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If you are looking for the answer of how to search where an image is from, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 3 FAQ regarding how to search where an image is from. Read it below.

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Ask: . . . 1: OUR LITERARY HERITAGE LESSON 1: A. Write an example: ) of proverbs or popular saying in your regional language. Then research on possible counterparts in English proverbs or sayings LESSON 2: A Answer the following questions Which character from the legends can you relate to? Why? Compare these two legends to other creation stories you know through the following aspects the characters. the plot, the origin of the human race. LESSON 3: A. Answer the following questions. “The trees that crown thy mountains grand” – Why is the crown used to refer to the trees and grand to described the mountains? “The seas that beat upon thy strand” – What is “strand” and what part of the sea will beat on it? “The glorious day to bring more nigh” – What does “nigh” mean? Why is it used instead of its common-day equivalent? “Yet still beneath thy ardent sky” – What image is evoked by the phrase “ardent sky? LESSON 4: Give the meaning of the italicized word/phrases or its equivalent term/phrase. 1. … my brother picked on me calling me a sissy 2. But-I let them be. I worried that they would tease me even more if I chided them… 3. I was no wimp. 4. … the monster he bested 5. Tired by my run, I plopped down on a bench in the plaza. UNIT 2: ORAL, WRITTEN, AND DIGITAL PHILIPPINE LITERARY FORMS THROUGH THE YEARS LESSON 1: A. Fable of the winged ants in search of light 1. What situation is presented in the first stanza? 2. Where is the fable set? 3. Who are the characters? What are they doing? 4. How do they feel about the situation they are in? 5. What distract them in the second stanza? 6. What lesson is this fable trying to put across to the readers? LESSON 2: A. Compare the man from the bamboo that the Daguio describes and his idea of a man of earth.” Imagine how would they look like. Then draw each man.​


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1. How is the Web different from the Internet? A.

Ask: 1. How is the Web different from the Internet? A. The internet involves larger networks than the web. B. The web is software while the internet is the hardware. C. The internet is an older term people used for the web. D. There is no difference between the two. 2. Which device is NOT included in ICT? A. Smartphone. B. Internet. C. Wrist Watch D. Twitter. 3. Reddit is an online platform where people can create a post (sub reddit) and other people can respond on it. Which web version is characterized by Reddit? A. Web 1.0 B. Web 2.0 C. Web 3.0 D. Reddit is not a website 4. How will you describe if something isICT? A. ICT focuses on the hardware aspect of networks where it allows interconnection of networks. B. ICT refers to systems and protocols used inside the internet in able for other computers to interact with other computers. C. These are new technologies that allows people to communicate quickly with each other. D. These are hardware or software that allows access, storage, transmission and manipulation of information. 5. Which ICT trend is described with the statement above? A. Convergent Technologies B. Social Media C. Mobile Technologies D. World Wide Web Modern computers are wonders of technology. They can perform multiple functions like watching videos, typing documents, editing images and much more. That in the past, these are done by different device or gadget. CO_Q1_Empowerment Technologies SHS Module 1.1 3 6. Which of the following website functionality demonstrates web 2.0 capability A. An author making an article for people to read. B. Posting details of an item for sale online. C. Leaving a like on picture on a social media site. D. Reverse searching the web of an image. 7. What does ICT stands for? A. Information and Communication Technology. B. Integral Convergent Technology C. Interoperable Cellular Telecommunication D. Information Communication Technology 8. How will you describe Social Media? A. Multiple different devices combine into a single gadget because of technological advancement. B. These are platformsthat allow usersto communicatein anonline social communities. C. This is the miniaturization of previously heavy or big technology. D. These are web technologies that allow the user to add content. 9. Which best describe the Web 3.0 keyword “Executable”? A. This is the interaction of different application in your device. B. The use of mobile applications interacting with other application. C. Processing the input of the user based on other data. D. The Keyword of Web 3.0 is not Executable. 10. What is the different between all the web technologies (web 1.0, web 2.0 and web3.0)? A. Web technological milestone as invented on certain time periods B. It represents the computer hardware technology the web is running on. C. These are different version of the web protocols that runs in the internet. D. Functionality and features that it represents. 11. What is the HTTP? A. It is the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol or the very code a website use to bedisplayed. B. It acts as a web program that analyzes data transfers for malicious codes C. It is the procedure of how data is transferred online between different networks D. It is a markup language that details how different elements are displayed, 12. As a Technological Trend, why are smartphone an example of mobile technology? A. It is the combination of different technological devices. B. It is an example of device that is small and portable. C. It allows instant mass communication. D. It is a device that utilizes cellular communication technology 4 13. Which isthe best example of currenttechnology that demonstrate full Web 3.0 technology A. E-commerce sites like Lazada or Shopee. B. Self-correcting spelling functions in Microsoft application. C. Smart phone applications. D. Web 3.0 is not yet fully realized or developed. 14. Which ICT technological trend is described in the given statement? A. Social Media B. Mobile Technologies C. Convergent Technologies D. Cellular Communication 15. What definition describes the Internet? A. It is the interconnection of computers, hardware and networks. B. It allows the transfer of data from one computer to another. C. It is a network of different web applications that allows quick transfer of data. D. It is the collection of different websites and web pages searchable using web browsers.​


















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12. What is the breakthrough of mobile phones in the

Ask: 12. What is the breakthrough of mobile phones in the 21st century aside from means of communication?
A. It offers photo imaging.
C. It offers possibility to access internet.
B. It offers photo editing,
D. All are correct.
13. What do you call the process of editing where in you omit a portion of the raw photo?
A Color enhancing B. Cropping
C. Pasting
D. Changing background
14. How can you explain “Computer-generated art”?
A. One needs computer in order to send files in different platforms.
B. One needs computer in printing hard copies of the final output
C. One needs computer to enhance and edit raw images.
D. One needs computer for faster communication of the meaning of digital artwork.
15. What is the main advantage of having a laptop/desktop in photo editing?
A You can work easier because the screen is wider.
B. You can search the internet for tutorial videos on how to edit.
C. You can save files quickly.
D. You can work on larger files.
16. How can one describe a point-and-shoot camera?
A. Self-adjusting camera
C. Automatic capture of subject
B. There is instant review of captured photos D. Camera for professional photographers








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