Can You Go In Work With Covid

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If you are looking for the answer of can you go in work with covid, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 10 FAQ regarding can you go in work with covid. Read it below.

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11. Everyone use face mask and face shield when going

Ask: 11. Everyone use face mask and face shield when going out.
A. can
B, may
C. must
D. will

12. Peter’s father works abroad, but he promised that he come home on this ation day
A. can
B. may
C. must
D. should

13. You spread COVID-19 to others even if you are not feeling sick
. A. can
B. cannot
C. may
D. must

14. Travelers move to other municipalities nowadays unless they will secure a pass
A. can
B. cannot
C. may
D. must

15. Everybody go to the vaccination area and be vaccinated.
A. can
B. cannot
D. must

16. You turn in your assignment on time.
A. can
B. cannot
C. may
D. must

17. The doctor see you now.
A. can
B. should
C. ought to
D. must

18. He play football in his youth.
A. can
B. could
C. ought to
D. have to

19. You come early to church.
A. can
B. cannot
C. may
D. must

20.i move to Canada someday.
A. can
B. could
C. ought to
D. might ​


11. C. must

12. A. can

13. C. may

14. B. cannot

15. D. must

16. A. can

17. C. ought to

18. B. could

19. D. must

20. D. might

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Directions: choose the appropriate words to complete the sentence.6. you

Ask: Directions: choose the appropriate words to complete the sentence.6. you (ought, should, can’t) go without your vaccination card.7. i (may, must, will) have covid vaccine to fight against the virus.8. the new department head is coming at 8:00 am we (shall, should, won’t) be there before shearrives.9. we (may, will, can) achieve our goals in life by hard work.10. i (will, should, may) bring ten thousand pieces facemasks for you.

  • You can’t go without your vaccination card.
  • I must have covid vaccine to fight against the virus.
  • The new department head is coming at 8:00 am we shall be there before she arrives.
  • We can achieve our goals in life by hard work.

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B. For numbers 10-15, choose from the following options. Write

Ask: B. For numbers 10-15, choose from the following options. Write the letter of your answer before
the number
10. Scientists must work hard to find a cure for COVID-19.
11. Since there is a curfew, you must not go out anytime you want.
12. Education should continue with or without a pandemic
13. We ought to stay at home if going out is not essential.
14. Everyone has to play his or her part to help fight COVID-19.
15. Anyone can report to authorities any incidence of discrimination.​



Social responsibility is an essential part of the responsible conduct of research that presents difficult ethical questions for scientists. Recognizing one’s social responsibilities as a scientist is an important first step toward exercising social responsibility, but it is only the beginning, since scientists may confront difficult value questions when deciding how to act responsibly. Ethical dilemmas related to socially responsible science fall into at least three basic categories: 1) dilemmas related to problem selection, 2) dilemmas related to publication and data sharing, and 3) dilemmas related to engaging society. In responding to these dilemmas, scientists must decide how to balance their social responsibilities against other professional commitments and how to avoid compromising their objectivity. In this article, we will examine the philosophical and ethical basis of social responsibility in science, discuss some of the ethical dilemmas related to exercising social responsibility, and make five recommendations to help scientists deal with these issues.

IdeaLet's PracticeDirection. Shade the correct modal of permission for each

Ask: Idea
Let’s Practice
Direction. Shade the correct modal of permission for each sentence
1- Module 2/Week 2)
1 You
enter the establishment if you are wearing a mask
2. I come in?
3 We
not get into the concert without tickets because we are minors So we went home
1 open the window? I can’t really breathe because of my face mask.
S lend me the hand sanitizer, please?
6 You
take a minor when you enter the mall because we are still under General
Community Quarantine
may not
– you help me acquire a medical certificate?
8 I’m afraid you
not take the Rapid Test for COVID 19 tomorrow
r might
9. You
go to your work unless you have your medical certificate
might not
ic. You contact your teacher instead of going to school this GCQ.


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FacesThe following are the different activities you can do at

Ask: Faces
The following are the different activities you can do at home. Write
numbers 1 to 10 on a piece of paper. After each number, write YES I
you agree with the statement and write NO if you disagree. If your
answer is NO, write the appropriate behavior.
1. Make my bed in the morning.
2. Leave my dirty clothes on the floor after taking a bath.
3. Say “Thank you to my parents for working for me and the family
4. Remind my parents to wear mask before going to work.
5. Pray for the safety of all people against Covid-19.
6. Wash my hands regularly.
7. Play all day even if I have school work to do since my teacher does not
see me at home.
8. Write “Thank You” letter to all medical workers.
9. Finish the activity sheets on time even if my teacher is not around.
10. Go outside and play with my friends without asking permission from my













1. yes

2. no

3. yes

4. yes

5. yes

6. yes

7. no

8. yes

9. yes

10. no

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Directional Identity meaning of the wind words how thecorresponds to

