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Directions:Read each statement carefullyand encircle the letter of thecorrect answer.1.

Ask: Directions:Read each statement carefully

and encircle the letter of the

correct answer.

1. The term used to describe the merging of West African with Black American

music is_____.

a. Afrobeat

b. Axe

c. Jive

d. Kwassa Kwassa

2. It is a ballroom dance originated in Cuba and it has a normal count of “two

three-chachacha” and “four and one, two, three.”

a. Cha cha

b. Cumbia

c. Rumba

d. Tango

3. The best-known proponent of Reggae is

a. Bob Marley

b. Peter Tosh

c. Dennis Brown

d. Jimmy Cliff

4. It is the English term of Paso Doble.

a. Duo Dance

b. Double Step

c. Pass Dance

d. Two Step

5. Who is the best known Bossa Nova singer in the Philippines?

a. Charice Pempengco

b. KZ Tandingan

c. Sarah Geronimo

d. Sitti Navarro

6. From what part of Kudu is the Kudu Horn made of?

a. Kudu Skull

b. Kudu Bones

c. Kudu Skin

d. Kudu Antelope

7. It is a social dance with marked influences from Cuba and Puerto Rico.

a. Cha cha

b. Jive

c. Salsa

d. Samba

8. Which of the following is not a major influence of the music of Latin America?

a. African

b. Indigenous

c. Italian

d. Spanish-Portuguese

9. Its style was said to be a modification of the “marching mode.”

a. Bebop

b. Big Band

c. Jazz Rock

d. Ragtime

10. It is a musical style of modern jazz which is characterized by a fast tempo.

a. Bebop

b. Big Band

c. Jazz Rock

d. Ragtime

11. It is the specific genre of Frog I More Rag.

a. Alternative

b. Ballad

c. Jazz

d. Standard

12. It originated as an expressive folksong in narrative verse with text dealing

Typically, about love.

a. Ballad

b. Jazz

c. Rock

d. Standard

13. It was a genre of music that was introduced as early as 18th century by the


a. Ballad

b. Jazz

c. Rock

d. Standard

14. It is used to denote the most popular and enduring songs from a particular

genre or style.

a. Ballad

b. Jazz

c. Rock

d. Standard

15. He became popular because of his soothing baritone voice.

a. Frank Sinatra

b. Matt Monroe

c. Nat King Cole

d. Stevie Wonder​


1. A



4. B

5. D

6. A

7. C

8. C

9. D

10. A

11. C

12. A

13. A

14. D

15. C


hope this helped, study well^^

___ 1. Which does not explain why people celebrate festivals

Ask: ___ 1. Which does not explain why people
celebrate festivals
A. To welcome a good harvest
B. To express religious fervours
C. To commemorate a historic event
D. To rejoice for the coming of a new born
___ 2. Which best describes Panagbenga
A. Tribute to the city’s flowers
B. It is a fertility Rites dance rituals
C. A thanksgiving for the gift of nature, rich
culture and bountiful harvest
D. An expression of religious fervours
___ 3. Why revelers and devotees of Sto. Nino
painted their faces with black soot during
the Ati-atihan festival?
A. To attract the tourists to join the festive.
B. To express their feelings to Sto. Nino.
C. To remember the pact between the Ati’s
and the Malays.
D. To mimic the Ati’s appearance.
___ 4. Which statement is the meaning of the
phrase ”Hala Bira”! in Ati-atihan festivals?
A. Keep going, rain or shine.
B. It is a battle cry while defending their
C. It is a belief that Sto. Nino will protect
them from harm and illness
D. An act of worship to Sto. Nino.
___ 5. Why do Davaoenos celebrated
Kadayawan Festivals?
A. To celebrate the culture and tradition of
the ethnic tribal groups.
B. To celebrate people’s pagan origin and
their acceptance of Christianity.
C. To celebrate the bountiful harvest.
D. To celebrate their rise from the
devastation they experienced.

