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If you are looking for the answer of is when someone leaves a country, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 6 FAQ regarding is when someone leaves a country. Read it below.

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A. Read each paragraph below. Then underline the sentence that

Ask: A. Read each paragraph below. Then underline the sentence that contains a modal; next is uncircle the modal used. Also, determine the function of the modal in your chosen sentence by writing it on the line.

1. While you might be used to a handshake, it’s not always the best way to greet someone in Asia. In Thailand the main way to greet someone is the ‘wai’. You bring your hands together in a prayer gesture and give us like bow or nod of the head while saying hello or goodbye. You should also acknowledge the oldest people in the room when you arrive and leave, as this is a great sign of respect. _______________________________________________

2. In many Asin cultures, the head is considered the most sacred part of the body. You must not touch anyone on the head — even children or Buddha statues. On the other end, feet are considered the dirties part of the body as they touch the ground and are furthes from the head. Never point the soles of your feet at anyone or anything sacred… It will look like you’re giving them the finger! If you’re sitting down in a temple, restaurant or home, remember to keep your feet politely tucked beneath you. _____________________________________________

3. While more touristy restaurants and hotels will include gratuity on the bill, leaving a cash tip is not really expected in many Asian countries. In fact, in China and Japan, tipping is actually considered as offensive and refused. In most Sountheast Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam, tips are not customary, but you may always leave one and it is always appreciated. ________________________________________________________

4. If you want to give someone a gift in Asia, remember to check up on the etiquette and traditions before you do! In China, people will always refuse your gift a few times before accepting, and you must not give someone a clock. ___________________________________________________

5. In Singapore never wrap your gift in blue, black or white colors as this similar to funerals customs. When in Thailand, try to wrap your gift in yellow or gold colors, while in Indonesia, red and gold are the lucky colors. You have to be aware that your host probably won’t open the gift until after you leave out of politeness. ______________________________________________________





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Task 4 Read and Enjoy The Parable of the Rainbow

Ask: Task 4 Read and Enjoy

The Parable of the Rainbow Colors
Juan M. Flavier

It all started as innocent statements by each of the colors. No attempt was made by anyone to denigrate the others. There was even an element of restraint and humility.
But as time went on, the colors declarations became stronger and haughty with an overtone which tended to out down the other colors. Their claim became very explicit as to who was the best color.
It reached the point when the colors were actually quarrelling.
Said the color RED, “I am the brightest! for red is the most striking. Why? Life-sustaining blood is colored red. I represent courage and bravery. Even love symbols like the heart and the roses presented are red in color.”

The color YELLOW retorted, “What can be brighter than my yellow exemplified by the sun? I am the color of gaiety and of warmth. Without me, only the eye-glaring ones remains.”

What an outlandish claim! Interposed the color ORANGE. “Sunrise is orange, not
yellow. I am more important because I represent health and strength. Look at the ripened fruits and vegetables, they are predominantly orange.”

Well, if you are talking about vegetables and leaves, you are referring to my color, declared the color GREEN. “I am the symbol of life. All that thrives in the fields and the forests is the greenery I provide. I am the most important color.”

The color BLUE could not help it anymore so it shouted, “What can be more expansive than the skies and the seas? Do you forget that the farthest skies and the deepest seas are blue? I represent patriotism. I stand for the depth of feelings and extensive spaces.”

The color INDIGO came out with a statement, “You talk about wide areas. I hope you realized the largest area in the world is silence and I represent that dimension with my color. It means thoughtfulness. It is prayer expressed in the deepest of feelings.”

“Aha! You forget the pomp of royalty and power is VIOLET, shouted the color. I am wisdom and authority. What can be more overwhelming?”

Suddenly, the rain interrupted the contentious exchange of arguments. “Yes, you all have your unique features. But all of you have a special role. And more importantly, you need each other to give the mix of colors for beauty. Because of your quarrelling. . . God has asked me to inform you of a decision. From now on, you will not be seen separately. When it rains, a strip of colors will appear in the sky. You will all appear together. You will be called a rainbow. You will then represent cooperation and hope. The rainbow in the sky.”
With that, the rain disappeared.

Task 5 Analyze the situations based on the “Parable of Rainbow Colors” written by Juan M. Flavier. Choose which color of the rainbow shows the following scenario in our lives.

1. The Frontliners are doing their bests to save lives.
2. A soldier is dying in a battle because of love for country.
3. A journalist has the power to change someone’s way of thinking.
4. The farmers are very happy because of the good harvest this year.
5. There are volunteers who planted plants and trees to save our forests.
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1. RED





Learning Task #2:Directions. Read the following statements Choose whether it

Ask: Learning Task #2:
Directions. Read the following statements Choose whether it is a Belief or Conviction in the space
below each statement, write a sentence explaining your reasoning
1. Do not leave the table unless the last person is done eating.
2. A country has a right to use all of its citizens, regardless of age, as soldiers.
3. When you bite your tongue, someone is thinking of you.
4. Guns give people power.
5. I think all people are capable of evil.​