Ask: Directional Identity meaning of the wind words how the
corresponds to your answer.
1. The citizens were not allowed to go to work in the mandatory
lockedown last March 15, 2020
A Unable to move freely 1 Fired from work
C. Imprisoned in a cell
D. Confined in the hopital
2. Huhuan is one of the remote barnprys in Calapan City that it takes
a 30 minute drive before you can reach the place
A Nearby
15 Distant
C Neighboring
D. Separated
3. COVID 10 is a highly contagious disease that people have to went maal
to prevent the virus from spreading
A. Noninfectious
3. Communicable
C. Harmicas
D. Contaminated​


1 a

2 a

3 c

that’s the answer

I: MODALSIdentify what function of modal verbs is shown in

Identify what function of modal verbs is shown in each sentence. Write PERMISSION, PROHIBITION, or
1. You can sit here, the seat is free.
2. You must do your homework every night.
3. You can’t go into the restaurant without a tie.
4. Could I open the window?
5. She needs to work at the weekend.
6. You may now leave.
7.We must not go out of our houses to avoid Covid-19.
8. Students can borrow the books anytime.
9.You can’t drive if you are under eighteen.
10. You have to wear a face mask every time you go out.​


  1. permission
  2. obligation
  3. prohibited
  4. permission
  5. obligation
  6. permission
  7. obligation
  8. permission
  9. prohibited
  10. obligation


Hope can helps pabrainles na din>3.

2. 3. 4. 5 6. 7. 8. 9 10. You

Ask: 2. 3. 4. 5 6. 7. 8. 9 10. You have to bring your examination card. You cannot julle enn She went to work. She didn’t want to go. My cat was hungry. It had not eaten since breakfast that day. A book can be a lot of fun. A book can be boring. Her wallet fell to the floor. A photo of her boyfriend came out of it. Andy watched her favorite TV show. Andy went to bed. Karen and Sally are best friends Karen and Saily have many things in common. They made plan to go to the beach. They couldn’t do it. I couldn’t sleep that night I was too tired the next morning. What’s New Read the two paragraphs below and answer the questions that follow: A Instead of being in a classroom and learning, we are sent modules and given work online. Many hings have changed as a result of COVID-19. We can say that this virus really affected our schooling. Normalt would be at school on the weekdays expanding my mind, but with everything happening with COVID-19 m chool and many others have been shut down. You’re probably thinking ‘well at least you still get to leam, an at may be true but not everyone has the resources to learn.​




4. because



8. because

9. but

dear diaryi am so sad because of this pandemic .

Ask: dear diary

i am so sad because of this pandemic . I can’t play outside with my friends. I can’t even go to school.Although I am feeling this way still I am thankful because my family I don’t get sick with COVID-19.Is possible? yes,because our parents do not allow us to go out to protect us from this disease. They also make sure that they follow health protocols such as social distancing and wearing office mass when they go out.They also take a bath whenever they get home after working or buying our needs.
I am hoping that we can get COVID-19 vaccine soon, so that we can enjoy our childhood once again and bond with our friends.
I pray to God for this to happen.

5.If you were Diana will you feel the same? Why?
6.COVID-19 is the cause of the different protocols being implemented in our country.Can you give some of the effects of COVID-19.

pasagot po please need na mamayang 11:00​

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a dramatic loss of human life worldwide and presents an unprecedented challenge to public health, food systems and the world of work. … For most, no income means no food, or, at best, less food and less nutritious food.


5. yes, I lost a lot of friends because of the pandemic that’s why I get anxiety and depression and that’s why I don’t want f2f classes cause I don’t have friends

6. many people lost their loved ones.

many people lost their job

many poor people suffering cause they don’t know how to get money or food to feed their family.


srry if my grammar is wrong correct me if I’m wrong.

Direction: In your notebook, you are going to find out

Ask: Direction: In your notebook, you are going to find out how powerful are your existing characters and attitude working responsibly in this time of pandemic. Be cautious to use transition words in your paragraph using the guide questions below.

1. As a student, what have you done to help those who are affected ?What are the things that you can do which others could not?
2. How have your characteristics help you cope with it?
3. Can you cite instances that you did something to helpful to your family and your community?
4. Is there hope for us Filipinos amidst pandemic?What can you say about our situation in the past before Covid-19 occurs? Opinion Writing Rubric​

  1. Give them primary things, food or help they needed, for example; giving someone water, fruits, vegetables and/or sheltering them. Giving affection, support, assist and taking care of eachother.
  2. Accepting the challenge to life and having a positive outlook for yourself and the other people around you.
  3. Of course, it can give them hope to help eachother too.
  4. Yes we do have, many people in the world and in our country experience stress, grief and worry during the pandemic, especially those who have works that has been asked to work from home because of the stability of their job, thinking how can they provide for their families and survive the pandemic.

Not only you can get the answer of can you go in work with covid, you could also find the answers of Directional Identity meaning, I: MODALSIdentify what, 2. 3. 4., dear diaryi am, and IdeaLet's PracticeDirection. Shade.