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cost healthy start medical transportation

I wasn't taught how to get a job But I

Ask: I wasn’t taught how to get a job
But I can remember dissecting a frog
I wasn’t taught how to pay tax
But I know loads about Shakespeare’s classics
I was never taught how to vote
They devoted that time to defining isotopes
I wasn’t taught how to look after my health
But mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
Never spent a lesson on current events
Instead I studied The Old American West
I was never taught what laws there are
I was never taught what laws there are
Let me repeat, I was not taught the laws for the country I live in
But I know how Henry the VIII killed his women
Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived
Glad that’s in my head instead of financial advice
I was shown the wavelengths of different hues of light
But I was never taught my human rights
Apparently, there’s 30, do you know them? I don’t
Why the hell can’t we both recite them by rote?
I know igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks
Yet I don’t know squat about trading stocks
Or how money works at all, where does it come from?
How does the thing that motivates the world function?
Not taught how to budget and disburse my earnings
I was too busy there rehearsing cursive
Didn’t learn how much it costs to raise a kid or what an affidavit is
But I spent days on what the quadratic equation is
Negative b, plus or minus, the square root of b squared
Minus 4ac, over 2a
That’s insane, that’s absolutely insane
They made me learn that over basic first aid
Or how to recognise the most deadly mental disorders
Or diseases with preventable causes
Or how to buy a house with a mortgage
If I could afford it
‘Cause abstract maths was deemed more important
Than advice that would literally save thousands of lives
But it’s cool, ’cause now I could tell you if the number
Of unnecessary deaths caused by that choice was prime
Never taught present day practical medicines
But I was told what the ancient hippocratic method is
“I’ve got a headache, the pain is ceaseless, what should I take?”
Umm, maybe try some leeches?
“Could we discuss domestic abuse and get the facts
Or how to help my depressed friend with their mental state?”
Ummm, no, but learn mental maths
Because “You won’t have a calculator with you, every day!”
They say it’s not the kids, the parents are the problem
Then if you taught the kids to parent, that’s the problem solved then
All this advice about using a condom
But none for when you actually have a kid, when you want one
I’m only fluent in this language, for serious?
The rest of the world speaks two, do you think I’m an idiot?
They chose the solar over the political system
So, like a typical citizen, now, I don’t know what I’m voting on
Which policies exist, or how to make them change
Mais oui, je parle un peu de française
So at 18, I was expected to elect a representative
For a system I had never, ever, ever been presented with
But I won’t take it
I’ll tell everyone my childhood was wasted
I’ll share it everywhere how I was “educated”
And insist these pointless things
Don’t stay in school


Nasaan ang pamimilian?



Harness Skill Written Work No. 2Write the letter of the

Ask: Harness Skill
Written Work No. 2
Write the letter of the correct answer on the blank provided before each number

1. what does electric meters measures?
a. amount of current
b. a man of power
c. amount of electric consumption
d. amount of voltage
2. what is the standard unit of electricity supplied to the consumer which is equal to 1 kw acting for 1 hour?
c. maH
d. Hz
3. which is the unit of measurement for power?
a. ampere
b. volt
4. how many dials are there in an analog electric meter?
5. how will you read an analog electric meter?
a. from left to right
b. it depends on the reader
c. from right to left
d. no rule given
6. when the pointer is between two numbers, which will be recorded?
a. the bigger value
b. the smaller value
c. the smaller value add .5
d. the number where the pointer is closer
7. santos family has a record of 09877 for the previous electric bill, in the korean billing reads 09897 for the consumption in one month. what is the total electric consumption of the family?
a. 18 kWh
b.20 kWh
c.19 kWh
d.21 kWh
8. the previous water meter reading at ivy’s residence was 3126 m³, the following month, the reading 3204 m³. how much water was consumed in the month?
a. 78 m³
b. 75 m³
c. 76m³
d. 70 m³
9. last month, the meter reading was 1242 m³, the following month, the reading was 1295 m³. if water cost php. 4. 65 per cubic meter, how much will mere laso pay?
a. php 249.45
b.php 249.54
c.php 248.54
d.php 246.45
10. read and interpret the dials from right to left to give the exact reading of the water meter
a. 6508 m³
b. 7608 m³
c.7609 m³
d.6608 m³

If you anwer this i will mark you​












Step-by-step explanation:

