared the tree and started home with his precious net, but on the way he met the same friend who again persuaded him to drink tuba. While he was drunk, the friend replaced the magic net with a common one, so that when Juan reached home and tried to show his power, he was again the subject of ridicule.

Once more Juan went to his tree, this time determined to cut it down. But the offer of a magic pot, always full of rice and spoons which provided wbatever he wished to eat with his rice, dissuaded him, and he started home happier than ever. Before reaching home, however, he met with the same fate as before, and his folks, who were becoming tired of his pranks, beat him harder than ever.

Thoroughly angered, Juan sought the tree a fourth time and was on the point of cutting it down when once more it arrested his attention. After some discussion, he consented to accept a stick to which he had only to say, “Boombye, Boomba,” and it would beat and kill anything he wished.

When he met his friend on this trip, he was asked what he had and he replied:

“Oh, it is only a stick, but if I say ‘Boombye, Boomba’ it will beat you to death.”

At the sound of the magic words the stick leaped from his hands and began beating his friend until he cried:

“Oh, stop it and I will give back everything that I stole from you.” Juan ordered the stick to stop, and then he compelled the man to lead the goat and to carry the net and the jar and spoons to his home.

There Juan commanded the goat, and it shook its whiskers until his mother and brothers had all the silver they could carry. Then they ate from the magic jar and spoons until they were filled. And this time Juan was not scolded. After they had finished Juan said:

“You have beaten me and scolded me all my life, and now you are glad to accept my good things. I am going to show you something else: “Boombye, Boomba’.” Immediately the stick leaped out and beat them all until they begged for mercy and promised that Juan should ever after be head of the house.

From that time Juan was rich and powerful, but he never went anywhere without his stick. One night, when some thieves came to his house, he would have been robbed and killed had it not been for the magic words “Boombye, Boomba,” which caused the death of all the robbers.

Some time after this he married a beautiful princess, and because of the kindness of the magic tree they always lived happily.[3]




maaried a beautiful princess and because of the kindness of the magic tree they always lived happily

subject: PHILOSOPHYTrue or False11. One importance of studying fallacies is

Ask: subject: PHILOSOPHY
True or False
11. One importance of studying fallacies is we avoid being deceived or fooled.
12. Inductive reasoning ends in a conclusion that is logical and necessary.
13. Opinions become facts when they are verified by acceptable methods and they are accepted
or agreed upon by a group of professionals / experts.
14. The answers offered by philosophy are not always final and absolute.
15. Many different methods of philosophy include linguistic analysis and logic.​


11. false






I already know because I’ve been this before

(hope it helps!!)

26. The following proves that humans have the capacity and

Ask: 26. The following proves that humans have the capacity and ability to transcend despite the endless limitations that we have, EXCEPT one. *

a. It seems impossible to get rid of the corona virus because it is still invisible to everybody’s eyes and we can get infected by it anytime, anywhere.
b. It seems impossible for us humans to live on Mars, but NASA is continuously developing scientific expertise needed in order to equip humans to counter asteroids by the year 2025 and preparing space explorations bound for Mars by the year 2030.
c. It seems impossible to create our own sun because we are not simply the Creator (God). However, Chinese scientists have managed to create an artificial sun that could eventually be used as an inexhaustible source of power solving the world energy crisis.
d. It seems impossible to fly for we are not birds who have wings, but through intellect and will, the Wright Brothers were able to create the wright flyer of 1903 which was the first powered airplane to demonstrate sustainable flight under the full control of the pilot.

27. Which of the following situations supports this statement by Kaplan: “Hesitation marks the opening of possibility, attention marks the fixing of possibility, and choice marks the closing of possibility.” *

a. Anna Mae has given the opportunity to become an events host, for they were able to see the potential on her to be one someday. However, she doubted her skills and experiences for it’s her first time to become a host in a prestigious event. Because of it, she decided to decline the offer and wait for the perfect time that she will be ready.
b. Louie was appointed to become the project head of their company and he will be sent abroad. He became hesitant about it for he will be far away from his family, but then he realized that this has been his dream position ever since. So, he accepted the offer and believe in his self that he can do it.
c. Both A and B
d. None of the above

28. Floods, landslides, and wildfires are just of the many natural disasters that happens every year and in every part of the globe. However, as time passes by, these natural disasters became worse and caused detrimental effects to humans than ever before. With that, is there something we can do in order to prevent this? *

a. Yes. We can always pray to God and ask to stop these natural disasters to occur
b. No. Because as human beings, we don’t have any special powers to prevent something huge like natural disasters.
c. Yes. By eliminating human induced activities such as deforestation, illegal mining and quarrying, improper waste disposal and a lot more.
d. No. From the word itself, natural, so everything that happened inside our planet occurs naturally and we can’t really do something about it as humans.

