Is When Breath Becomes Air Sad

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B. Read the following article and answer the questions that

Ask: B. Read the following article and answer the questions that follow. Encircle the letter of the correct answer if there are choices.

Why does a cow chewing when she isn’t eating?

A cow has a special stomach with four parts. When she eats grass, she chews it just enough to make it wet. Then it goes into the first part of her stomach, where it becomes softer. From there it goes into the second part, where it is made into little balls called “cuds”. Later, while the cow is resting, she brings up each cud one at a time and chews it well. When she swallows it, the food goes into the third part of her stomach. There the water is squeezed out of it. Finally, the food goes to the fourth part of the cow’s stomach and is broken down into very tiny pieces. Then the cow’s body can take what it needs from the food to live and grow.

1. How many parts does a cow’s stomach have? _____________________

2. What happens to the grass when it goes to the first part?
a. The grass becomes harder.
b. The grass becomes softer
c. The grass goes to the intestine.

3. What do we call the tiny balls formed in the second part? ______________

4. What happens when the cow is resting?
a. She falls to sleep for a while.
b. She stops chewing the grass.
c. She brings up each cud one at a time and chews it well.

5. In what part is the water squeezed out?
a. first b. second c. third
C. Read each passage carefully. Then choose the letter of the correct gestures which is conveyed in each passage.

6. An old man was having trouble carrying a very heavy sack of rice. Rico approached him and carried the sack for him. The old man felt ____________________.
A. relieved B. lonely C. embarrassed

7. “Of all the girls in this town, there’s no one as smart and as pretty as Mely. She is the darling of my heart and I want to share my life with her.” The speaker is expressing his _______________.
A. anger B. jealousy C. love

8. “I’m so sorry for being late. It’s my fault. I had to attend to a family matter and couldn’t leave right away. Please forgive me.” The character feels _________________.
A. depressed B. regretful C. frustrated

9. “I could hardly wait. What time is it? Aren’t we there yet? Dad, can you drive a little faster?” The speaker is _________________.
A. nervous B. impatient C. angry

10. Josie stared out the window for a long time. There were tears in her eyes. Then, she went to the telephone and tried to call her friend but there was no answer. Josie sank onto her bed, hugged her pillow, and cried herself to sleep. Josie is ________________.
A. sad B. terrified C. disappointed

D. Read the paragraph. Arrange the details in order. Write only the letter.

A. Dr. Anne Huttle has no interest in baseball and cooking.
B. Her friend says that she’s very funny and knows just about everything.
C. She has shown that smells are as good as fingerprints in solving crimes.
D. Dr. Anne Huttle is a famous scientist.
E. She works in a laboratory and makes perfumes at daytime.

1. _______________ 4. _______________
2. _______________ 5. _______________
3. _______________

E. Determine the author’s purpose in writing the selection. Write only the letter of the correct answer.
1. June 12 is a regular holiday in the Philippines. It is a day when our country became independent, free from Spanish rule.
A. to convince B. to inform C. to instruct

2. Nature is all around us. It is in the fresh air we breathe, in the garden grass under our feet, and the blue sky above.
A. to explain what nature is
B. to convince us to love nature
C. to teach us to love nature
3.”Heavy traffic!”, Anywhere in Metro Manila from the main national roads to one-way streets, heavy traffic is a problem. It is because of the undisciplined drivers and commuters, negligent traffic aides, and traffic lights that are constantly out of order.
A. To instruct what to do during heavy traffic
B. To persuade us to stop heavy traffic
C. To criticize heavy traffic.
4. For breast stroke, the arms and legs work in turns. First the firearms pull, then the legs kick and the whole-body glides forward with arms and legs straight. Hold your head down that your face glides through the water.
A. To criticize
B. To instruct how to do the breast stroke
C. To convince that breast stroke is the best swimming.
5. Air can do many things. It can make kites and airplanes fly. It can support a balloon. It gives life to plants and animals.
A. to entertain B. to inform C. to invite​



1. 4 Parts

2. B.

3. Cuds

4. C.

5. C.


6. A.

7. C.

8. C.

9. B.

10. A.


1. D.

2. E.

3. B.

4. C.

5. A.


1. B.

2. A.

3. C.

4. B.

5. B.


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