21. How many decimal place(s) is the product of 0.34

Ask: 21. How many decimal place(s) is the product of 0.34 and 0.62?
A. 2
B. 3
D. 5
22. The product of 2 decimal numbers is 20.062. One of the factors has 1
decimal place, how many decimal places (s) has the other factor?
A 3
B. 2
C. 1
D. None
23. How many centavos are there in P 25.75 if there are 100 centavos in a peso?
A. 105.5
B. 257.5
C. 2 500
D. 2 575
24.A part time worker earns a regular hourly rate of P50.00. If he worked 42.75 hours in a week,
how much did he earn?
A. P2 112.50
B. P2 132.50 C. P2 137.50
D. P2 142.50
25. A clerk is paid P 45.50 per hour for 40 hours per week, 1.50 times the
regular rate for overtime and double the regular for a holiday. How much does the clerk get in a week if he
works overtime for 3 hours and 5 hours on a holiday? What is asked in the problem?
A. amount he get in a week
C. amount he get in holiday
B. amount he get on holiday
D. amount of his regular rate
26. What operations are needed to solve the problem?
A. Addition and subtraction
C. Addition and division
B. Multiplication and addition
D. Division and subtraction
27. How much does the clerk earn in a week?
A. P2 379.75 B. P2 459.75
C. P2 469.75
D. P2 479.75
28. What is the quotient when 294.45 is divided by one-tenths?
A. 2 94.45
B. 2 944.5
C. 29 445
D. 294 450
29. What is 59.39 divided by 0.001 equal to?
A. 593 900
B. 59 390
C. 5 939
D. 593.9
30. What will be the answer if we divide 713.9 by 1 000?
A. 713.9
B. 71.39
C. 7.319
D. 0.7139
31. What is the quotient if we divide 67.54 by 100?
A. 67.54
B. 6.754
C. 0.6754
D. 0.06754
32. 0.2380952380952… is
A. Nonrepeating B. Repeating/Nonterminating C. Terminating
33. 7.689689
A. Nonrepeating B. Repeating or Nonterminating C. Terminating Decimals
34. 0.15 is
A. Nonrepeating B. Repeating/Nonterminating C. Terminating
35. I am thinking of a number. Thrice my number minus 8 equals 88. What is my number?
A. 26
B. 28
D. 32
36. The mass of a plastic container together with 24 baseball is 19.25 kgs.If the mass of the
container is 15 770 g, what is the mass of each baseball in kilogram? (Note: 1 kg=1000g)
A. 0.145 kg
B. 0.151 kg
C. 0.158 kg
D. 0.166 kg
37. Mang Cedrick brought 2 bags of garlic to market. One bag weighed 8 kgs, and the other bag
weighed 6.5 kgs. He repacked the garlic in plastic bags of 0.25 kilogram per pack and sold each pack for
P 43.75. How much will he get if all the packs were sold?
A.P 2 237.50
B. P2337.50 C. P 2 437.50 D.P 2 537.50
38. Five mangoes and one apple cost P 77.50. One mango and 5 apples cost
P 111.50. How much does each mango cost?
A. P 10.50
B. P 11.50
C. P 12.50
D. P 13,50
big fioboiabing 205 kas 15 25 kas and 1875 kas. He kept 13.25 kas, for​


21. A

21. A22. A

21. A22. A23. B

21. A22. A23. B24. C

Step-by-step explanation:


Solve these problems. Using The AGONSA methodA: AskingG: GivenO: OperationN:

Ask: Solve these problems. Using The AGONSA method

A: Asking

G: Given

O: Operation

N: Number sentence

S: Solution

A: Answer

1. Lita spent a total of P7 386.35 to make 18 dresses. She sold each dress for P850.00. How much did she profit after selling all the dresses?

2. As a casual clerk at a department store, Milly earns P375.00 a day. How much does she earn in 5 weeks if she works from Monday through Saturday?

3. Nico saved twice as much as Jay. Adrian saved P3 658.50, which was P300.00 less than Jay’s savings. How much savings did Jay have? How much did Nico save?

4. Glen had a thousand-peso bill in his wallet. He bought 4 notebooks at P28.00 each and 2 ballpens that cost P30.00 each. On the way home, he bought 3 roses for his mother. Each rose costs him P25.00 each. After buying the roses, how much money did Glen have left?