6. When his visa expired, he was deported. a. forced

Ask: 6. When his visa expired, he was deported.
a. forced to leave a country
b. invited to remain in the country
c. required to hand-deliver proof of citizenship
7. The king prepared a missive.
a. letter or written message to be sent to someone
b. a manuscript for a play
c. a public announcement to the people
8. The stranger at the door showed us his credentials.
a. packages and letters addressed to him by mistake
b. proof that we could believe he was who he said he was
c. sales materials and samples
9. The doctor performed a biopsy on the patient’s liver.
a. removal and examination of living tissue for diagnosis
b. transplanting an organ from one person to another
c. experimental procedure that has not been tried before
10. The citizens despised the king.
a. believed and trusted completely
b. looked upon with extreme dislike







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Activity 2 Directions: Match the conditions in Column A with

Ask: Activity 2 Directions: Match the conditions in Column A with their corresponding results in Column B to form complete and logical sentences. Write the letter of your answer before each number.

Column A
1. If you don’t wear your ID,
2. If you approach her,
3. If you listen to the teacher,
4. If you invest in education,
5. If you allow him, premises.
6. When Japanese enter the house,
7. If we plant trees,
8. If someone is talking, wholeheartedly.
9. If the sun rises in east,
10. If we truly love our country. outside.

Column B
a. Allan can help you.
b. you will have a bright future.
c. it sets in west.
d. you cannot enter the school
e. you will understand the lesson.
f. we sing the National Anthem
g. she may talk to you.
h. they usually leave their shoes i. listen and wait for your turn.
j. floods can be avoided.​


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Context: Noli Me Tangere No Nonsense/Blank Nonsense/Blank = Report (Ginawang

Ask: Context: Noli Me Tangere
No Nonsense/Blank
Nonsense/Blank = Report
(Ginawang English Kasi Ayaw Magsend Ng Original Question)

Task 2:
INSTRUCTIONS: Determine who each statement in column A describes. Choose the correct answer from column B. Write only the letter of the correct answer.
____1. He is the accused heretic and subversive A. boy
____2. He was hit by the cane which caused him to be B. Crisostomo Ibarra
faint. C. Don Rafael Ibarra
____3. He was the man who fell and hit his head on a rock. D. tax collector
____4. He told Ibarra what happened to his father. E. Maria Clara
____5. He witnessed the slow advance of the baying his F. Lieutenant Guevarra

Task 3:
Instructions: In the sentences below, define the words written in bold according to their use in the sentence. Write the letter of the correct answer in the blank.
____ 1. The young woman was upset when she found out that her boyfriend was leaving her to study abroad.
a. nagdamdam b. accompany the departure
____ 2. A young woman wants to go to Europe with her boyfriend.
a. nagdamdam b. go along with the departure
____ 3. The young man immediately looked for the place where his father’s body had been laid.
a. part of the mouth b. body of the deceased
____ 4. The young man’s lips trembled when he learned that his father had died.
a. part of the mouth b. body of the deceased
____ 5. The family happily waited for dawn to come.
a. hope b. morning
____ 6. In every problem always think that there will be a dawn.
a. hope b. morning
____ 7. One of the misconceptions of Filipinos is that they believe that their fortune can be obtained through emigration.
a. part of the hand b. luck or luck
____ 8. Many Filipinos go abroad because it can be seen on the palm of their hand.
a. part of the hand b. luck or luck
____ 9. A bright future awaits someone who is working hard in life.
a. future b. next day
____ 10. The next day the father got up early to work.
a. future b. next day
Instructions: Examine what emotion is meant in the following staff statement. Write the letter of the correct answer in the blank.
__ 1. “I think the doctor’s advice to take a vacation in the province first is correct. You are pale and you need fresh air. ” Captain Tiago is….
a. worried b. afraid c. glad d. wondering
__ 2. “I swear I will love you… make you happy… and this time I repeat that curse to you.” Crisostomo Ibarra is….
a. loves b. begging c. sad d. afraid
__ 3. “You must think about your role and future. You must discover the wisdom of life that your own country cannot give you so that it can benefit you one day. ” Don Rafael Ibarra is….
a. angry b. preaching c. contributing d. starring
__ 4. “I have never traveled like you. I reached nothing but Manila and Antipolo and your town. But since I said goodbye to you before entering the convent I have always remembered you and I have not forgotten you even though my confessor ordered me to forget you. ” Maria Clara is…
a. worried b. angry c. sad d. nanunumbat
INSTRUCTIONS: Check (/) the box if the statement is true based on the content of the article and cross (x) if it is not.
1. Captain Tiago was very upset when he learned that Padre Damaso would talk to him.
________ 2. Captain Tiago’s son is set to marry Crisostomo Ibarra, a wealthy young man who had studied in Europe.
________ 3. One of the abuses committed by the friars against the Filipinos was the imposition of high taxes.
________ 4. Don Rafael Ibarra is one of the most recognized people








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Not only you can get the answer of is when someone leaves a country, you could also find the answers of Learning Task #2:Directions., 6. When his, A. Read each, Task 4 Read, and Context: Noli Me.