How Often And When To Water Vegetable Garden

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If you are looking for the answer of how often and when to water vegetable garden, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 1 FAQ regarding how often and when to water vegetable garden. Read it below.

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Which of the following is a type of skin disease? 

Ask: Which of the following is a type of skin disease? *

1 point

A. Dysentery

B. Eczema

C. Diarrhea

D. Intestinal Flu

2. Which disease and disorder is NOT caused by poor environmental sanitation? *

1 point

A. Respiratory Disease

B. Gastrointestinal Disease

C. Genetic Disease

D. Skin Disease

3. What should be done to make sure that the drinking water is safe and clean? *

1 point

A. Boil water at least three minutes.

B. Filtration of water using sand and gravel.

C. Leaving the water under the sun for three minutes.

D. Cover the mouth of the faucet with a gauze.

4. What can you contribute to lessen air pollution? *

1 point

A. Burn tires in your backyard.

B. Learn how to smoke a cigarette.

C. Walking or biking to minimize the use of fuel.

D. Open all the lights at home.

5. What disease is mainly caused by poor personal hygiene, poor environmental sanitation and limited access to clean water? *

1 point

A. Skin Disease

B. Neurological Impairment

C. Respiratory Disease

D. Gastrointestinal Disease

6. Which environmental sanitation is about providing clean drinking water for everyone? *

1 point

A. Cleaning and keeping water supply safe

B. Cleaning and keeping air safe

C. Protecting food from pollution

D. Promoting safe waste disposal

7. What do you call the particles found in the water? *

1 point

A. Stones

B. Impurities

C. Contaminants

D. Dust

8. Which of the following DOES NOT happen when you boil water? *

1 point

A. Chlorine in the water is evaporated.

B. The carbon absorbs impurities and contaminants.

C. The taste of the water improved.

D. It kills most of the bacteria in the water.

9. In a clean air, which components has the greatest number of percentage? *

1 point

A. Oxygen

B. Carbon Dioxide

C. Water Vapor

D. Nitrogen

10. How can you help reduce air pollution? *

1 point

A. Burning leaves, trash, and other materials.

B. Cut down some trees.

C. Turn off the lights when you do not need them.

D. Used your car more often to go leisurely on the road

11. What form of music has a symbol ABACA? *

1 point

A. Binary

B. Ternary

C. Rondo

D. Unitary

12. What part of the song is sung twice or more in a rondo form of music? *

1 point

A. First part (A)

B. Third part (C)

C. Second part (B)

D. All partsOption

13. What does da capo (D.C.) means? *

1 point

A. To the end

B. Go back to the very beginning

C. To the sign

D. To coda section

14. Which of the following signs means to “stop or end here”? *

1 point

A. da capo

B. Dal segno

C. Fine

D. Coda

15. What repeat sign is consisted of an open and close bracket? *

1 point

A. Repeated measure

B. Repeat Endings

C. Repeat Dots

D. Repeat Sign

16. . What is used by bigger companies to transfer images, making the printed design clearer and less prone to flaking. *

1 point

A. Iron-on transfer

B. Direct to garden

C. Heat press

D. Intaglio

17. Which printing method uses a modified inkjet printer that allows to directly print on a garment? *

1 point

A. Iron-on transfer

B. Direct to garment

C. Heat press

D. Intaglio

18. Printing Iron-On transfer is faster than silkscreen printing. *

1 point

A. True

B. Maybe

C. False

D. Sometimes

19. Which process is described as printing the surface of an object (leaf, mural, vegetables, textured objects like coins) by inking the surface and impressing it on paper or cloth, or by rubbing the paper over the textured object using crayons or pastel *

1 point

A. Lithography

B. Silk-screen printing

C. Intaglio

D. Relief printing

20. What method in printmaking uses stencil to apply ink onto another material such as on fabric or t-shirts? *

1 point

A. Lithography

B. Silk-screen printing

C. Intaglio

D. Relief printing

21. Where do the words “dance” and “dancing” come from? *

1 point

A. Dansun

B. Danson

C. Dansen

D. Dansin

22. What is an activity where you move your body in time with the music? *

1 point

A. Play

B. Sing

C. Dance

D. Write

23. What position of the arm that is open up arms sideward, raised below shoulder level with a graceful curve. *

1 point

A. First Position

B. Second Position

C. Third Position

D. Fourth Position

24.What position of the feet that is bring the heel of one foot to touch the instep of the other foot. *

1 point

A. Second Position

B. Third Position

C. Fourth Position

D. Fifth Position

25. What benefits do we get from dancing? *

1 point

A. Balance and posture improved

B. Immune systems become weaker

C. Stamina and flexibility decrease

D. Memory loss because of the steps

1. b



4 c

5 d

6 d

7 c

8 b

9 a

10 c

11 c

12 a


14 c

15 d

16 c

17 b

18 a

19 d

20 b

21 b

22 c

23 a

24 b

25 a

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