How to install it?
Find a position to make a hole in your car or on your boat, and then insert this Cigarette Lighter Socket Charger, fastened the screws and Insulated Terminals (supplied), and connect the wires. It means you can charger your service when the LED indicator light up after debugging is completed. And then connect the other end to the phone you want to charge or other digital devices.
In the front of Cigarette Lighter Socket Charger design a fuse, when the electric current exceeds the range of the overload protection circuit, it will quick-break fuse and protect your device.

Size: approx 15 x 4 x 5.5cm
Operating voltage: 12V
Interface: 2
Output: DC 5V 1A / DC 5V 2.1A
Indicator: Blue LED

Voltage Meter:
Operating Range: DC 4-24V
Display:Red LED,Digital display

Cigarette Lighter Socket:
Operating Voltage: DC 12V

1. Please make sure you start your engine before charging the corresponding equipment, otherwise, when the car ignition, the voltage of the car battery will affect the charging effect, and damage this item.
2. Do not use this item in a humid environment.
3. Do not use this item stored in a humid enviroment.
4. The use of the appropriate temperature is 0-45 ℃.
5. Keep away from children.
6. Avoiding lightning.
7. After fully charged, please pull out the plug in time.

Package includes:
1 x Mounting bracket
1 x Cigarette lighter socket
1 x USB charger
1 x Voltmeter
1 x Accessories bag (4 screws and 6 connecting wire heads)
4 x Connector Terminal

  • Feature:

    • ☛ Indicator: Blue LED.
    • ☛ Voltmeter display: Red LED.
    • ☛ USB Output Current: 2.1A/2.1A .
    • ☛ Widely used for cars,boats, trucks cigarette lighter refit parts.
    • ☛ Size: approx 15 L x 4.5 W x 5.5cm H.

  • Binding: Electronics
  • Brand: Hakkin
  • Color: Black
  • Product Group: Wireless
  • Product Type Name: AUTO_ACCESSORY
  • Manufacturer: Guangzhou Guoke e-commerce Co.,Ltd
  • Part Number: GL-M-HD15