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Task 4: TRUE OR FALSE – Directions: Write the name

Ask: Task 4: TRUE OR FALSE – Directions: Write the name of your crush if the statement is TRUE and write your name if the statement is FALSE. Write it in your answer sheet.
1. Sandwiches play a significant role in catering for parties and in house events, as well as maintaining a central position in the daily eating of people from all over the world
2. Most seafood fillings are highly perishable and should be left chilled at all times.
3. Meats used as fillings should be cooked, covered and refrigerated. 4. Cheese dries out rapidly when unwrapped and sliced, when slicing is done ahead, the slices should remain covered until ready to use.
5. You may use margarine as a substitute or a flavored butter.​


1. true






Motion is a change of position over a particular time

Ask: Motion is a change of position over a particular time interval with respect to a point and frame of reference. When an object moves, it changes position. As it changes position, a distance is covered, and a direction is taken. How far did the object travel? And to what direction it moves? Distance and displacement answer these questions. ”
Supposed you are to invite your new classmates in your house for your birthday party, But sadly, your friends are not
To help them locate your home, draw a map from your home to school. Include labels and landmarks and apply colors for easy reading and tracking. Use black broken lines to trace the path from home to the destination Draw a red straight arrow to trace the direction from the house to the school. Consider figure 1 below as a guide. familiar with your location GAG to Pala Pala 711 to Puliparan Guide Questions:
1. On the map you have drawn, what does the black broken line indicates? What about the red straight line?
2. Which line is shorter? Which is longer?
3. How is distance demonstrated in the map you have drawn?
4. What do you think is the difference between distance and displacement?​

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[tex] pink { rule {5000pt}{3000000pt}}[tex] [/tex] food preparation which among the following is not good

Ask: food preparation which among the following is not good and correct .
a. cook food party alley and store it for later use
b.position evenly the food items in a covered dish
c.always allow standing time to complete the cooking
d.after defrosting meat should be cook immediately
3.which of the following is not proper when operating a blender .
a.operating a blender in a dry flat surface
b.choosing the settings appropriate for the specific task
c.plugging the blender first before putting the into the base
d.placing all the parts of the blender inter appropriate places before operating it
4.tea should be checked before ironing as some fabrics need special care instruction
a.pants waistbands
b.pleats and pockets of skirts
c.collars and sĺeeves of shirts
d.labels of the garments to be ironed
5.what is not true about infrared thermometer with laser pointer is a non contact thermometer measures temperature from a distance
c.temperature is not measured through the forehead
d.the laser is utilized to aid in aiming the thermometer is necessary to sort the clutches accordingly before putting them in the washing machine for the following reason except one
a.there are there are light and fabrics
b.washing machines will be overloaded
c.clothes materials vary from each other
d. there are light colored and dark colored clothes
7.what is the first step in washing clothes
a.put detergent into washing machine
b.put the clutches loosely into the washing machine
c.sort clothes according to color and type of garment
d.close the lid and choose the setting of the washing machine 8.this is a thermometer that measures the heat coming from the eardrum thermometer
b.clinical thermometer
c.infrared thermometer
d.ear digital thermometer
9.why is it better to cook large cut of meat on a medium powder for longer periods than on high powder
a.meat will be cook easier
b.meat will become more delicious
c.more nutrients will penetrate into the meat
d.that way heat reaches as the center without over cooking outer areas
10.when an adult client ask you about his her vital signs your best answer would be
a.i am only advice to report to my superior
b.even if i tell you sir mom you will not understand them
c.oh they are not that important there is no need for you to know about it
d.your temperature is 37° orally your blood pressure is 120/80india respiration is 24 is there anything more that you would like to know sir maam
11.temperature can be taken through
d.all of the above ironing clothes has all must be observed except one
a.check the label of every garment before ironing
b.pleats and pockets should not be given importance
c.preheating the flat iron should be done before starting d.stretch the garment across the ironing board to make sure it is flat
13.all our equipment used in food preparation except one
b.flat iron processor
d.microwave oven
14.this uses a magnet so that the lid will remain attached to it
a. blender maker
c.electric can opener
d.microwave oven ironing shirts what must be done first
a.bottom part
c.shirt itself


2. A

3. C

4. D

5. C

6. B

7. C

8. D

9. D

10. D

11. D

12. B

13. B

14. D

15. D

pa help po please.Directions : In the spaces to the

Ask: pa help po please.
Directions : In the spaces to the left of each number write P for phrase, IC for independent clause, and DC for dependent clause.
______ 2. While debris covered the park
______ 3. With broken glass in the alley
______ 4. Beside old trucks and cars
______ 5. No one lives there
______ 6. For lights on every corner
______ 7. If the expense is too great
______ 8. As he walked home
______ 9. Dragged up the subway steps
______10. Thousands of people walk
______11. Racing against the traffic signal
______12. Unless it rains
______13. When a helicopter hovers over
______14. Who play basketball in the empty
______15. That lives in town
______16. To think intelligently
______17. Except Mary and Tom
______18. No one cared about the party
______19. After the storm ended

______ 21. While baking the bread
______ 22. Leaving me behind
______ 23. Which was stolen
______ 24. A few were left
______ 25. Given a new lease on life
______ 26. As a loving gesture
______ 27. That she was going
______ 28. Since finding her keys and book
______ 29. Scolded by his mother
______ 30. Raise the flag
______ 31. Giving him a lift
______ 32. If they can
______ 33. Run
______ 34. Which sank
______ 35. Forgetting to do his assignment
______ 36. Without a doubt
______ 37. Even though it seems unlikely
______ 38. Please leave now
______ 39. Driven to drink
______ 40. Which was the wrong answer
______ 20. After the storm on Friday​

2. DC

3. DC

4. P

5. IC

6. P

7. DC

8. P

9. IC

10. P

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