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There was once a very wealthy and corious king. He

Ask: There was once a very wealthy and corious king. He place a huge boulder in the middle of the road and hid nearby to see if anyone would move it away from the road.
The first people who passed by were the wealthiest merchants and courtiers. Rather than moving the boulder, they walked around it and even blamed the king for not maintaning the roads.
Then, a peasant came along. He was carrying a load of vegetable. When he got near the boulder, he put down his load and moved the stone to the side of the road. It was just a piece of cake moving it and he succeeded without complaining.
He gathered up his load and when he was set to continue walking, he saw a purse lying on the ground where the boulder was once in place. he opened it and saw the king’s note saying. “Reward for moving the boulder from the road”.
7. What does a piece of cake as used in the selection?
a. easy
b. sweet
c. efforful
d. complicated
8. What can we learn from the king’s action ?
a. we cab be successful
b. a small help from others would mean a lot .
c. we need to be rich to achieve great things in life.
d. every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve our situation
9. we can say that the people who. passed by the boulder
a. helped the king in maintaning the roads.
b. complained instead of doing something.
c. did not notice the stobne and walked around it.
d. moved the boulder as a team
10. the selection is an example of a
a. journal
b. literary text
c. academic write up
d. scientific analysis ​


1. A

2. B

3. B

4. B

5. B



Here I amAlone and I don't understandExactly how it all

Ask: Here I am
Alone and I don’t understand
Exactly how it all began
The dream just walked away
I’m holding on
When all but the passion’s gone
And from the start
Maybe I was tryin’ to hard
It’s crazy coz it’s breakin’ my heart
Things can fall apart but I know
That I don’t want you to go
And heroes die
When they ignore the cause inside
But they learn from what’s left behind
And fight for something else
And so it goes
That we have both learned how to grow
Write TRUE if you agree with the statement and FALSE if you disagree.
1. The speaker expresses the pain of letting go.
2. The speaker has let go of the relationship.
3. The speaker is aware of how things will go in the end.
4. The speaker and the beloved have grown by letting go.
5. The speaker is ready to love again.​

1. true
2 true
3 false
5 false

Learning Task 2:What am I? Identify the words being described.

Ask: Learning Task 2:
What am I? Identify the words being described. I will you 3 minutes to do the activity.
1. I have potentials in increasing the fertility of your soil. I may come from biodegradable
materials and synthetic materials. What am I?
2. Plants need me most especially during dry season. Without me, plants cannot survive.
What am I?
3. You would rather take off your jacket when I’m around. Too much of my presence and
absence will affect the growth of plants? What am I?
4. You cannot walk away from me, for I will give minerals and nutrients necessary for the
growth of your plants. What am I?
When plants are young, they are so much affected by the mood I have. Sometimes, I am cold,
and sometimes hot, but once plants had reached its maturity, they can withstand with me. What
am I?​


1. Soil fertility

2. water

3. sunlight

4. soil

5. air


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a short distance away b. started badly forgive and forget

Ask: a short distance away b. started badly forgive and forget h. treat like royalty pressed tightly together people were gossiping K tried to get one’s opinion d. easy and comfortable e. unknowing 1. 9 1. Before Ms. Cruz signed the contract, she sounded her lawyer put to avoid any unnecessary risk e 2. Grace is in the dark about our plans to throw a surprise birthday party for her. 3 3. Tongues were wagging when the rich widow started going out with much younger men. 4. When the president visited the province, the government officials rolled out the red carpet. 5. Who says life abroad is bed of roses? 6. The newly built mall is just a stone’s throw away from our house. It is just a five-minute walk, 7. There were two people sandwiched in the back of the car. 8. There is no point in being bitter with your classmate. Learn to bury the hatchet. 9. My sister lost her cool when she discovered that I had spilled chocolate drink on her favorite shirt 10. Bert told John that they had started out on the wrong foot, but they became best friends in the end​


  1. K.tried to get one’s opinion
  2. E.unknowing
  3. J.people were gossiping
  4. H.treat like royalty
  5. D.easy and comfortable
  6. A.a short distance away
  7. I.presses tightly together
  8. G.forgive and forget
  9. C.got angry
  10. B.started badly


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What's In.LEARNING TASK 1. Check YES if the action below

Ask: What’s In.
LEARNING TASK 1. Check YES if the action below in each number is done by a real
friend and NO if not.
Do you know how to be a good friend?
1. Knowing your friend’s name.
2. Saying “Hi” to your friends when you see them.
3. Looking away when talking to your friend.
4. Listen to all your friend has to say before you start talking.
Make eye contact with friends while talking.
6. Walking away when a friend asks you a question.
7. Only talk about yourself.
8. Ask your friends questions about themselves.
9. Pay attention when your friend is talking.
10. Say mean things when a friend commit mistake.​


1. Yes

2. Yes

3. No

4. Yes

5. Yes

6. No

7. No

8. Yes

9. Yes

10. Yes


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once it has started. When you sneeze, your body is

