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PASAGOT SAKIT ULO HIRAP MAG BASA1.  What is an entrepreneur?


1.  What is an entrepreneur?
A. Someone that promotes reforestation                                
B. Who sells or delivers goods and services to the market 
C. Preaches the gospel of the Lord to people
 D. Does community activities for street children   and senior citizens
2. Entrepreneur should have the _________________________.
A. Ability to act like a customer
B. Ability to study a market
C. Knowledge, skills, and attitude
D. Knowledge, skills and money
3.  The saying “Necessity is the mother of all inventions” means
A. basic commodities are made for mothers
B. basic commodities are made to satisfy our needs
C. necessity is invented by mothers
D. our mother tells us what we need
4. Marie understands her business partner Anna who is always out of town for other matters. Marie, as a good friend and hardworking entrepreneur, decided to do her best at peak time when everyone in their community buys their services and products despite her being alone with the other two helpers because she believes she can go great things for their business. What personal entrepreneurial competency does Marie have?
A. Systematic Planning and Monitoring
B. Information Seeking
C. Independence and Self-confidence
D. Goal Setting
5.  When entrepreneurs face a significant obstacle with a well-planned action, they have Personal Entrepreneurial Competency known as _______________.
A. initiative                      B. persuasion                       C. Persistence                                    D. risk-taking
6.  Systematic planning and monitoring include the following EXCEPT ______________.
A. be logically flexible for the emergent constraints, challenges and needs
B. make a well-organized plan with clearly defined methods
C. Schedule periodic gap-proof monitoring and response activities to determine constraints, challenges and needs
D. set calculated goals and objectives
7.  A positive person who always feels good in every effort to achieve something is known to have __________.
A. courage                                      B. self-confidence               C. optimism                          D. self-control
8.  A set of skills that entrepreneurs must possess to take control of the challenges in business is known as __________________.
A. personal business capacities
B. personal entrepreneurial competencies
C. professional enterprise competencies
D. personally preferred competencies
9.  A set of skills that entrepreneurs must possess to take control of the challenges in business is known as ___.
A. Achievement cluster                B. Planning cluster              C. Empower cluster             D. Power cluster
10.  What is a risk-taker?
A. Accomplishes targets on time as agreed with costumers
B. Anticipates a loss and countering it with feasible alternatives
C. Acts as the prime mover of resources in the achievement of objectives
D. Pays attention to the needs and demands of people
11.   Where will a businessman ask for a permit for the legality of his/her business?
A. Principal                      B. Mayor               C. Housekeeper               D. Pharmacist
12.  Refers to a group of people with economically important needs and demands which open entrepreneurial or business opportunities to everyone.
 A. Fashion                       B. Market               C. Economics                   D. Fans
13.  Your business will be registered under what agency of the government?
A Department of Education (DEPED)
B. Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)
C.. Social Security System (SSS)
D. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
14.  The legal forms of business;
A. Sole proprietorship                  B. Corporation                     C.. Partnership                      D. All mentioned
15.  Natalie kept all her receipts every time she purchased certain products from her business’ supplier. She noticed there were missing items that hasn’t been on the delivered products. She immediately called her supplier and told her the problem. What helped Natalie traced the problem of her checking?
A. administering                            B. posting               C.. booking                      D. bookkeeping
16.  In the 4m’s of production, which M refers to the people in the business that do the labor force?
A. Machines                                   B. Manpower                       C.. Materials                          D. Money
17.  One of the 4m’s in production that involves devices that are used in converting raw materials into marketable products or outputs.
A. money                                       B. manpower                       C.. materials                          D. machines




















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