5. Dominic earns P500.00 every Saturday when he helps his Aunt Amy in the store. He spends half of the money to buy things he needs for school and he saves the rest of his earnings. How much does he save in 18 weekends?

6. For good service, a garbage collector regularly receives P20.00 each from 9 households in our neighborhood once a week. How much money does the garbage collector earn for good service in 6 months?



1. Lita’s profit from selling the dresses was P11 014.00.

2. Milly earns P5 625.00 in 5 weeks.

3. Jay saved P3 958.50 and Nico saved P7 917.00.

4. Glen had P960.00 left after buying the roses.

5. Dominic saves P9 000.00 in 18 weekends.

6. The garbage collector earns P3 840.00 for good service in 6 months.

Step-by-step explanation:

1. Lita’s profit from selling the dresses can be calculated by subtracting the total cost of making the dresses (P7 386.35) from the total sales revenue (P18 900.00). This gives us a profit of P11 014.00.

2. Milly’s earnings can be calculated by multiplying her daily wage by the number of days she works in a week (5) and the number of weeks she works (5). This gives us a total of P5 625.00.

3. To calculate how much Jay saved, we need to subtract Adrian’s savings from Jay’s total savings. This gives us a difference of P300.00, which means that Jay saved P3

4. Glen had P960.00 left after buying the roses because he spent a total of P110.00 on notebooks and ballpens, and P75.00 on roses. This left him with a total of P960.00.

5. Dominic saves P9 000.00 in 18 weekends because he saves half of his earnings each week. Over the course of 18 weeks, this accumulates to a total of P9 000.00.

6. The garbage collector earns P3 840.00 for good service in 6 months because he receives P20.00 from 9 households once a week. This totals up to P3 840.00 over the course of 6 months.


Ask: OND WRITTEN WORK IN MATHEMATICS 7 (Week 3-4) Directions: I hope you had a good time going over this written wok. each question. Encircle the correct answer. Read carefully each problem and choose the letter that answer.
1. Find the difference when 28 is subtracted from (-41).
A. 54
B. 27
C. -13
2. What is the result when the sum of (-10) and 16 is subtracted by the sum of 1-7) and (-8)
A. 88
B. 21
C. -93
3. What is the result when the product of (-3) and 4 is divided by (-6)?
4. What is the quotient when you are asked to divide (-13) from 1562
A. 84
B. 15
C. -12
D. -73
5. Going to his room a boy will have to take 8 steps up the landing and another 7 steps to reach his room. How many steps does he take all in all?
A. 24 steps
B. 18 steps
C. 15 steps
D. 10 steps
6. A student borrowed 2 books in the Library Hub on Monday, another 4 books on D. 10 steps Tuesday, and returned 3 books on Thursday. How many books does the student have?
A. 9 books
B. 6 books
C, 3 books
D. 2 books
7. Carol bought 3 pants at Php 650 each. How much money did she pay the cashier?
A. Php 2, 125
B. Php 2, 050
C. Php 1,975
D. Php 1,950
8. Jomari paid Php 360 to admit himself and two of his friends into a cinema to watch Avengers End Game. What was the cost of each admission?
A. Php 130
B. Php 125
C. Php 120
D. Php 118
9. Ben dives below the surface of a body of water at a rate of 12 feet each minute. What is the depth of Ben after 5 minutes? A. 60 ft.
C. 35 ft.
B. 40 ft.
D. 25 ft.
10. What is the absolute value of 7?
A. – 7
B. 0
C. 7
D. 14
11. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
A. 101 = 0
C. 1-181 = 18
B. 191 = -9
D. 1261 = 26
12. Which of the following is the|25|? A. -25
B. 0
C. 25
D. 50
13. Which of the following equation is true?
A. 161 = 6
C. 1-41 = -4
B. [3] = -3
D. 1-91 = -9
14. Which integer is greater than -27?
D. -26
C. -28
A. -30
B. -29
15. Which of the following is the least integer?
D. -2
C. – 26
A. – 65
B. – 40
16. What do you call on the distance from zero to any given point on a number lin C. negative integer
A. zero
B. absolute value
D. positive integer​


1 c

2 b

3 b

4 d

5 c

6 a

7 d

8 c

9 a

10 a

11 a

12 a

13 b

14 d

15 d

16 b

Step-by-step explanation:

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Activity 3: "Think It Out" Directions: Compute the following culinary

