How Much Does Windows 10 Cost

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If you are looking for the answer of how much does windows 10 cost, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 1 FAQ regarding how much does windows 10 cost. Read it below.

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9. Grant has a circular carpet, with a 14-meter diameter. He wants to put a circular table in the middle of the carpet. If the table has a 6-meter diameter, how much area of the carpet is left after putting the table in place?
10. The Aping’s family decided to have a semicircle window in their house with a radius of 16
inches. They wanted the window to be laminated with a sunblock coating that costs P4 per
square inch to apply. What is the total cost of coating the window? Use = 3.14
11. A circular clock with a circumference of 88 cm is attached on the wall. How much area of the wall does it occupy? Use π = 22/7

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Answer:9. Hence answer 40 m²

Step-by-step explanation:yung nasa picture solution yan ng number 9 yung 10 at 11 sa comment ko lng eh lalagay yung answer.

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