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apple extends ipad applecare coverage   years  educational

what are the software on video coverage? ​

Ask: what are the software on video coverage?


The computer programming industry consists of computer programmers, software developers and website designers, all of whom primarily write, modify, test and support software according to the needs or requests of their clients.

Whether you are a large-scale custom software developer or an independent website developer, your business is exposed to numerous risks every single day when you interact with clients and the general public.

You need tailored business insurance solutions to protect your business from the financial fallout of an accident, a fire or a lawsuit — which could destroy your business overnight.

Our independent agent matching tool will find you the best insurance solution in your area. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll recommend the best agents for you. Any information you provide will only be sent to the agent you pick.

coverage of continental plates​

Ask: coverage of continental plates​

Answer:Continental crust is also less dense than oceanic crust, though it is considerably thicker; mostly 35 to 40 km versus the average oceanic thickness of around 7-10 km.

About 40% of the Earth’s surface is now underlain by continental crust.


What are the coverage of business law​

Ask: What are the coverage of business law​

Business law is a wide-ranging area of the law. When we talk about business law, we’re talking about the laws that cover every aspect of starting, running and closing a business. This area of law includes contracts, employment law, intellectual property, real estate, bankruptcy and many other areas of the law

Discuss the coverage of agricultural production?​

Ask: Discuss the coverage of agricultural production?​


“Farming” redirects here. For other uses, see Farming (disambiguation).

Harvesting wheat with a combine harvester accompanied by a tractor and trailer

Agriculture is the science, art and practice of cultivating plants and livestock. Agriculture was the key development in the rise of sedentary human civilization, whereby farming of domesticated species created food surpluses that enabled people to live in cities. The history of agriculture began thousands of years ago. After gathering wild grains beginning at least 105,000 years ago, nascent farmers began to plant them around 11,500 years ago. Pigs, sheep, and cattle were domesticated over 10,000 years ago. Plants were independently cultivated in at least 11 regions of the world. Industrial agriculture based on large-scale monoculture in the twentieth century came to dominate agricultural output, though about 2 billion people still depended on subsistence agriculture.

Modern agronomy, plant breeding, agrochemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers, and technological developments have sharply increased crop yields, while causing widespread ecological and environmental damage. Selective breeding and modern practices in animal husbandry have similarly increased the output of meat, but have raised concerns about animal welfare and environmental damage. Environmental issues include contributions to global warming, depletion of aquifers, deforestation, antibiotic resistance, and growth hormones in industrial meat production. Agriculture is also very sensitive to environmental degradation, such as biodiversity loss, desertification, soil degradation and global warming, which cause decrease in crop yield.[2] Genetically modified organisms are widely used, although some are banned in certain countries.

The major agricultural products can be broadly grouped into foods, fibers, fuels and raw materials (such as rubber). Food classes include cereals (grains), vegetables, fruits, oils, meat, milk, fungi and eggs. Over one-third of the world’s workers are employed in agriculture, second only to the service sector, although in recent decades, the global trend of a decreasing number of agricultural workers continues, especially in developing countries where smallholding is being overtaken by industrial agriculture and mechanization. Creating global sustainable food systems which provides food security with sustainable agriculture practices is an international policy priority articulated in Sustainable Development Goal 2: “Zero hunger”.


coverage exam of math in pnpa

Ask: coverage exam of math in pnpa

PNPA (Philippine National Police Academy)

Coverage ng math exam includes

simplification of numbers with variables
number series
problem solving (ages, rate, number, mixtures)

It is the coverage of the study​

Ask: It is the coverage of the study​


The term coverage, as used in survey research, indicates how well the sampling units included in a particular sampling frame account for a survey’s denned target population. If a sampling frame does not contain all the units in the target population, then there is undercoverage of the population.


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states the coverage of the study​

Ask: states the coverage of the study​


Sana po Maka tulong please❤

distance coverage ______ meters​

Ask: distance coverage ______ meters​


Distance : Coverage

Speed : Meters

No coverage available

Ask: No coverage available

GLOBE at Home WiFi


PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi


Globe at home


Acer Shipping Cost:Acer Warrantly Coverage:Apple Standard Length:Apple warranty be avoided

Ask: Acer Shipping Cost:
Acer Warrantly Coverage:

Apple Standard Length:
Apple warranty be avoided if RAM or hard drive is replaced?

Asus Standard Warrantly Length:
Asus Standard Warrantly Coverage:

Dell Standard Warrantly Length:
Dell Standard Warrantly Coverage:

HP Warrantly Length:
HP Standard Warrantly Coverage:

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