Ask: once it has started. When you sneeze, your body is trying to get rid of bad things in your nose, such as bacteria. You have extra germs when you have a cold, so you sneeze a lot more. You might also sneeze when you smell pepper! Inside your nose, there are hundreds of tiny hairs. These hairs filter the air you breathe. Sometimes dust and pollen find their way through these hairs and bother your nasal passages. The nerves in the lining of your nose tell your brain that something is invading your body. Your brain, lungs, nose, mouth, and the muscles of your upper body work together to blow away the invaders with a sneeze. When you sneeze, germs from your nose get blown into the air. Using a tissue or “sneezing into your sleeve” captures most of these germs. It is very important to wash your hands after you sneeze into them, especially during cold and flu season. Do you ever sneeze when you walk into bright sunlight? About 25% of people experience this phenomenon. Scientists believe that the brain gets confused when signals from the optic nerve trigger the sneezing reflex in direct sunlight. This usually runs in families. If someone nearby sneezes, remember to tell them “Gesundheit!” That is a funny looking word which is pronounced “gezz -oont-hite.” It is the German word that wishes someone good health after sneezing. Learning Task 1: Note details by answering the questions below. Write our answers in your notebook. 1. Which parts of your body work together when you sneeze? 2. What does the German word gesundheit mean? b. I wish you God’s blessings. d. I wish you would stop sneezing. 3. Why do some people sneeze when they walk into bright sunlight? a. I wish you good health. c. I wish you a good day.​



Sneezing is your body’s way of getting rid of unwelcome particles from your nasal passages — just like a cough is your body’s way of getting rid of unwelcome particles from your throat and lungs. It’s estimated that a sneeze expels about 100,000 germs.

III. ENGAGEMENT Learning Task 1: Directions: Write TRUE if the

Ask: III. ENGAGEMENT Learning Task 1: Directions: Write TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE if otherwise. 1. Wear protective clothing when you expose to sunlight. 2. Sun exposure at twelve noon improves and heals some skin disorder 3. Expose right away to the sun after applying the sun screen lotion to your skin 4. Sun exposure improves the brain function 5. The morning heat of the sun helps make our bones healthy. 6. Sunlight is essential not only to life, but for the mood as well. 7. Sun rays have beneficial effect to living things. 8. In order to counter the harmful effects of the sun, always apply the precautionary measures. 9. Walking under the heat of the sun any time of the day will results to beautiful skin. 10. One way to protect your skin from the heat of the sun is by using sunscreen before you expose to it.​


  1. ?
  2. true
  3. true
  4. false
  5. true
  6. true
  7. true
  8. false
  9. false
  10. true

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I. Read and analyze the following sentences. Underline each adjective

Ask: I. Read and analyze the following sentences. Underline each adjective once and the word it modifies twice. . My was courageous when he picked up the skunk. 1. Employment seems scarce everywhere today. 2. A jobseeker should not be too proud to try a humble job. 3. It may be a long, lonely road, but he should walk it bravely. 4. After he had tried it a few times, he will learn right. 5. This optimistic attitude starts early a challenging career. 6. To pursue a career, one must earnestly and carefully make a systematic plan. 7. An unwavering determination is considerably important. 8. Challenges are varied and many as they come unexpectedly. 9. Sometimes, your spirit may bow frustratingly, and then you will rise more bravely. 10. Success is not far away to one who strives patiently. ench sentence.​


is the music?


no need to explain

Remember:In order to maintain a healthy body, one must have

Ask: Remember:
In order to maintain a healthy body, one must have adequate nutrition, have enough rest and exercise,
avoid alcoholic drinks, stay away from illegal drugs, refrain from smoking and stay away from a smoker,
observe proper hygiene and maintain environmental sanitation, learn to manage stress and consult the
doctor when not feeling well.
Enrichment Card
Activity 1: Telling What Will Happen Next
Direction: Analyze each situation and write down what will happen next.
1. You are walking along the pathway when you heard someone calling your name. What will you do?
2. Jim is wiping a table when he felt something painful in his finger. How will Jim react?
Activity 2​


1.go and see what happen


A Visit to the ParkOne Saturday morning, Riz and Joy

Ask: A Visit to the Park

One Saturday morning, Riz and Joy went to the park near their village. Upon arriving at

the entrance, they saw a big signage on top of the gate that read “Enchanted Park.” The two

girls became very excited after seeing this. Hurriedly, they got in and started to explore. While

they were walking, they noticed some signages posted around about the park rules. On the

left side of the park where there were flowers blooming in different colors was a signage with

this reminder: “No Picking of Flowers.” A few steps away were more signages that read “Do

Not Step on the Grass” and “Do not Litter.”

The girls continued on their walk while enjoying the scenery. Finally, they arrived at the

playground in the center of the park. There, they saw some more reminders to be observed in

the park such as: “Pets are Not Allowed” and “Avoid Pushing while Playing.”

The girls enjoyed their stay on the park the whole day. They learned that obeying rules

are important for their safety and for maintaining order of public places.

In our story “A Visit to the Park” you learned some of the Park Rules which Riz and Joy observed and followed while visiting the park. Now, as a student you are familiar with some of the school rules. List down at least 5 rules that you should observe and follow when you are in your school campus.



Classroom rules:

-Ask questions.

-Respect and listen to your classmates.

-Respect and listen to the teacher.

-Raise your hand to speak.

-Be prepared for class.

Not only you can get the answer of learn when to walk away, you could also find the answers of Here I amAlone, What's In.LEARNING TASK, There was once, A Visit to, and Remember:In order to.