___ 6. Which BEST describes Festival?
A. A form of art that shows culture, belief
and traditions
B. A way to give families a time to gather
C. A way to help increase the relations
among the people
D. A method of promoting responsible and
community-based tourism
___ 7. Which BEST describes how theater and
festival are similar with each other?
A. Both is a form of art that shows culture
and tradition
B. Both is a form of art that connects to real
life situation
C. Both theater and festival is a way of
D. Both uses different styles and techniques
___ 8. Which festival is celebrated to re-enact
the story of Longinus?
A. Moriones C. Sublian
B. Ati-atihan D. Ibalong
___ 9. Listed are the characteristics of
Philippine Sarsuwela, EXCEPT _____.
A. written in prose from one to five acts.
B. uses alternately spoken and sung word.
C. features dramatic skits, song and dance.
D. depict romantic love among idealized
Filipino character.
___ 10 Vaudeville was a type of entertainment.
What kind of entertainment did they
A. festival performances C. chariot races
B. variety acts D. sports
___ 11. Which of the following best describes a
A. the “chapters” of a play/drama
B. the problem or struggle in a story
C. the place where a drama is performed
D. the written words that characters speak
and directions in a play/drama

___ 12. A speech given by a character on stage
while he/she is alone.
A. Monologue C. Soliloquy
B. Aside D. Dialogue
For Items 13-15
Analyze the statement below and choose the
letter of the correct answer from the box
A. Statement I is true and statement II is
B. Statement I and statement II are true
C. Statement I is false and Statement II is
D. Statement I and statement II are false

___ 13. Statement I: Moro-moro portrays clash
between Christians and Filipino Muslims.
Statement II: Komedya, theatrical
traditions in the Philipppines used by the
Spaniards to spread Christianity.
___ 14. Statement I: Pre historic times theatre
constitute rituals, verbal jousts or games,
and songs and dances praising their
respective gods.
Statement II: Komedya lost popularity,
because of the vaudeville and the silent
___ 15. Statement I: music/rhythm refers to the
actors voice as they speaks
Statement II: spectacles are visual
elements that the audience sees as they
watch the pla














“MUSIC"1. It is a combination of funk and R&B music,A.

Ask: “MUSIC”
1. It is a combination of funk and R&B music,
A. Rock B. Jazz Rock © Jazz
2. is an American popular musical style.
A Jazz /C. Ragtime
B. Rock
3. A musical style that sometimes applied to strophic (verse – repeating) story song.
A Pop and Rock Ballads Blues Ballads
B. Pop standard
4. his genre was categorized as traditional pop and jazz..
O. Frank Sinatra C. Matt Monroe
B. Nat King Cole
5. Who is the legendary/ greatest proponent of rock and roll?
A. Elvis Presley ® Gloria Gaynor C. Elton john
5. It’s another form of music style that rose in 70’s. And it was more danceable.
A. Jive C. Jazz
(3) Disco
7. He is a well – loved standard singer and American balladeer.
A. Nat King Cole B. Elton John
B. Elton john Matt Monroe
8. It is a combination of Afro – American, western swing and country music?
4) Jazz Rock
B. Rock and Roll C. Disco
9. is a highly stylized, and highly rhythmic types of music.
A. Rock and Roll B) Hip-hop
C. Rap
is an English singer became one of the most popular entertainer during
Elvis Presley C. Elton John
B. Matt Monroe
11. Following are title of Francis Magalona Except.
Master Rapper C. Manila rap king
B. King of rap
12. He was the first Filipino rapper to cross over to the mainstream.
Francis Magalona B. Andrew E C. Gloc 9
13. This new form combined ethnic instruments with electronic accompaniment..
@ Philippine Alternative Folk music
B. Philippine folkloric music
C. Philippine contemporary Folk Music
14. This 1982 music album gained the best-selling album of all time.
A. Dangerous B. Bad Thriller C. Thriller
15. A musical style of modern jazz that characterized by past tempo,
A. Reggie B.Bebop C. Big band​





4 b




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Not only you can get the answer of best alternative love songs, you could also find the answers of ___ 1. Which, Directions:Read each statement, and “MUSIC"1. It is.