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If you are looking for the answer of is what we share through communication, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 10 FAQ regarding is what we share through communication. Read it below.

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1. What is the process of sharing our ideas, thoughts,

Ask: 1. What is the process of sharing our ideas, thoughts, and feelings with other people and having those ideas, thoughts, and feelings understood by the people we are talking with through speaking, listening and observing?

2. Which refers to an individual, group, or organization who initiates the communication or sends the message?

3. What is the key idea that the sender wants to communicate?

4. What is the means which carries the message?

5. Which refers to the individual or individuals to whom the message is directed?

6. What is the response of the receiver to the message sent by the sender?

7. Which refers to factors that negatively affect the flow of communication?

8. How do you call the environment where communication takes place?

9. What is the process of turning ideas and feelings into verbal and non-verbal?

10. What is the process of interpretation and translation of coded information into a comprehensible form?

11. What is the root of the word communication in Latin?

12. What are the 5 basic functions of communication?

13. Which refers to the credibility of the speaker according to Aristotle?

14. What are the 2 types of communication?

15. What is the use of touch to express what cannot be said?



2. The sender is an individual, group, or organization who initiates the communication. This source is initially responsible for the success of the message. The sender’s experiences, attitudes, knowledge, skill, perceptions, and culture influence the message.

3. Message – Message is a key idea that the sender wants to communicate. It is a sign that elicits the response of recipient. Communication process begins with deciding about the message to be conveyed.

4. Messenger

5. The receiver is the individual or individuals to whom the message is directed. … After receiving a message, the receiver responds in some way and signals that response to the sender.

6. Feedback is receiver’s response to the sender’s message. The receiver communicates reaction to the sender through words, symbols or gestures.


8. Environmental context



11. communicatus

12. Communication serves five major purposes: to inform, to express feelings, to imagine, to influence, and to meet social expectations

13. Ethos, logos, and pathos were Aristotle’s three forms of rhetorical proof, meaning they were primary to his theories of persuasion. Ethos refers to the credibility of a speaker and includes three dimensions: competence, trustworthiness, and dynamism.

14. Communication can be categorized into three basic types: (1) verbal communication, in which you listen to a person to understand their meaning; (2) written communication, in which you read their meaning; and (3) nonverbal communication, in which you observe a person and infer meaning.




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Questionit is difined as a system of communicating ideas as

Ask: Question
it is difined as a system of communicating ideas as feeling through signs sound gestures and /or marks?

they are the one who helps make sense of the plot for the reader?

it could be Ina form of a person an object or an animal what elements of literary is it?

it helps convey important information about the world that is Impacts other literary elements like plot and theme?

it is difined as the emotion or feeling that readers get from the worlds on a page?

it is the position of the narrator in relationship to the plot of a piece of literature?

it is the way we share ideas with one another whether it’s through speech text or event performance?

Answer: way we share another relation to plot convey.

2. about animal helps of elements worlds theme.

3. speech difined another like plot.

4.impacks other than that of the world cup of nations that.

5. the best thing about this module that you.

6.would you can have the best time for your study and decent.

7. the new York times said it would not comment further until it was.


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1. Modified True or False. The following questions gauge your

Ask: 1. Modified True or False. The following questions gauge your understanding of communication. Write your answers on the space provided. Write: A, if the first statement is correct, while the second statement is wrong; B, if the first statement is wrong, while the second statement is correct; C, if both statements are correct; or D, if both statements are wrong. 1. Communication came from the Greek word communicare meaning to share. It is a static transmission of words from the source to the receiver. 2. Communication can be verbal and non-verbal. According to research, non-verbal is more often used than verbal in daily communications. 3. Decoding is the process of converting ideas into symbols. Symbols are words used in communication. 4. Communication is affected by many variables. Communication channel can be non- personal. 5. Language and communication are the same. Communication can exist without language. 6. Verbal communication can be oral or the tone of voice. Non-verbal involves no symbols 7. Anyone has the ability not to communicate for a day. We cannot not communicate. 8. Listening is not hearing because there is understanding in hearing but not in listening. One problem in communication is we listen to reply, not to understand. 9. Non- verbal communication can reinforce verbal communication. We can hide feelings through words (verbal) but not through gestures or facial expression (non-verbal). 10. Think about what to say next while listening. Clear your mind and focus on the message being received.​













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CHURCHTRUE OR FALSE1. The Church as communion describes the Church



1. The Church as communion describes the Church as an informal or interpersonal community of mutual interpersonal relationship of concern and assistance.

2. The leaders are fundamentally equal in basic dignity and in responsibility for mission and ministry because everyone shares in the one life of faith through ordination.

3. The People of God as the basic image of the Church is a Petrine concept.

4. The People of God is a bilblical Concept having deep roots in the Old Testament.

5. Discipleship provides the best definition of the vocation of the Christian today.

6. The essence of discipleship is to be with Jesus and to share with His mission.

7. The Church venerates in Mary the purest realization of faith.

8. In the community of disciples of Christ, we follow Christ as seperate individuals.

9. It is through the community of disciples that we reach our objective of becoming the Church of the poor.

10. The most agonizing part of the life of Mary as a disciple of Christ was the crucifixion of Christ.

* Your opinion
* Make it not less than 4 sentences

What particular virtue of the Blessed Virgin Mary that YOU would like to IMITATE? WHY?