Ask: Activity 3: “Think It Out” Directions: Compute the following culinary math problems. Show your solution. Use another paper for your answer. 1. A 50lbs of self-rising flour cost $27.00. How much 8oz of flour cost? 2. One tray of eggs cost Php200. How much does each egg cost? 3. The restaurant paid for four kitchen employees Php 1,680,000.00 for one year’s work. Each employee averaged 35 hours a week for 50 weeks. What was the average hourly pay rate per employee? 4. A case of individually wrapped straws has 15 boxes of 3000 straws each. The whole case of straws cast Php2268.00. How much does each straw cost? 5. The caterer needs 55 portions of fish fillets weighing 120g each. How much fish fillet does the caterer need to purchase? 6. There are 6 packs of pasta in a case. Each case cost Php1152.00. Find the cost of each pack. 7. How many 180gm sirloin steaks will be acyuired from a trimmed 3.42kg sirlain? 8. I bought a 2.5kg tub of semi-dried tomatoes. Giving 20g per person, how many portions are there? 9. Miss Yee needs to cook 85 portions of rice for a buffet. How much raw weight of rice does she needs to cook? 10. How many black forest cakes (25cm) do I need to bake for a function of 120 people? 11. The Prime Rib Roast cost Php5520.00 and the finished weight is 12 % lbs. There are 50 people coming in and each will be served 4oz of meat. How much does each portion cost? 12. A 24 count or 1 case of green leaf lettuce cost Php 1560.00. How much head of lettuce cost? 13. How much smoked salmon do I need to buy for a function of 550 persons, giving 3 slices per person when each slice weighs 45g? 14. Miss Sally bought a case of 6 gallons of chicken broth for Php3500.00. The recipe for Chicken Noodle Soup requires 2 1/2qt of Chicken broth. How much does the chicken broth for the soup cost? 15. A 12 pack of 16oz cans af Pepsl cost Php191.52. How much does each can cost? How much does a cup of Pepsi cost?​


Step-by-step explanation:

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Written Work No 2 (Week 3-4) English SI Directions: Choose

Ask: Written Work No 2 (Week 3-4) English S
I Directions: Choose the letter of the best answer. Write the chosen letter on the blank before each number.
1. It is a reference book that lists words in aphabetical order
A English Book
B. Science Book
C. AP Book
D. Dictionary
2. How are the words listed in a dictionary?
A. Roman Numerol
B. alphabetical order C. Descending order D. Ascending order
3. How do we call listed word in a dictionary?
A Entry Word
B. Page number
C. Part of Speech D. Definition
4. It tells how to pronounce the entry word.
A Entry Word
B. Pronounciation
C. Part of Speech D. Definition
5. It explains the maening of the word.
A Entry Word
B Pronounciation
C. Part of Speech D. Definition
6. These are the first and last words found on the page of a dictionary.
A. Entry Word
B. Guide Words
C. Part of Speech
D. Detinition
7. The postman delivers mails in the community every day.
A. muilman
B. janitor
C. engineer
D. garbage collector
8. Manny Pacquiao knocked-out his opponent in a boxing match.
A. defeated
B. recharged
C revived
D. refreshed
9. A carefree child is seen playing under the rain.
A. happy
B. worried
C. troubled
D. nervous
10. A person who makes works of art is an
A. artist
B. artistic
C. artistry
D. art
11. An
person is someone who has shown great intellect
A intelligent B. intellectual C. intelligenic D. intelligence
12. A state of being dark is
A. darker
B. darkest
C. dark
D. darkness
13. Angela prepared a dozen of plates and twenty pieces of spork for their picnic
A. plastic plates
B. family picnic C. plastics
D. spoon & fork
14. Tenchers need wifi for their work. The wireless fidelity is very useful nowadays.
A. computer
B. wireless fidelity C. teachers’ work
D. laptop
15. Motels along the highway are helpful among motorists looking for affordable hotel to spend the night.
A. motor hotel
B. residential house C. expensive hotels D. spend night
16. No matter where you go, the Internet is following you. Almost every portable device is being made with an lotemer
onnection. Most new TVs and many other appliances come with Internet connections as well. The Internet is truly ubiquitous. If
komething is ubiquitous,
A. it is fuzzy and will bite you B. it is everywhere C. it costs too much money D. it causes rashes
17. I believe that if you lower taxes so that people can keep more of the money they earn, it will be an incentive for them to
work harder. What is the meaning of incentive?
A. a reason to do something B. a small amount of money C. a tax D. a good job
18. Some people are sure that the new health care law will mean better care for everyone. Others argue that the law will
mean less care and longer waiting lines for those who need to see doctors. It’s a controversy that will not go away soon. A
controversy is something that people
A. have strong disagreements over
C. need to pay for a visit to a doctor
B. blow their noses into
D. eat with sweet candy
Using IQ tests and MRI brain scans, researchers have found that the measurable intelligence of teenagers can rise and fall over time.
We used to believe that intelligence was static. But now, because of new studies, we know that teens and even fully mature adults
can grow more brain cells when needed.
19. What does “static” mean in the above selection?
A noise
B. not changing C. moldy
D. unreal
20. What are researchers?
A. people who lose things
C. creatures from Mars
B. people who search for knowledge
D. students who don’t study​























