Best Way To Lose Weight When Running

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c. mass a. mass a. mass a. mass LEARNING ACTIVITY

Ask: c. mass a. mass a. mass a. mass LEARNING ACTIVITY SHEET IN SCIENCE 8 QUARTER I: WEEK 3 – POTENTIAL ENERGY AND KINETIC ENERGY Choose the letter of the best answer. Write your answer on the space provided. A 1. Potential energy is the energy of an object based on its a, height and mass b, mass and speed

2. Which of the following factors does not affect the amount of potential energy of an object? c. speed and height d weight and speed a gravity b. height

3. How do you compare the PE of the moving object at the highest point compared to its KE? d. speed a PE is greater than KE b. PE is equal to KE c. PE is lesser than KE B

4. Kinetic energy is the energy an object possessed due to its d.KE is greater than PE b. motion c. position d. weight A

5. An object from a certain height falls freely. Which of the following happens to PE and KE when the object is half on its way down? a. loses PE and gains KE b, gains PE and loses KE c. loses both PE and KE d. gains both PE and KE

6. Which of the following quantities, when doubled, has the greatest effect on the amount of kinetic energy? b, size c. speed d. weight

7. The potential energy is the energy an object has due to its b. motion c. position d. weight

8. Which of the following pair of quantities are the factors that affect kinetic energy? a force and distance b. mass and height c. mass and speed d. time and height

9. Which of the following statements is TRUE about potential energy? a. It is dependent on the speed of an object. b. It does not depend on the mass of the object. c. It does not depend on the strength of gravity. d. It is affected by the mass and location of an object with respect to the ground.

10. The following applies the concept of potential energy EXCEPT: a. water in a dam a c. a rock sitting at the edge of a cliff b. a person playing the guitar d. tree branches high up in a tree

11. The following conditions exhibits kinetic energy EXCEPT: a. water inside a glass c. running athlete on the field b. rolling stone from the hill d. dancing kids in the living room of the house

12. What happens to the kinetic energy of an object if its speed is doubled? b. thrice as much a. twice as much c. increases four times d. decreases four times

13. If a green ball is higher from the ground than a yellow ball and both have the same mass, which ball has more potential energy? b. yellow ball c. both has the same PE d. both has the same KE

14. Which happens to kinetic energy if mass is doubled?

c. tripled d. quadrupled a. doubled b. the same

15. Where does a car on a hill have the greatest potential energy? c. halfway down the hill

a. top of the hill d, it has the same potential energy at all points b. bottom of the hill a green ball​


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  5. B.
  6. C.
  7. C.
  8. C.
  9. D.
  10. B.
  11. A.
  12. A.
  13. B.
  14. B.
  15. A.


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