Guide What To Do When Someone Dies

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cach given statement
1. We experience emotional suffering when someone we love dies but to
grieving process is said to be important. What do you think is the reason?
a. It allows us to free up energy
b. It is one way of healing and moving on
c. It will give additional heart breaks and emptiness
d. It will help release bad stress which may result to ease the feelin
2. When the feeling of loss happens, learning to cope up is essential to b
to bounce back. If you are in the situation, how will you be able to co
with the loss?
a. Acknowledge the loss by talking about it and learn to accept the
b. Avoid being with the family and işolate yourself.
c. Reaching out and helping others’ deal with the loss has an
benefit of making you feel better.
Guide Questions:
1. Have you experienced losing someone you loved? How does it
How did you able to cope up with the loss?​


1 C

2 D


1 No, no one

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