29. Three years ago, on the same month of September, two massive landslides have occurred and devasted the town of Itogon in Benguet and the city of Naga in Cebu, which have claimed many lives and damage to properties. Both were triggered by their mountainsides getting soaked with water, however it was also aggravated by small-scale mining and a quarry near the landslide sites. With that, what is the best conclusion you can make from this phenomena? *

a. Landslides are naturally occurring disasters that are usually triggered by rainfalls brought by typhoons and monsoons. Since it happens naturally, we can’t really do something about it, but maybe evacuate, as soon as possible knowing that it is a landslide prone area.
b. There is mining and a quarry but it is not the sole reason why the landslides happen because during that time, the town of Itogon was affected by Typhoon Ompong(Mangkhut) and continuous rain in Naga City, Cebu brought by habagat or the southwest monsoon
c. Knowing that there is a small-scale mining and a quarry nearby, residents shouldn’t live there in the first place. People should settle and reside somewhere that are safer and not in a landslide prone area.
d. Landslides happen almost every year in the country, especially when there is heavy and continuous rainfall due to typhoon or monsoons. However, because of human induced activities such as mining and quarry operations, the aftermath worsen and it became more life threatening to the people residing in the area.

✍️ Answer ✍️

26. D

27. B

28. A

29. C

Stay safe

19. What does Walter want to do with the insurance

Ask: 19. What does Walter want to do with the insurance money?
A. Start a business
C. Move to a house
B. Buy a car
D. He has no opinion
20. What does Beneatha want to do with her life?
A. Marry a rich man
C. Become an author
B. Become a flight attendant
D. Become a doctor
21 In what city do the Youngers live?
A New York City
C. St. Louis
B. Los Angeles
D. Chicago
22. Which among the themes was highlighted when the Younger family refused to accept the
money they were offered by the white?
A. dreams, hopes and plans C. dignity in the midst of suffering
B. family dynamics and love D. rebellion and stubborness
23. What does “A Raisin in the Sun” symbolize in the play?
A. The dreams of the family C. The conflict in the characters’ decisions
B. The struggles of the characters D. The house where the family lived
24. Which event is included in the rising action of the story?
A Lena received the insurance money.
B. The Youngers moved out from the house.
C. Conflict arose due to the characters’ individual dreams.
D. Walter loses the insurance money.
25.If mama had the means (opportunity), her hobby would be…
A. sewing
C. singing in the choir
B. gardening D. traveling​


19. A

20. B

21. B

22. D

23. B

24. C

25. D


1. What is NOT true about harassment? It________a. is unlawfulb.

Ask: 1. What is NOT true about harassment? It________

a. is unlawful
b. may also victimized men
c. is only experienced by women
d. is offensive to the person who receives it

2. Which statement is TRUE about Family?

a. It is only composed by a mother, father, and a child.
b. It is only a family if the child has a biological parent.
c. Members of family give love and support to one another.
d. Members of the family agrees to one another all the time.

3. Which states FACT about Personal Relationship?

a. It lingers to two people only.
b. It is just a feeling and agreement between people.
c. Not all people will experience to have personal relationship.
d. People in a relationship shared their experiences and feelings that certainly make the relationship grow.

4. Which statement can define communicated love?

a. one that is expressed verbally
b. love that is expressed through bodily gestures
c. love that is known by the person who feels it
d. well-expressed and understood by the parties involved

5. What item shows acceptable way of expressing admiration?

a. leering
b. stalking
c. groping
d. serenading

6. Which item shows unacceptable way of expressing attraction to someone?

a. serenading
b. wolf-whistling
c. offering flowers
d. sending love letters

7. What is likely to happen when two people shared mutual love? Their relationship will____________.

a. grow in numbers alone
b. be pleasing for everybody
c. grow and become stronger
d. be broken and they will get separated

8. What statement BEST define RA 7877? This law recognizes that sexual harassment occurs in

a. private places only

b. places the victim is not familiar

c. any place as long as it is a public place d. work, education, and training environments.