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I Solve the following problems. 1. School lunches cost PHP

Ask: I Solve the following problems. 1. School lunches cost PHP 135.50 per week. About how much would 15.5 weeks of lunches costa 2. Loma earns PHP 71.75 per hour for gardening. If she will work for 21 hours this month. then how much will she earne 3. Paul’s father will pay for his new car in 60-month payments. If his car loan costs P1.023.660. then how much will he pay for each month? 4. The length of a ribbon is 1.28 m. The length of a rope is 2.74 m longer than the ribbon. What is the length of the rope? 5. A pall holds 5.2 liters of water. A bottle holds 3.9 liters less water than the pail. What is the volume of water in the bottle 6. What is the quotient if 24 is divided by 482 7. Jean has 35 m of wire for hanging pictures. She wants to divide it into 50 pieces for her frames. How long will she use for each frame? 8. Father left Php5.00 for his 7 children. How much did each child receive? 9. Mang Ricky is a hardworking man who owns 6 hectares of land. In his will, he divided his lot equally among his 7 sons. How much land will each of his son receive? 10. Troy and Raffy went to the market to buy 15 kilos of meat. When they came home, they divided the meat into 16 parts and put each part in separate plastic bags for future use. How many kilos of pork does each bag contain?​


1.) 15.5 weeks of school lunches will have a cost of PHP 2,100.25

2.) If she works 21 hours this month she will earn PHP 1,506.75


4.) The length of the rope is 4.02 m

5.) The volume of water in the bottle is 1.3 liters

6.) If you divide 48 by 24 the quotient would be 2

7.) Jean will use 0.7 m of wire for each frame




I’m so sorry I couldn’t answer some of them.



1. Seven sign pens cost P574. How much will 2 dozens of sign pens cost?

2. If 153 rails, place end-to-end in a straight line, stretch to 680m, how far will 135 rails stretch?

3. If 15 men can repair a road in 28 days, how long will 35 men take to do so?

4. If a quantity of rice will last 3 months for 210 men how long it last for 280 men?

5. A photograph of a bacteria enlarged 50 000 times attains a length of 5 cm. if the photograph is enlarged 20 000 times only, That would be its enlarged length?

6. Jessa buys three bananas for P25.00. How much does she have to pay for a dozen of these bananas?

7. A typist can finish 4 pages in 6 minutes. How long will it take him to finish 18 pages?

8. A menu which serves 5 people requires 3 cups of flour. How many cups of flour are needed for the menu to serve 20 people?

9. To finish a certain job in 8 days, 6 workers are needed. If it is required to finish the same job in 2 days advance, how many workers have to work?

10. A supply of food lasts for a week for 20 families. How long would the supply last if 3 more families have to be supplied?

11. The Civil Service Commission created a memorandum which shows how businesses can still operate if the city is under the General Community Quarantine (GCQ), One of the option is the Skeleton (Skeletal) Workforce which pertains to a work arrangement where a minimum number of employees is required to man the office to render service when frall staffing is not possible.

Is the head of your family affected with this kind of work arrangement? What can you say about it? Share the positive and negative side of this work arrangement.


1. One sign pen cost 82 if you multiply 82 and 7 the product of that is 574 pesos. Now the answer is 1968 pesos because 1 dozen is equal to 12 pcs.

Not only you can get the answer of how much does when i work cost, you could also find the answers of I Solve the, PLEASE!ANSWER THIS. ONLY, Written Work No, Activity 3: "Think, and I wasn't taught.