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Emily and Hannah ___________ (work) in Paris for several years

Ask: Emily and Hannah ___________ (work) in Paris for several years now. (PRESENT PERFECT)


Emily and Hannah WORKED in Paris for several years now


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Answer:  work and Perfect

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a rose for Emily sypnosis​

Ask: a rose for Emily sypnosis​


A Rose for Emily is the story of Emily Greison who died an old maid in Jefferson. When she was young, she was forbidden by her father to socialize, he even drive away her suitors. All the decisions that she have to make will depend on his father’s choice.

Then, when her father died, she doesn’t know what to do because all her life she have depended on her father.

One day she met Homer Barron a contract worker. They were seen together by the town’s people, they thought that the two would end up together and get married but he did not show up for awhile in the town. Until Emily bought a poison for rats, the town’s people thought that she might end her life.

Homer Barron once again showed himself and was seen going inside the house of the Greison but he was not seen again after that.

Time goes by, Emily gets older and older until she dies. On the day of her funeral, the people got curious about what’s inside that one particular room. They were shocked to find out the skeleton of Homer Baron laid on the bed and a strand of long grey hair of Emily beside the dead body of Homer.

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11. Emily has three dogs and two cats. They are

Ask: 11. Emily has three dogs and two cats. They are all brown, but one of the dogs has spots. His name
Is Spot. Which of the following is true?
A. Emily has three animals in total. B. Emily has more cats than dogs.
B. One of Emily’s cats is black.
D. None of these​


Letter D none of these


Because emily has 5 animals in total not 3 so its not letter A

And all of emilys pets are brown not black so its not letter A

So its letter D

Complete the conversation. Víctor: ________________________ Laura: Yo pienso que Emily

Ask: Complete the conversation.

Víctor: ________________________
Laura: Yo pienso que Emily es una buena amiga.
¿En qué piensas de Emily?
¿Qué crees de Emily?
¿En Emily qué piensas?
¿Qué crees en Emily?
¿Qué piensas de Emily?


A.¿ En qué piensas de emily?

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Ann has 120 roses, while Emily has 160 roses. How

Ask: Ann has 120 roses, while Emily has 160 roses. How many roses should Emily give to Ann so that Emily will have 3 times less roses than Ann will have?


90 roses



[tex]left[begin{array}{ccc}Ann:&120&roses\Emily:&160&rosesend{array}right]\to Total=::280::::roses[/tex]

Determination of the required number of roses for each person.

Let x and 3x represent the number roses that Emily and Ann should have respectively.


Let n represent the number of roses that Emily should give to Ann so that she will have three times less roses than Ann.

[tex]160-n=70\-n=70-160\-n=-90longrightarrow boxed{n=90}[/tex]

Is emily from a rose for emily a round characters?

Ask: Is emily from a rose for emily a round characters?


Hover for more information. Emily Grierson is a round character in this story although we never really get her point of view of things. … In this story, the town is a round character, the South, is forced to change in order to survive after the Civil War.


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What is the Evidence of Emily Blunt speech on women's

Ask: What is the Evidence of Emily Blunt speech on women’s education?

What is the type of Evidence of Emily Blunt speech on women’s education?

What is the Relation of the evidence to the point of Emily Blunt speech on women’s education?​


she discussed how women are transforming the world during varietys power of women event in New York .Blunt implored lawmakers to take action to help young girls denied an education..Emily Olivia Leah blunt is a British American actress ..she is the recipient of various accolades , including a golden globe award and a screen actors guild award , in addition to nominations for two British academy film awards.enjoy our speechless with subtitles, and keep your English learning journey…


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three years ago, Emily's age is twice the sum of

Ask: three years ago, Emily’s age is twice the sum of her age in 6 years. how old is Emily?​


  • 9 years old

ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦ


Emily’s present age will be x

x – 3 = 2(x + 6)

2x – 12 = x – 3

2x – x = -3 + 12

x = 9

Emily’s is 9 years old

ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦۦ ۦۦ


Emily exercised from 4:00 pm to 4:15 pm. What part

Ask: Emily exercised from 4:00 pm to 4:15 pm. What part of an hour did Emily exercise?

Answer: 4:00 AM

Step-by-step explanation:

If the time she exercised was only in one hour, that’s the hour that she has practiced


1/4 or 25 percent of an hour


Step-by-step explanation:

paragraph of "A Rose for Emily"​

Ask: paragraph of “A Rose for Emily”​


The story “A Rose for Emily” says Emily is a very obstinate lady who lives her life in her own way and finds her own ways to deal with situations. Emily refuses to pay the taxes and she doesn’t care about the restrictions of society. The town’s people inhabitants felt sorry for her after the death of her father. They were eager to know about her way of living and they kept a pay careful attention to Emily. She poisoned Homer Barron when he rejects her marriage proposal and keeps his body with her. This is against the rules of society but she used to live her life as she wants. Emily faces some sort of problems to deal with matters of life.

Emily has been left cloistered all her life and she has certain characteristics that make her take vengeance. She is obstinate in her language and activities as shown in her actions. It is because of this obstinateness that Emily ends up murdering Homer Barron.

William Faulkner’s stories have isolation as a theme. An example of a character in Barn Burning who was staying in isolation from other children of the town is Sartoris. The same thing replicated in the case of Emily who has been staying in isolation because she was never permitted to communicate with the people staying in the town. The isolation that they were staying in changed both the characters.

The story was influenced by the southwestern regions. A rose for Emily is a story pirouette around the past. Emily is always cloistered from other people. Even after her father’s death, she didn’t communicate much with the people of the town. She reprobated all the ideas of the modern world and stayed by her own will. It is clearly shown in the story that Emily is against modern techniques when she was against having a mailbox outside her residence.

Emily’s father is responsible for the obstinateness found in Emily. The acumen brought to her by her father impaired her whole life. But the spunk shown by Emily in the story can be highly addressed as she showed courage to cope up with the oppression brought to her by life. William Faulkner uses the theme of compromise in various of his stories with different conditions. Many characters in the story are trying to compromise with the conditions and some have succeeded while some have not. However, Emily isn’t able to compromise with her refusal from Homer because of which she decides to murder him. ‘A Rose for Emily’ may somewhat be meant to show how uncompromising nature creates difficult situations in life. The uncompromising habits lead to greater distresses like that of Emily who lives with her dead soul all over her life.

Isolation and compromise are the common themes of Faulkner’s stories which helps one to understand the characters well. The story depicts that Emily faced many problems throughout her life.

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