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write a critique about the selection"the training of a knight"​

Ask: write a critique about the selection”the training of a knight”​

An individual can become a knight in the 21st century without the appointment and training to be officially recognised and certified as being a knight.

There is far too much emphasis in being recognised by appointment as being deserved and worthy of becoming a knight to elevate a persons status and position in life.

When many people train throughout their lives and are never recognised and appointed as being deserving and worthy of that honourable title.

First you need to consider what criteria you will use to select people for the training e.g. Will you take physique into account, and if so why? Do your knight recruits need to be able to use a range of weaponry well, or will your criteria just focus on being effective with one, e.g. good sword skills, mace skills etc. Do you expect your prospective knights to have particular characteristics e.g. are they going to be soulless killers.

what is the meaning of knight

Ask: what is the meaning of knight

a brave man who saves someone from a dangerous situation..

what is the knight's answer to the question the queen

Ask: what is the knight’s answer to the question the queen posed? how does the knight discover the answer?


When the two appear at court, the young knight provides the answer to the riddle: Women want power over their husbands. The queen acknowledges that this is the correct answer. Staying true to his promise, the young knight does what is next asked of him by the old woman: he marries her.


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The story "The training of a knight" describes the chivalry

Ask: The story “The training of a knight” describes the chivalry of a page,esquire and a knight .As a youth of today,what relevant experience can you relate to chivalry? What qualities of a page, esquire and a knight that are essential to the youth?​


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what are the characteristics of knights of the altar

Ask: what are the characteristics of knights of the altar


     Medieval Knighthood, in the service of manor lords, calls forth such ideals as honor, loyalty, justice, chivalry, and respect for all. In the use of the term knight, the Altar Server is reminded of his duty to serve the Lord of lords with fidelity and honor, to treat others with respect and justice, and to live an upright personal life, defending always the rights of God and His Holy Church. In the names page and squire, the server is reminded again of the years of practice and study that went into the training of a knight and should consider with what devotion and perseverance he should attend to his own training in the service of the Altar. The chevalier was a traveling knight, which should remind the server that he should be ever traveling toward his heavenly goal.


What is the movie all about the The Dark Knight

Ask: What is the movie all about the The Dark Knight (Christopher Nolan, USA, 2008)​


A gang of criminals robs a Gotham City mob bank, murdering each other for a higher share until only the Joker remains; he escapes with the money. Batman, District Attorney Harvey Dent and Lieutenant Jim Gordon form an alliance to rid Gotham of organized crime.



It’s A Batman Movie

The Antagonist there is the Joker


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Understanding the Text 1. Why is Arthur’s knight sentenced to

Ask: Understanding the Text
1. Why is Arthur’s knight sentenced to death?
2. What is the condition for the knight to live?
3. What are the various answers given to the knight during his quest?
4. What answer does the old hag give the knight on condition that he marries her if it’s right?
5. At the end of the story, what two choices does the old hag offer to the knight? 6. What does the knight choose?


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What is a knight to you?How do you see a

Ask: What is a knight to you?How do you see a knight? (3 sentences)​/ with affix and compounds


A knight is a person granted an honorary title of knighthood by a head of state or representative for service to the monarch, the church or the country, especially in a military capacity. Knighthood finds origins in the Greek hippeis and hoplite and Roman eques and centurion of classical antiquity.


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knight sentence: Ex

After he saved her life, Alex was her knight and shinning armor.


The knight showedreverenceto the king by Bowing before him.

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things about knights​

Ask: things about knights​


protect there princess



They wear fancy shiny armors and cary swors and shield and ride horses

4. What military rank would a knight have today? Point

Ask: 4. What military rank would a knight have today? Point out the admirable qualities of the


Today, a number of orders of knighthood continue to exist in Christian Churches, as well as in several historically Christian countries and their former territories, such as the Roman Catholic Order of the Holy Sepulchre, the Protestant Order of Saint John, as well as the English Order of the Garter, the Swedish Royal Order of the Seraphim, and the Order of St. Olav. Each of these orders has its own criteria for eligibility, but knighthood is generally granted by a head of state, monarch, or prelate to selected persons to recognise some meritorious achievement, as in the British honours system, often for service to the Church or country.


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