Product Features:

Color changeable, flash. Stay on a color (red, green, blue, white ....) with mini controller

-Led strip: 0.5 meter (1.6 feet) with 15 PC LEDs

-USB cable (the black cable) is 0.5 meters / 1.6 feet

- with 3-button mini-controller for lightning control, for color changing, for speed controllers .... easy and smart

-Driven from device with output 5V USB port, So to your computer / desktop / laptop / tablet / car cigar lighter ......

-Super bright SMD5050 RGB color changable LED, high intensity and reliability

- Waterproof flexible LED strip

- Perfect lighting & decoration solution for reading engine, cabinet, cabinet, corner and reading, camping, fishing ....

- You can also charge your phone charger / adapter (5V)

- Self-adhesive backing with double-sided tape

Mini Controller 3Mode:

MODE button: 20 Dynamic modes; Such as lightning, waterfall, hunting, spark bright & dull exchange knight

COLOR: 20Static colors; Like red. Blue, green, white

SPEED / Brightness± button: 5 levels speed adjustable for dynamic modes and 5Level brightness adjustable for static colors

Press for 3 seconds for Power ON / OFF.

This mini controller is very easy to use, just press the appropriate button and select the mode / speed / brightness that you need.

Package included:

1x 50cm led strip light

1x USB cable with mini controller

  • Feature:

    • ☛ USB LED Strip: 50CM with 15 PC LEDs
    • ☛ DIY household lights for corridors, stairs, traces, windows, light up colorful main life, flexible tape for curve around curves
    • ☛ Can be used all devices with 5V USB include your phone charger / adapter (5V), power bank computer ect
    • ☛ High-Brightness LEDs up to 100,000 LED light hours.
    • ☛ Features 20 different colors, 20 different modes including fade & strobe, 5 levels of brightness and 5 different speed settings all via the built-in remote control!

  • Binding: Kitchen & Home
  • Brand: cuzile
  • Color: Red
  • Product Group: Personal Computer
  • Product Type Name: HOME
  • Manufacturer: cuzile