1. What is defined as the process by which people

Ask: 1. What is defined as the process by which people share ideas, experience, knowledge
and feelings through the transmission of symbolle messages?
2. communication
C. response
1. interaction
d. medium
2. What is an esaential interpersonal communication because it portrays what the receiver
a medium
c. response or feedback
d. communication
3. This helps emphasize key points in a conversution.
#. language
C. We movements
b, had gestures
d. speaking ability
4. An element of communication considered as the source of information.
a. channel
b. receiver
d. feedback
5. Which of the following does not belong to the group of means of communication?
a, spoken
c. written words
b, pictures or symbols.
d. speaker

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Communication: Essential to Human LifeBeing able to communicate well is

Ask: Communication: Essential to Human Life
Being able to communicate well is essential, and so communication plays a vital
role in life. Even irrational beings have their way of communicating with each other
Since there are so many people in the world to communicate with, we need to
communicate efficiently
Communication is one way of sharing knowledge and information with other
people. It brings people closer together. It also helps people to build and develop a
relationship with other people and get connected around the world,
What is the importance of communication? We communicate because we want
to be heard and be understood. We also communicate because we want to express our
feelings, and exchange ideas and opinions. Communication also helps people in bridging
the gaps and in resolving issues and misunderstandings
There are so many ways of communication Even before the pre-historic period,
people have their way of communicating with each other. Some people communicate
verbally through a face to face conversation, others also use the aid
of technology through the use of a telephone or a video call via skype, zoom, and
other applications. On the other hand, some people choose a different way to
communicate that is through writing
The most common types of communication are verbal and written
communication. These types of communication were made easy nowadays with the rise
of the internet. You can do and get everything that you want. You can do online
marketing and business transactions. You can also look for online jobs, and even do
online hunting for lifetime partners through social media sites
Now that we are facing one of the world’s most viral phenomena, the Covid 19
pandemic, communication in whatever platform has an impact on bringing people closer
together, on delivering quality education, and most importantly, in continuing our lives
Answer the following questions
1. What are the common types of communication being mentioned?
2. Why is communication important?
As a student, how does communication help you especially in this present time?​


1. The common types of communication are verbal and visual communication.

2. As a student it helps me connect with some acquaintances, it helps me to feel free by expressing my thoughts.

ACTIVITY 3: TELL IT!Instructions: Tell the correct word that is

Instructions: Tell the correct word that is being describe in the sentence.
1. It is a type of communication that shows audible sound (like “hmm” of “Ahh!” for example
2. It is an automatic response that is the result of having working ears
3. It is purposeful and requires concentration to understand what the speaker is sharing.
4. When you convey a message via written symbols, you’re practicing communication.
5. When information that is complex or lengthy needs to be shared, it’s usually conveyed through
6. It is often considered more legally valid than spoken words are.
7. It often serves as an “official” mode of communication.
8. It gets meaning across without using words either written or spoken.
9. It is as important as words when we are talking to someone verbally.
10.It is a means of communication used by the members of the deaf community.​


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Direction: Write T if the statement is true or F

Ask: Direction: Write T if the statement is true or F if the statement is false.

1. It is important to understand that each cultural, sociological and political group used symbols to communicate their ideas and admonition.

2. The symbol of peace is only use in the area that is at war.

3. It is right to hate Germans because of what they have done in Jewish and Europeans during World War 2.

4. People create and interpret the meaning of all symbols solely through shared cultural, sociological and political understanding

5. We may took the meaning equally the same, nevertheless we ought to accept each other’s perception.

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Activity 4 – To Be TrueDirection: Read each statement Write

Ask: Activity 4 – To Be True
Direction: Read each statement Write the word True on the blank if the statement is correct
and False if not
1. Feedback is an essential factor in the process of communication
2. Media helps us in spreading information in different forms and devices
3. The Shannon-Weaver Model of Communication is the simplest and the newest form
of communication, it shows a straight through type of communication process.
4. There is always a constant need for people to generate, organize and pass information
from one party to the next
5. When we have a brilliant idea about something and we want to share it with others
we keep it to ourselves because sharing of information is prohibited.
6. Information and communication goes hand in hand with media, because these
concepts are at the core of what media actually is.
7. The ink, pen and paper are tools to record information.
8. A message is passed on to others with the help of tools and devices
9. Today, all communicating entities employ technology for their communicating needs
10. The receiver is the media that helps you reach your intended audience.
Activity 5 – Create Me
Direction: Create a graphic chart showing how the communication process works​











10. true


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2. Communication is social interaction through messages.Think of someone telling,

Ask: 2. Communication is social interaction through messages.
Think of someone telling, “It is very warm today.” In this case, we are
communicating what we experience’. The weather being warm is what we feel or
experience physically. In this scenario, we are sharing our feeling or experience with
someone else. Thus, we may say that “communication is a sharing of experience.” In
our society, we all interact with messages. Without interactions, a society cannot
survive. Social interaction is always through messages.​


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Not only you can get the answer of is what we share through communication, you could also find the answers of 1. What is, 1. What is, Questionit is difined, Direction: Write T, and CHURCHTRUE OR FALSE1..