9. What statement BEST define Safe Space Act? The law that recognizes that sexual harassment can be committed between

a. peers or by a subordinate to a superior

b. the couples who do not have agreement

c. any individual who do not have agreement

d. individuals without permission or agreement

10. In terms of personal relationship what statement BEST define partnerships? It is___________.

a. business agreement between individuals

b. one type of relationship that occurs after marriage

c. a kind of relationships sharing mutual love and respect

d. a kind of relationships that will last for a certain period of time​























Directions: FACT or BLUFF. Tell whether the statement is fact

Ask: Directions: FACT or BLUFF. Tell whether the statement is fact or bluff. Write FACT if
the statement is correct and BLUFF if it is not. (KATOTOHANAN O KABULASTUGAN. Isulat ang Fact
ang pangungusap ay may katotohanan at BLUFF kung wala o kabulastugan lamang.)
1. Desserts that contain egg and dairy products present a potential health hazard if
not stored property
2. Proper storage means cooled desserts must be covered with plastic or placed in
lidded containers before storing in the cool room,
3. The purpose of storing dessert is to enhance its freshness and quality.
4. Desserts have a long storage life even if you don’t put them in the refrigerator.
5. If you plan to keep a pre-prepared dessert hot until service, make sure that the
temperature of the food is over 65°C.
6. You can still recover spilled ingredients and put them on the container of dessert
as long as it is not yet less than minutes.
7. When frozen desserts are exposed to temperatures above 10°F, they become
subject to adverse changes in body, texture and flavor characteristics.
8. You can handle dessert for storage even if you have cough and colds as long as
you have gloves and mask.
9. Store ice cream in the main part of the freezer.
10. Store cake anywhere after baking.
11. Dessert without lid is acceptable as long as it is not joined with cooked food or
raw food in the refrigerator.
12. FIFO principle means, First In, First Offer
13. If milk and cream are used in desserts like trifle and custards, they must not be
left to stand at room temperature for any length of time.
14. To thaw frozen mixes, place them in hot water, sunlight or at heat lamps
15. Most frozen dessert mixes are not sterile, but generally have a low bacteria count
when fresh​


EWAN kung tama yan, basta yan sagot ko.

I always believe that our diginity is not based on

Ask: I always believe that our diginity is not based on the kind of work that we do. Regardless of the nature of our job, as long as it is legal and morally acceptable there will always be dignity in working.

I can make my work extraordinary by putting my heart into it and by offering it for the greater glory of God.

Even if I’m just an ordinary worker, a janitor or a garbage collector, if I put my heart into my work, I will surely find a sense of peace and fulfillment.

And when my job becomes challenging and complicated, It will be of great help if I dedicate it for God. Imagine washing the dishes and thinking of doing it or God, will you still find a reason to complain?

Our job, no matter how ordinary it may seem, if we learn to love it and offer it to God, it becomes extraordinary.


So true!


If we do our job thinking about God, He’ll make it fruitful and we’ll be blessed by Him. In that way, we can get closer to Him. Our love for Him will be deepen and of course, we will ve contented for what we are doing.

3. What building alliances across differences so that we can

Ask: 3. What building alliances across differences so that we can work together to
eradicate all forms of discrimination is a term associate?
A Acceptance B. Diversity
C. Tolerance D. Uniqueness
4. When someone offers or tells you something and you agree, that means you have
the characteristic of being what?
A. Extravert
B. Neurotic
C. Agreeable D. Conscientious
5. You are called as what when you like things that should be organized?
A. Conscientious B. Openness C. Neurotic
D. Agreeable
6. Possessing this may differ depending on how people treat you and with the
situation you are in to what?
A. Personality B. Attitude
C. Passion
D. Habits
7. It becomes our outlet and improves our mental state such as collecting
memorabilia and art craft. This will fall under what aspect?
A. Attitude
B. Personality
C. Taste
D. Hobbies
8. How can goals become achievable?
A. If there is clear systems that are being followed.
B. If there is vague steps and procedures.
C. If somebody understands you.
D. If you already know yourself.

yung 1-10 po sana assessment po sa personal development module 2​


3. A

4. Search the meaning of each word you’ll find the answer.

5.Search the meaning of each word you’ll find the answer.




Not only you can get the answer of offer when accepted becomes, you could also find the answers of 1. What is, I always believe, 3) What is, 3. What building, and How did Juan.